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Las Vegas, the ultimate gambling city in the middle of the Nevada Desert. There is so much to tell about this city that Online Casino Ground makes it into a series of blogs: "Everything about Las Vegas". In the previous editions we wrote about the events of Las Vegas and told about the origins of the gigantic hotel and gambling industry. In part III we introduced you to practical and especially useful tips for gambling in Las Vegas. And this time we introduce you to Downtown Las Vegas. Because when you think of Las Vegas, you soon think of ‘The Strip’. Here are the largest and best-known hotels located such as: Bellagio, Caesars Palace and The Venetian. But a bit further down is Downtown Las Vegas, still unknown to some. This piece of Las Vegas is also regularly skipped. We think that's a shame! We will tell you more about it.

Downtown Las Vegas

In Downtown Las Vegas it all happens in and around Fremont Street. In terms of hotspot, this street can be compared to "The Strip" in Las Vegas. More about Fremont Street later. Downtown Las Vegas is actually the historic gambling center of Las Vegas. And you'll see that soon enough. Here you will find the real vintage casinos with beautiful neon and flashing lights. Then really pay a visit in the evening because there is a cozy atmosphere. Completely different than "The Strip". It is all a bit more relaxed, more pleasant and also cheaper.

Everything about Las Vegas - Downtown-Las-Vegas

The history of ‘Downtown’

Downtown Las Vegas was created with the founding of Las Vegas in 1905. Fremont Street was previously nicknamed "Glitter Gulch" due to the overwhelming and authentic neon lighting.

Fremont Street

Downtown Las Vegas is all about Fremont Street. It is a pedestrian zone in the middle of the city. You can enjoy the authentic neon lighting everywhere. Fremont was the place where it all happened in Las Vegas around the 1950s. Some famous casinos from that time were the Eldorado Club, the Golden Nugget and the Pioneer Club. Fremont street was the first paved street in Las Vegas and in 1931 was the first of the city to get traffic lights. The street owes its name to explorer and politician John Charles Frémont.

Fremont Street Experience

Because Downtown Las Vegas has become increasingly popular in recent years, there are also plenty of new sights being developed. For example, they installed the largest video screen in the world on Fremont Street, the Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street has been closed to traffic since its construction. A spectacular light and sound show can be seen on this screen every evening. The screen is 30 meters high with a 460 meter long roof, at a height of 27 meters. The screen is equipped with no less than 12 million LED lamps! And the sound system consists of 220 speakers with a total capacity of 550 thousand watts! And the great thing about this show is: it's completely free. An absolute must-do! Shows start every evening from 6 pm and are repeated every hour. There is also a lot to do during the day. You will find lively live bands on every corner and also street musicians who perform their shows.

Everything about Las Vegas - Downtown-Las-Vegas

Hotels Downtown Las Vegas

Most people know the big hotels in Las Vegas, but the hotels in Downtown Las Vegas are less well known by some. Below we list our five favorite hotels in Downton Las Vegas.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

This Las Vegas resort is a 5-minute walk from the Fremont Street Experience. An excellent location. The hotel has its own Starbucks and nine other restaurants. Furthermore, this hotel offers all the facilities that you would expect from such a hotel: an elegant design, room service, massage service and much more.

Fremont Hotel and Casino

It is almost impossible to get closer to Fremont Street! This hotel and casino is located in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience area. The hotel is well assessed and the rates are a lot lower than the rates of the hotels on "The Strip" in Las Vegas.

Four Queens Hotel and Casino

This hotel is also located on Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip is 2 km away. The casino in particular is very luxurious and elegantly furnished and on the roof you will find a swimming pool with a great view over Las Vegas.

Plaza Hotel & Casino

At the start of the Fremont Street Experience you will find the Plaza Hotel & Casino. Large rooms, a variety of restaurants, a wonderful swimming pool and a great casino. This hotel also offers no fewer than ten tennis courts!

The D Casino Hotel Las Vegas

This hotel is on the east side of Fremont Street. In addition to a hotel and casino, The D Las Vegas also offers a wealth of entertainment throughout the day. In addition to a normal swimming pool, this hotel also has a hot tub, to recover after gambling in the evening (or at night).

Everything about Las Vegas - Downtown-Las-Vegas

Things-to-do in Downtown Las Vegas

There are many things to do and we list four attractions in Downtown Las Vegas for you.

Slotzilla Zipline

Fly over Fremont Street and view this street from a completely different dimension, from above! You just fly over people. Spectacular! The best thing is to do it in the evening when all the lights are on and it is dark.

Downtown Container Park

The stacked containers have been transformed into various restaurants, bars and shops. You will be welcomed by a giant, fire-spitting, grasshopper and once you walk through the entrance you can enjoy all that Downtown Container Park has to offer. Take an hour to quietly walk around and see everything. Finish your walk with a tasty taco and a drink. In the middle of the park there is plenty of opportunity to sit, eat and relax.

Fear The Walking Dead Survival

Fan of the series The Walking Dead? Or a lover of excitement and sensation? Then this attraction is an absolute must! You can compare it with a mix of an escape room, a maze and a haunted house. The basis is an interactive video game where you will also encounter "real" zombies. We will not reveal much more …

Neon Museum

For those who love neon and especially vintage neon, we definitely recommend a visit to the Neon Museum. Lots of old neon signs from old hotels and businesses in Las Vegas can be seen here. It gives you a wonderful impression of the city in earlier years. The guide that will show you around really knows a lot about Las Vegas from the past. It is an open air museum so take sun protection if you go during the day. Our tip, go in the afternoon just before sunset. This way you can still admire the neon signs in daylight and in the evening you can see some of them working!

As you can read, a visit to Downtown Las Vegas is definitely worth it if you are in Las Vegas. In the next edition we will tell you more about Las Vegas!

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