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A guest lecture at the "University of applied sciences", international training for students in marketing and tourism management. This training is offered to students from all over the world at the Zeeland Hogeschool in Vlissingen! One of the students works at one of the casinos promoted by, the Funtastic casino.


Through the medium for which I write a weekly column, Yannick Sanders asked me if I would be willing to come and give a guest lecture, preferably in English, due to the multitude of nationalities among the students. No problem; I started working and made a PowerPoint to match my story with pictures.

A working life

Gradually it became clear that tourism, casinos and marketing have many similarities. It is nice to note that I have worked in all three disciplines during my working life. I am therefore proud and fortunate that I have been able to show a new generation some practical examples from a life of activity in both tourism and marketing, in both casinos and bingos, both operational and entrepreneurial. During my speech I recalled that as early as 1987 a group of young people graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a thesis on "marketing of a casino", with my pioneering work as an example.OneTime oversees the entire market

Chic city

Vlissingen, a hot tub in the field of tourism development; We already visited this beautiful seaside resort before, but because of the invitation to the Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, we stuck to it for a few days. What a development; beautiful restaurants on the beach, a real 'promenade boulevard', beautiful day and night views of the Westerschelde, modern shopping streets, a multifunctional theater with a mega-cinema, and of course the multitude of historical buildings and monuments in this hometown of Michiel de Ruyter!

Funtastic ..

During our exploratory walk we even found a combined entertainment center, where the little ones can enjoy themselves in "the Carousel", located behind the Arsenal. At the top is the Funtastic casino, with a multitude of electronic games on offer. And a rarely seen collection of antique Wurlitzer jukeboxes and slot machines from the early (gambling) times. The OneTime team had been here before, see the reviewVlissingen visit to NOVOMATIC casino FuntasticVlissingen visit to NOVOMATIC casino Funtastic

Let it shine

From previous columns you could read that the marketing strategy that underlies 'selling' a casino starts with 'if you sell an illusion, let it shine!' With photos that I have kept for years I hoped to get a picture sketches of the art of recruiting. Now that several decades have passed and we can conclude that my pioneering work from that time has proven that it has become a standard in casino marketing.Project group Applied Sciences Marketing tourism & casinosProject group Applied Sciences Marketing tourism & casinos

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