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Is the casino part of life? You could almost say it, although not everyone has ever visited a casino. “Nowadays, every” gaming hall “calls itself a casino.” That is what some (former) employees of Holland Casino still say, with their outdated vision of the now broadened range of games of chance. We saw from the election of Spijkenisse as “best casino” in the Netherlands, even before the new casino “Amsterdam-West” that the entire world of games of chance has developed.Best Dutch casino 2019, Jagger Casino Spijkenisse


Where at the time we made a distinction between casino with Black-Jack and Roulette and the arcade, something has changed. The chain of “Holland Casino” locations qualified as “official casinos” by the government has evolved into a multi-game offering and hyper-modern palace of entertainment, a pleasant stay at a high level with a gamble. But the “arcade” has also developed, albeit with an offer that is adjusted in terms of spending, and without “living games”, but certainly worth the choice of a visit!


The development described above does not end at our borders, the OneTime team travels the world to paint a unique picture of the entire world of games of chance. OneTime is the only one that provides an image of the entire industry, and I am proud to be able to contribute to this. As the only Dutch independent reviewer of casinos, OneTime employees visit all casinos in the Netherlands and assess them by means of a review and a “report”. In addition, OneTime asks all visitors to leave reviews in our database of Dutch casinos.Team best casino in the Netherlands 2019, The Jagger Casino Spijkenisse


Just as we now have a telephone booth, a typewriter, radio, TV, computer, diary and encyclopedia in our pocket in the form of a smartphone, a complete casino will soon be added! Games are already being played online, but reliable regulations regarding money flows and excessive gambling are still awaiting. It is hoped that governments will soon come to an agreement so that a start can be made as quickly as possible. All technology and software are ready to start with a wide range.The Jagger SpijkenisseWinners in the national competition for choosing “best casino” in the Netherlands, see especially the Facebook page.


We now see that a total turnaround has been made, nevertheless it is especially when you get older that you can still look back on the wonderful years in which we played the “Rien ne van plus”. It seems like a century ago, in 1976 we were in the basement of the Bouwes Hotel in Zandvoort. At my visit this summer after 43 years the car was parked on the spot where table 1 used to be. In the afternoon when the shutters of the play shop opened, the first visitors, usually slightly older notorious players, crawled under the shutters. They hurried to table 1, where only 3 colors of “marked pairs of chips” were available. Going down a flight of stairs and shouting to the table chef: “Can I have a marked one, chef?” Colleagues at table 1 all remember these scenes. Two golden tokens, and a game on the table that we will never forget.For the opening of the Zandvoort Telegraaf on 22 May '76

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