Gambling and casinos in Portugal

Do you also visit casinos abroad? Yes, Super those foreign casinos No, on vacation I will not visit casinos Yes, I want to visit every casino that I come across No, Holland Casino and the gambling halls are superior Your answerResultsPortugal is really a beautiful country! I have now been to this fascinating country a number of times and during our last vacation I even fell in love with the coast in the north of Portugal. You don't easily think of gambling when you think of Portugal, but rather of: Bacalhau (best known Portuguese dish – klipvis) Gao de Barcelos (famous roosters) Sardines Fado (Portuguese music style) PortPastel de Nata (sweet cakes and pastries) Cork (important export product) ) Azulejos (colorful tiles on the buildings)Gambling and casinos in Portugal 1The famous trams in Lisbon

Casinos in Portugal

Portugal has many casinos and we have also visited some of these beautiful casinos. The casino in Lisbon is a very large casino with no less than 3 floors. Anyone aged 18 and over can enter with a passport and you do not have to pay an entrance fee. You can compare these casinos well with the Dutch casinos and the choice of game selection is very good. You will find the classic games of roulette and blackjack everywhere, but also more unknown games of chance such as Banca Francesa and Sic Bo.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 2Casino in Lisbon The casino in Estoril is considered the largest casino in Europe and they like to advertise with it. However, I can personally invalidate this, they have a large amount of slot machines (1200), but the space at the live tables is relatively small. It is a great place to play poker and if I had the time, I would have set up my poker camp here for a few months. What is striking is that in all the casinos we have been to, it is extremely busy and smoking is permitted in most places in the casinos. And there is smoking, not only outside the casinos, but especially in the casinos and that is not really pleasant for a non-smoker.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 3Casino Estoril – Portugal The casino in Póvoa de Varzim could have been a wonder of the world, but once inside it was a lot less impressive than the casino with a Monte Carlo look. It is striking that the casinos can only be open 12 hours a day and this is regulated by law. This means that most casinos only open at 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. Most of the Portuguese players play slots and we have seen that. The range of slot machines is impressive, but you won't see the last large video cabinets like in Las Vegas. You will not encounter a Willy Wonka or Britney Spears slot machine, but you will find the Rolling Stones and the Wizzard of Oz. The older slot machines are very popular and many older people are playing here, who are conservative in their choice.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 4

Arcades in Portugal

In the Netherlands and Germany there is a choice between the large casinos and the arcades. In Portugal that choice is not there, they do not have arcades that you often encounter in Spain, for example. You have 9 casinos in Portugal and out of a total of 11 million inhabitants that is a nice balance. You can already play roulette from € 2.00 and on the (old) slot machines from € 0.01. The average bet we saw on the slot machines was around € 1.00 Blackjack can be played from € 5.00. If you realize that the minimum wage in Portugal is only € 600, I am surprised that so much can still be gambled. There will undoubtedly be many rich Portuguese.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 5The Portuguese do like gambling

Lotteries in Portugal

Everywhere we went in Portugal we saw shops where they sell lottery tickets for the various lotteries. But it not only concerned lottery tickets, but also a tsunami of scratch cards is available. A few times I was approached on the street and in front of the casino as to whether I wanted to buy lottery tickets.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 6Lottery shop in Portugal The last period I have really been able to study the (gamble) Portuguese and I really noticed that they are not emotionally gambling. So they undergo the loss, but also the profit during the game. Like a kind of robots without a smile, they are behind the slot machines and this was quite a sad sight that we sometimes see in gambling halls in the Netherlands. I didn't really think they were doing this for a bit of relaxation, but more to sing the time and addiction will also be an important factor. At the opening of the casino the people pushed in to keep almost all the slots occupied within 15 minutes. In the small lottery stores it wasn't really busy, sometimes I saw someone walking in. The scratch cards resemble ours and sometimes I found an open scratched lot on the floor.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 7Scratch cards in Portugal

Sports betting

You can actually see a television hanging in every restaurant, whether in the breakfast room or in a fancy establishment. You see the news or football, there seems to be no more choice. Portugal is a real football country and they are passionate about this, football is really a social thing and it is alive! And of course you can take a gamble here and that is how we also saw small betting offices throughout the country. There are also many special sports cafés where you and your friends go to watch a game and in the meantime take a chance and have a drink.Gambling and casinos in Portugal 8Sport cafe in Portugal You wouldn't initially expect it when you visit Portugal, but they really love gambling here and this is completely part of society. The casino in Póvoa where we have been has been hosting a casino since 1934. And not only can you physically gamble in Portugal, online gambling is also legal in Portugal and we cannot say that in the Netherlands in 2019. The list of 9 things you think of in Portugal can therefore be expanded to 10 🙂Gambling and casinos in Portugal 9Bet office

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