Everything about Las Vegas, the gambling capital of America

Nobody will be surprised that Las Vegas has a glorious history. But how has this piece of land changed from arid desert to a world-famous city full of entertainment and neon lighting? You read it in Online Casino Grounds' second part about the history of Las Vegas! Read more quickly ...

In previous editions about the history of Las Vegas, we told you about the origins of Las Vegas and its gigantic hotel and gambling industry. In this article we tell you more about Vegas as a gambling mecca and give you useful and especially practical tips for gambling in Las Vegas. Are you going to Las Vegas and do you want to take a chance? Then definitely read on!

Gambling is still booming business in Vegas today. In 2015, gambling revenues at casinos on the Strip were roughly $ 6 billion and for Down Town Las Vegas no less than $ 500 million. The Las Vegas casinos booked a record turnover in 2017. Not bad: an average hotel room cost $ 146.95 per night, per room was gambled for $ 155.09 per day on slots and $ 79.72 in table games. Per room and per day, $ 89.38 was spent on food and $ 41.22 on drinks. Nice facts, right? Below are the Online Casino Ground tips to get the best and most money from Las Vegas casinos.

Work with a daily budget

Nobody wants to run out of money within a few days. Not at all if you have a few days left. Because being in Las Vegas without money is no fun. Fair is fair, your money can go fast. Certainly if you do not pay attention.

What we therefore recommend is to determine a daily budget. Suppose; you are 7 days in Vegas and you have a total budget of € 2100, then you have a day budget of € 300. Pin the money and divide it over 7 envelopes. Take one envelope per day and leave the rest in the safe. Do you double your money? Beautiful! Will you lose the money in no time? Then don't go ahead and choose eggs for your money.

Register for free for reward programs

Do you intend to gamble a lot? Then become a member of the Players Club in your favorite casino. This allows you to often participate in a special rewards program. It's free and can give you a lot of benefits: gifts, discounts and other nice surprises. You usually receive free play credit with your registration. How it works? This is different for each casino, but you usually put the Players Card in the machine beforehand, after which each gambled amount earns you points. Do you still have something to do if you don't win a prize.


What is the best Players Club in Las Vegas? Players Club Total Rewards from Caesars Entertainment Corporation is interesting but also Mlife from MGM Resorts or The Boarding Pass Players Club from Station Casinos. Station Casinos themselves claim to have the most favorable Players Club in Las Vegas.

You always start at the lowest level and by gambling more your status changes to a higher level, with the prices becoming more fun.

Pay attention to the payout at Blackjack

Nowadays there are more and more blackjack games on the market that pay out 6: 5 instead of the regular 3: 2. This means that with a bet of € 20 you win only € 24 instead of € 30. After a number of games in this a significant difference. Despite this, many players still play 6: 5 blackjack, but be aware that there are also 3: 2 blackjack games! In physical casinos the 3: 2 variant is seeing less and less, luckily it doesn't bother you online.

Choose the correct slot machine

Slot machines are getting bigger, more striking and more and more paylines and other extras. This may sound interesting, but they don't do this for no reason. The goal, of course, is to make you lose money faster and more without you realizing it. Some examples are the Willy Wonka, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and the Flinstones slots. Instead, opt for the slot machines with as few bells and whistles as possible. Remember: the nicer and more flashy the slot machine, the worse it will often pay out.


Are you looking for a reliable slot machine? Then choose an online slot machine, then you know for sure that the payout percentages are correct and you are not being scammed. Minimum payout percentages of slots in Las Vegas are around 82%, while online slots pay out around 89% on average. Play directly on the slot machine with the highest payout percentage? Play Jackpot 6000, this case has an RTP of 98.9%!

Decide where you are going to gamble

Nobody knows which slot machines pay the best in Las Vegas but we can tell you in which part of the city you can expect the biggest payout percentage. This is different per bet, see below:

$ 1 slots

  • North Las Vegas: 96.1%
  • East Las Vegas: 95.7%
  • Downtown Las Vegas: 95.2%
  • The Strip: 93.7%

$ 0.25 slots

  • North Las Vegas: 96.5%
  • East Las Vegas: 96.6%
  • Downtown Las Vegas: 94.7%
  • The Strip: 91.2%

$ 0.05 slots

  • North Las Vegas: 95.4%
  • East Las Vegas: 95.6%
  • Downtown Las Vegas: 92.3%
  • The Strip: 92%

$ 0.01 slots

  • North Las Vegas: 90.6%
  • East Las Vegas: 90.2%
  • Downtown Las Vegas: 88.7%
  • The Strip: 88.2%

As you can see, the casinos in North or East Las Vegas pay better than Downtown or The Strip. Above all, go off the beaten track and discover the relatively unknown casinos. Do not expect fountains, megaluxe lobbies and expensive rooms, but nice gambling at more favorable payout percentages!

Drink responsible

Casinos in Las Vegas offer free alcohol to playing casino guests. A tip of a few dollars is expected. That they give away free alcohol is not without reason. After a few alcoholic drinks, your judgment is not what it used to be, you are more restrained and you don't always make the right decisions. So there is also a chance that you will also have a financial hangover in addition to the alcohol hangover. You shouldn't have that! So make sure you don't go beyond your limits, and especially not at the poker or blackjack table.

Discover new games

You are not in Las Vegas for nothing. Then make use of it! Always wanted to know how to play a good game of poker? In the casinos in Las Vegas there are daily (often free) workshops to better understand casino games such as Blackjack, Poker and Craps. Not only the rules are explained; also the etiquette rules and information about payouts. Very handy!


And last but not least: enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer. The entertainment, the casinos and gigantic hotels. Visit one of the many shows. Don't forget to check out the Bellagio fountains or go wild in a shopping mall. Whether you go there for 3 days or 2 weeks; there is always something going on. And: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

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