Gambling under the influence … good idea?

There are plenty of people who gamble for money, whether or not under the influence of some stimulants, such as alcohol or cocaine. Most people are capable of keeping up with a game. Unfortunately, there are also people who lose themselves in the game and develop a (serious) gambling addiction. What is the relationship between a gambling addiction and other addictions? And is it wise to use stimulants as a recreational player?

Relationship between a gambling addiction and other addictions

A large study in the United States showed that there is a high chance that people with a gambling addiction will also develop other addictions. An alcohol addiction turned out to be the most common condition, in addition to the existing gambling addiction. Just over 73% of people diagnosed with gambling addiction also had an alcohol addiction. These two addictions have similarities when looking at the responses that are triggered by the brain. When someone plays for money, dopamine is released from the brain, the same process that happens to someone who drinks alcohol. Then there is another group of gamblers who use sleeping pills and sedatives, so that less anxiety is experienced or to prevent insomnia. . These resources ensure that gamblers become calmer, less anxious. And as you know from these drugs, you can become addicted to it.Medications and gamblingMedications and gambling

Is it wise to use stimulants as a recreational player?


Alcohol has a (slightly) narcotic effect. You feel less pain, your responsiveness drops and you hear less well. Just some (nasty) side effects of this stimulating substance. The narcotic effect also has an effect on your brain, which means you are less able to assess situations. It also ensures that you do differently than you normally do. Moreover, alcohol provides a more secure feeling, you dare more. It may even be the case that you think you can bet better. You then dare to take more risk, something you should definitely not do with gambling. And the next day you have a double hangover.


You feel fitter by using cocaine. You feel a lot more secure and it also benefits your mood. Just like with the use of alcohol, you think you can gamble better. You think you can do everything better. Because of the use of cocaine, fatigue does not occur. You don't want to sleep. And what do you do then? Continuing to gamble is then the obvious choice. You also want to take the medicine as often as you like, if you are sensitive to it. And that can cause a lot of misery, in the form of physical and psychological problems. Conclusion: not a good plan!


With a little speed behind you choose, you stay alert. And just like with the aforementioned stimulants, you think you can gamble better. You also keep it full longer. Unlike cocaine, this medicine is relatively cheap, which of course does not really help to stay away from it. All in all, this "fast" combi is not that good!

Casinos & alcohol

In the Netherlands it is pretty keen that you as a player do not drink too much. And if you already have a nice bowl and you want to enter the casino, then in most cases you will be denied access. This is different in Las Vegas. Everything can and may there. At least, it seems that way. This is the place where you get drunk at the roulette table. And the waitresses … they keep running, because they live off the tips they get.

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