Former detective is watching Holland Casino Amsterdam

Well, "at the door" …

It is also possible that André Treur makes a round at the slots, the bar, the restaurant, the cash registers, and at the tables where roulette and blackjack are played.

Or that he uses the cameras to keep an eye on what is happening on the playing floor.

Former detective is watching Holland Casino Amsterdam

André Treur is a security manager at Holland Casino. Location: Amsterdam. He is one of the proud employees who tell their story in the Holland Casino annual report published last week.

Treurs previous employer was the National Criminal Investigation Department.

"My career started with the police in 1991. Through various functions, I ended up in 2000 with what is now called the National Criminal Investigation Department. "

But some ten years ago, Treur sent a number of open applications to various branches of the state casino. Successfully. In February 2007 he started working at Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Since 2013, Treur has been security manager. He directs a team of security guards, who not only ensure the safety of guests, but also have to detect fraudsters, for example. So his criminal background comes in very handy.

Internal police work seems to be getting better and better. In 2015, a record number of financial transactions were checked for money laundering.

In addition, Treur in Amsterdam is responsible for "responsible gaming". In other words: ensure that the guests of Holland Casino do not get in trouble because of their game.

"I am proud of how Holland Casino does that. The prevention policy is really in the DNA of our employees. Nobody wants guests on the floor who work themselves into trouble. "

Treur and his subordinates are also paying more attention to this, according to the figures. More and more visitors are requesting a visit restriction or entrance ban, or are being imposed a restriction.

2015 2014
Entry bans 4333 3992
Entry bans (imposed) 157 123
Visiting restrictions 3316 3412
Visiting restrictions (imposed) 556 464

Soon, even in other Holland Casino branches, you will no longer be able to escape the watchful eye of Treur:

"Within Security & Responsible Gaming, we worked hard last year to centralize observation. This means that several locations will soon be observed from Amsterdam. "

Cheaters are warned.

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