There are many options to ensure that your customers are committed to you. One of these is the so-called "promotional gift". Intended to please the relationship and to remind them of the relationship later with the gift. Earlier I mentioned the limited possibilities of the casinos to work in a recruiting way, and also the creative possibilities that remain. invitation to pamper guests. We experienced times when, as (floor) manager, we had a free hand in spoiling our guests. CARTOONJudge for yourself which gifts were useful, especially see the beautiful cartoon / puzzle by Jan van Haasteren, above. In my time as a PR man, Marianne Breeuwer called from the head office with the announcement that they still had a few thousand of these puzzles (and 10,000 posters) with this cartoon. If I wanted to do something with it .. Well, there was no toilet in the whole of Rotterdam in public buildings where there was not such a poster and almost no office where the employees had not received a puzzle. Was a great promotion! If I hadn't done something with it, they would probably have ended up in the container, like many give-aways.PronkASHTRAYThere was a time when almost everyone smoked, imagine in the casinos, with the excitement of the game there was more and more smoking. First they were just on the table, and it turned out that they were regularly taken. Small enough to fit in a bag, we responded to this urge for people to "take something" with them. We made a collector's item with images and text! In 1986 100,000 ashtrays were "taken away".Holland Casino ashtrayTAKE AWAYSQuote: “In addition to Give Aways, we also had Take Aways, i.e. the white ashtrays with the casino print in them. They disappeared like snow in the sun and decorated many a living room. A nice gadget, until a clever one figured out that it was cheaper not to print on them, but to leave them white. A missed opportunity to promote HC. Later we got table edges with heavy brass ashtrays in it. These heavy brass ashtrays, along with the glass holders in Rotterdam, disappeared. Apparently we had a buyer trader as a customer, because those things cost 33 guilders each. They were not dragged on. Never being able to catch offender (s). So we had them made from stainless steel. Problem about it. "HarleyTO HAVENow, after more than 40 years of casinos, it appears that there are quite a lot of collections of the items that were introduced over the years as "give-aways". Many employees proudly display their collected items. All those give aways, which were intended for guests but were also very eagerly collected by employees, especially by the "managers" of the so-called "Give-Away Warehouse". There is even one that has known to "still have" boxes full in the attic. When switching to a new house style, it turned out that many Chief of General Affairs still had his treasure trove full of many old business gifts. They could go straight into the garbage can. Zandvoort turned out to be the record holder for saving give aways. Most "chefs AZ" would rather give their lives than something to a (potential) guest. I knew one who constantly asked for the NUT of give-aways ..Beach towel with roulette print Enjoy the pictures!Potato chips Painting Math ruler Lighter Potteries 100 guilders Ivory balls Watch Wine Keychain Pens Lighter

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