Gambling in an online Virtual Reality Casino, the newest way to play

The technological developments follow each other quickly. This is also reflected in the world of (online) casinos. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of those new technological gadgets. Holland Casino already uses the technology to transfer game knowledge to new guests. But what is a VR Casino anyway? For many people, the switch from a land-based to an online casino is a bridge too far. People are simply companion animals and love to make contact. The interaction with the dealer, high fiven with your gambling friends when a big hit is made, this is different when you play in an online casino. Playing for money in such an online casino gives a completely different experience and you cannot compare. Online casino companies are aware that they cannot match this feeling, but are keen to imitate that one casino experience. Nowadays, as an online casino, you no longer count without live casino games. These are casino games where you play against a real croupier and with which you can interact. A step further is the so-called Virtual Reality Casino!Play VR game from NetentPlay VR game from NetEnt

Virtual Reality (VR) Casinos Online

With the VR casino, people usually try to simulate the land-based casino experience. This involves a fairly advanced piece of technology. The idea is that nowadays you can take a gamble online, where you can get a real 3D experience, as if you were in the game itself. As a player you stand in the midst of all the gambling violence and wherever you look: there is something to experience everywhere. You enter another world, simply from the comfort of your home. Of course this does not happen automatically, but you need the necessary equipment, such as VR glasses, an extremely powerful computer and a game that is made compatible. Whether there is a future for VR casinos is still unclear. It is clear that VR has already taken an important place in the world of gaming. In the online casino area we also see more and more shifts taking place, although the real gambler is quite conservative. Onetime thinks the developments are beautiful, certainly because in this way gambling is portrayed as entertainment. On the other hand, the Virtual Reality Casino games provide a thin line between regular computer games and gambling. This way of playing ensures that players are sucked into the game, so that time awareness disappears.

Get a game explanation

Holland Casino Eindhoven was the first land-based casino that uses Virtual Reality. Not to offer games through this system, but to give a game explanation. In Eindhoven they have set up a special corner for that where you can get game explanations for different games. For a moment you imagine yourself at the game tables, while a croupier takes you step by step into the game. After the explanation you will receive a sheet with which you can go for the real thing. It would not surprise Onetime if you could later also gamble live at Holland Casino using such VR glasses. Holland Casino has announced that it wants to attract new target groups. The Experience Zone shows that the implementation of new techniques can lead to new guests. There are now several online Virtual Reality Casinos, where you can enjoy the beautiful 3D images. Onetime has not yet reviewed these casinos. First, buy glasses and pray that the prices of these gadgets will drop somewhat.

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