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A hot issue in the world of gambling has been the addiction that gambling can result in for the last 40-50 years. One of the reasons that the government chose to legally offer games of chance was the possibility that it offers to be able to regulate excesses. But then the government had to keep a finger in the pie! The gambling world consisted of a large number of operators who installed a number of slot machines in every cafe, canteen, hotel and hall that could be gambled to your heart's content without any supervision. The owners of the machines regularly came to drive to get the full buckets of guilders and buckets out of the machines, to give the operator his commission and to continue to the next one. In our country, for example, there were around 50,000 machines running, often the main income of the snack bar or the like. This state of affairs was not the check, hence a rearrangement with the result that a wide, diverse range is now available.Gamble addicted 1Under the spell of the gambling monster

The National Casino Games Foundation

Was founded under the guise of “an important part of the tourist offer” with in mind the opportunity to put an end to the many illegal casinos and to get a finger behind the social problems that gambling addiction entailed. The assignment to Holland Casino was in 1976: “to regulate and limit the gambling desire of the residents of the Netherlands. The definition of addiction plays a leading role in this: addiction is a latent gene that will only begin and end its destructive effect after triggering. As a potential addict, it is therefore important not to come into contact with your potential addiction. “… But is the provider responsible? – Is the maker of the alcohol responsible for alcoholism? – Is the maker of the fast car responsible for speeding offenses? – Is the maker of fat hamburgers … etc. Of course, the providers of games of chance do have the responsibility of ‘good citizenship', establishing excessive behavior and providing information. But isn't too much patronizing? Finally we are talking about adult people, indeed there are plenty of anecdotes to which I will return in later columns.Gamble addicted 2Gambling addiction

Online casinos in TV advertising?

Many of us have seen “Lübach”, a broadcast in which he demonstrated that in addition to Holland Casino, the lotteries are almost all in the hands and are under the supervision of the State of the Netherlands. Supervision also falls under ministerial responsibility. Here is a university thesis in which RTL wants to show that advertising for online gambling “must be”:

It didn't always go well

Abuses in this “responsibility of good citizenship” have been raised several times, not only by writers of articles and books, also from within; a cry for help “from the inside out” was Marco Rosman, 20 years employee of Holland Casino with a book here in DWDD in 2011:

What does gambling do to a person?

A study by Professor Winnubst at the University of Utrecht showed after a thorough study that gambling addiction is going through the same processes in our brain as drug addiction. The kick in losing was even slightly greater than the kick in winning.


The Dutch gaming industry has matured, which does not mean perfect. You cannot turn on the TV, or cheerfully smiling so-called “BN'ers” pass by, showing huge profits from all sorts of lotteries. “Product placement” of the gambling offer is everywhere and permanent. The sport is largely financed by gambling revenues. Holland Casino shows beautiful productions, all with joy, fun, glamor and glitter in the casinos. OneTime contributes with constant information and a real “Best Casino in the Netherlands” election.Gamble addicted 3Gambling addiction researcher Professor Winnubst

Onetime about gambling addiction:

“I have noticed that it is a difficult struggle to make a problem case realize that gambling behavior is out of all proportion. Recognizing a problem in particular is difficult for many, while everyone around them recognizes it. Gambling can be a nice game, but you have to get along with it. See also on our forum where we often talk about gambling addiction. ”More: healthcare sector now has specialized therapists.Gamble addicted 4Rien ne va plus

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