Hoera! 25 million visitors for Holland Casino Amsterdam

Hoera! 25 million visitors for Holland Casino Amsterdam

Champagne and € 5000 for the 25 millionth visitor.

Holland Casino celebrated a small party yesterday. Fortunately, because the state casino has some setbacks this spring.

With striking croupiers, legal haggling when converting the business operations of a foundation into a public limited company (yes, ask further but not for the details) and an increasing number of guests who receive an entry ban due to possible money laundering.

Fortunately, there was earlier a bit better news, for example concerning Holland Casino Venlo, that it will become the "casino of the future".

And now there is pleasant news from Amsterdam.

Because the Holland Casino branch in the center of Amsterdam received the 25 millionth visitor yesterday, Monday 29 May. Holland Casino had to wait just 31 years for that.

On Tuesday, December 2, 1986, the casino opened its doors for the first time in the capital, at that time still in the Hilton hotel in South Amsterdam. It was the sixth casino that opened in the history of Holland Casino. NRC Handelsblad wrote on that particular Tuesday:

"The first casino in Amsterdam opened today at the Hilton hotel. There, the expected 1,000 visitors a day can play French and American roulette, blackjack and the new punto banco card game at sixteen gaming tables.

In another room, the "jackpot club", there are one hundred and twenty slot machines that pay out immediately. Players who want to play in peace and with a higher bet can go to the separate "Cercle Privé" room. About 225 people work at the Hilton casino, which has a bar and restaurant. "

Since November 3, 1991, Holland Casino Amsterdam has been located in its own building near the Leidseplein. And luckily there are now also more than 1000 visitors a day, otherwise the counter was now only around 11 million visitors. Moreover, there are no more 225 employees, but around 400.

Yesterday at around 5.30 pm the time had come: the 25 millionth visitor crossed the threshold. The guest was welcomed by an honorary committee, drummers and "champagne ladies". Peter Keijzer, the general manager of Holland Casino Amsterdam, handed the guest a check of € 5000 to spend at the Bijenkorf.

Casino manager Keijzer finds 25 million visitors "an impressive number":

"It is a beautiful day for Holland Casino, a milestone of 25 million visitors in the capital is not only an impressive number, but above all this brings a lot of pride to the entire team. Our guests know that they can go here for safe and responsible play and therefore also return regularly ".

Earlier this month, the same Peter Keijzer opened his totally renovated High Limit Area in Amsterdam.

Incidentally, the visitor counter of Holland Casino Amsterdam stands still today (30 May 2017). At the beginning of the afternoon Keijzer sent an email to all regular guests that the casino is closed due to strikes.

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