Future music: a casino world tour

I am a man of lists, not just a bucket list, but even the preparations for a trip are all ticked off. It gives structure and you come fully prepared. We have visited all but one casinos and arcades in the Netherlands. And we will visit this one on Ameland this summer. In recent years we have also visited many casinos abroad and shared our experiences online on Onetime. We will go on casino tour again in the coming months. We are going to Berlin, Portugal, Atlantic City and to Macau. Many wishes are still open …. such as visiting the oldest casino in Venice and Sun City in South Africa.Foxwoods USA

Why does casino visit attract us so?

The lights, lights and sounds seem to cause some kind of enchantment for the many visitors to casinos. Take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in this world. Casinos are often located in tourist places and outside the casino there is also a world that we would like to discover. For us it is precisely the combination of casino entertainment and doing other things that you hardly do at home. Going to the beach, eating in a nice restaurant and a visit to a theater or museum is all possible. A city like Las Vegas understands this like no other and the largest part is no longer earned in the casinos but the things around it. Enjoying cruising and throwing the dice on the craps or playing a game of poker in the evening is the ultimate vacation for us. In the casinos we meet many like-minded people who are also in it. These are definitely not the gambling addicts, but often pure bon vivants who really know what there is to buy in the world. They have a good understanding of the balance between casinos and holidays. We love to pull out and socialize. Experience adventures and especially save memories. If all goes well, we only live once and we try to get the most out of it and that is where casinos belong in our lives.Going out with the woman

Casino world tournament

Last year we visited all Holland Casinos within 24 hours and not only visited but also ventured a little. It was a crazy epic day! Now we regularly do a casino tour and we drive to for example casino Baden Baden, along the way we grab the casinos that are a bit on the route. Because we love cruising so much, we have sometimes looked around the world and visited almost all countries. With this kind of cruise concepts you are a year away from home and a poorer fortune so we have to wait a little longer 🙂 So we also plan to rent a camper later and when we grow up and cross through America and to visit more than a thousand different casinos there.Guests at an American roulette table

Dare to dream

Dreaming is an important thing in our lives. Working towards a goal slowly and especially enjoying the journey to this goal! The anticipation is often more beautiful than the ultimate goal. That way I can remember my 2nd Vegas trip in 1998. We would go with friends who had never been before. The months of anticipation and making each other crazy about this trip were so cool. We see this passing by on our forum and in our Onetime app group. The countdown clock, anticipation and preparations of the Vegas goers create a wonderful connection.Vegas anticipation

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