High Roller

To give as broad a sketch as possible of the events in the gaming room over the years, I found colleague Henk Vinck willing to tell a few anecdotes from his experiences as a room assistant (page, chasseur). Here the first: "HIGH ROLLER"

A working day for a room assistant

The story dates from the early 80s, in the summer. Outside the swallows fly in and out and the butterflies are very upset. The peak season is in Valkenburg and it shows. The 12-hour shift that arrived at the large parking lot already met the first drunken tourists. Many families who were having a picnic in Oda Park and the children playing in the fountain were the daily routine in Valkenburg. Many English were in Valkenburg to celebrate their intoxication. There, the scala Jumbo Dancing was a great outlet for the advanced youth. Guys 'n' Dolls, Tramps, Earth, Wind & Fire and last but not least Normal.

Daily routine

I started my shift at 11 am and was busy cleaning the cylinders. Under the supervision of the internal service and a room manager. It just went as it was and without calamities we did the dome over the last cylinder. A perfect break, time for a cup of coffee and a weak conversation. The time is ticking and the first croupiers come into the canteen, get a bowl and then into the dressing room to make themselves fancy for the guests. The best odors adorned the dressing room, it was sometimes worse than the ladies, but well it was part of the job. Time to go to the cash register and grab the bags for the first gaming tables that opened.

Arrival of the guests

After following the procedures, the first guests arrived to conquer a place at the two-person table. Nothing spectacular going on until I had a guest in sight who was putting on the first 2 tables with a thousand guilders on red or black. I had never seen this person, but he took the profit off and then left everything. I followed him at a distance but he still made his 20,000 guilders profit in a short time. Addressed him and told that another table would open and that he would not reserve a place at a table of ten. He nodded and before he could see the card of mine was already on the table. The table opened and I invited the guest to take his place. He was a little fickle and still went from one table to the other to play his game. The first slices of 10,000 quickly disappeared in his pockets. The game was increasingly played coarser and the table was covered with large slices and he regularly played with the maximum.High Roller 1Farmer Prince

Large player (high roller)

As if this man was "beginners lucky"? Note: mid-afternoon he went to drink a cup of coffee at the bar. I was instructed to find out what this man's name was. The porters did not know because we think he had never been to Valkenburg. As everyone knew I had my own tricks for that and stepped over to him and had a chat. After briefly fellowshipping with this man, I just put on the bad shoes. Told that I was asked to nominate him for a guest card, with all the associated benefits. "I need your ticket for that." Went away from him and came back after a short time to return his ticket. I had already informed the room chefs that the guest's name was Prince. "You are on the list for a guest card and that will be fine" I told him. Mr. Prins told me that he had a good hourly wage today, he had already earned more than 2 tons.

Back in the country tomorrow

He laughed and said, "tomorrow I will have to leave the country again." He said that he had been a farmer in the neighborhood of Enschede for years. Farmer Prince so; he went on gambling for a while and his game became coarser and coarser at the gaming tables. Thousands were deployed as if they were five. His reserved place had died of loneliness because in the meantime he was playing on every table that was open. Five tables that saw the thousands fly around.

Huge shape

I watched the man a little and only then realized how tall and rude this man was. If you bumped into him you would be dead dead, a colossal man. I kept him informed when he had won or lost at the various tables, hoping to catch a tip. This man did not leave me alone and I followed him to keep his game under control. Table chefs were happy with it because they told me that they had to be patient because it could take a while because he was again paid a large sum at another table.


It was now 6:00 pm and the good man was completely destroyed. He started to walk more slowly and indicated with a sign that he was suffering from enormous tiredness. "I am broken and would like to be paid but not at the cash register." After all, this was a large sum of money he had this afternoon. amassed.Holland Casino ValkenburgHolland Casino Valkenburg

Payment of the winnings

It would take place in the "bunker" and I had to come to get him a drink. Upon return, the cashier and room manager were already counting up to an amount of 293,000 guilders, which he wanted to take with him in cash.

Chicken food

I said: “Great, now the chickens can eat plates from Villeroy & Boch tomorrow.” Boer Prins: “Mien young, I don't have any chickens, I don't like it; just see them in the pan. "" Oh, I thought you had cattle? "" No, young, ie, in a field sparrow or a field farmer. "


We then let Mr. Prince quietly put his money away in his pockets, he naturally also pushed a tip into my hand. "Comes from a good heart," he said. Later it turned out that I had received 5 guilders. But yes, I wasn't the only one; the porters were also good for a tip of 5 guilders. Even if you go home with a profit of 3 tons.

Expensive vacation

I spoke to him again 2 weeks later and he said that he had granted himself a vacation. “Where did the trip go, have you been able to get a ticket? "Mien young, I went to Lloret by bus with my wiefke, found 375 guilders per person enough to be in Lloret for two weeks." With a smile I then resumed my work, I am not getting rich with this man.Thanks to Henk Vinck

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