Fascination for gambling!

In my opinion, gambling sells itself. Gambling has fun and positive sides for many people and is a form of relaxation. Everywhere we look around we are confronted with gambling. This starts from an early age when we walk around the fair and see a grab machine or a coin slider. We see the commercials of the Staatsloterij or the Holland Casino on television and in the streets. And then those television programs where the charity lotteries such as the Postcode and BankGiro lottery receive their promotions. Social gaming in particular is gaining a lot of ground among the youth and is (in) directly gambling. Soon online gambling will also be possible in the Netherlands and the big question is will that happen more than is currently the case?Onetimers in action!Gambling with a group of friends

Crowds in the casinos

Last summer I was in Portugal and wanted to enter a casino. The casino only opened at 4 p.m. and so I had to wait a while to go inside. There were more than 100 people waiting to go inside and once I was inside I soon saw the people go wild on the slots. I wondered again, why are the casinos full everywhere and what motivates people to do this? Well I know why I like it so much, but does that also apply to all these players? It has probably just become a habit for many people. They have social contacts here and drink a nice drink and get a snack. The casino itself of course also stimulates the (gambling) flame. The scents, sounds and special promotions for the players all work to get the players to the casino and especially to keep them there.Waiting for the opening of the casino

Gambling is exciting

I myself continue to find gambling exciting, especially when I sometimes place a bet that hurts just a little in my wallet but makes me dance when I win a prize. Follow the roulette ball in the bin with your eyes in the hope that it will come down in your series. I think observing people in the casino is one of the nicest things to do. Some people are completely absorbed in the game and don't pay more attention to anything else. The special tics that some players have from superstition to get the gambling gods your way. Locking the video slots rolls just to try to give luck a hand. Actually, every player has his own tactics and usually it really doesn't matter what you do and you just have to be lucky. But when people do something and they are lucky they see it as their own merit and that is actually impossible to get out of their system. If people have ever won well on a slot machine then the player always returns to his old trusted casino.Onetimer at the slot machines.

Hypnosis in the casino

The casino can enchant you and many people know that with me. Personally I always feel at home in the casino and many casinos also feel like their own living room. It is often cozy, nice music and a nice drink in your hand and nobody cares. There is also much more allowed in the many (foreign) casinos than in for example a restaurant. It's pretty bizarre that you can smoke almost anywhere in the casinos in Las Vegas and Portugal. There is usually a restaurant in the casino and that is often a good reason to go to the casino. The lights of the many slot machines blink and have the best designs. I certainly cannot avoid the impression that some players feel as if they are being hypnotized at the casino.Impressed by the Voice slot machine

The fascination for gambling

If you tell at a party that you regularly go to the casino you can be sure that you have drawn attention to you. There is still so much taboo on casinos and gambling in the Netherlands that I am sometimes still surprised about it. Yet research shows that around 8 million Dutch people sometimes take a gamble (je) wagon, but this also includes lotteries and they are generally seen as innocent entertainment. But with 2 lottery tickets from the Postcode lottery and a State lottery ticket you lose almost € 600 a year, if you were to gamble this in a casino, the same people would say that you were not in your head. The casino world is certainly a dynamic world and a lot is happening. There are also large amounts involved and the news about casinos is generally quite negative. We then read about addictions and crime and on the other hand we read about a Mega Millions who win guests in the casino who have just thrown in a few euros.Staatsloterij "width =" 294 "height =" 404 "srcset =" https://cdn.onetime.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Statsloterij-loterij-bij-Hommerson-in-Den-Haag.jpg 294w, https://cdn.onetime.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Statsloterij-loterij-bij-Hommerson-in-Den-Haag-218x300.jpg 218w "sizes =" (max-width: 294px ) 100vw, 294px "> State lottery banner on the street
<h2>The future of gambling</h2>
<p>The gambling industry continues to innovate and more and more casinos are being added worldwide. Evidence has been found that people were already gambling with sheep bones 40,000 years before Christ. Our lives and our culture make gambling impossible. During the major banking crisis of about 10 years ago, the lotteries are working overtime in Spain to meet demand. People love tension and the chance of financial freedom. And if they can still enjoy themselves during that chance, the ball is round. The online gambling market will open in 2021 in the Netherlands and many people will have to get used to the extras of advertisements that we will see. We already read in the newspaper that PSV will work together with an online bookmaker. It's nice that in a free country we can choose whether we want to visit a casino or not. And this of course applies not only to casinos but to so many other temptations. Also in this case it is important to do it in moderation if you still want to play.<img class=Online gambling – Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

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