Dissatisfaction with the policy, a retrospective

We had beautiful years, Holland Casino was a warm bath, a paradise to work in, an excellent atmosphere and it just kept growing! Nonetheless, as is often the case with large organizations, things were going wrong; new board members wanted to apply their own vision at the end of the 20th century. Below is a story that outlines the dissatisfaction: “The assignment to Holland Casino was clear in 1976: regulating and limiting the gambling appetite of the residents of the Netherlands. The definition of addiction plays a leading role in this: addiction is a latent gene that will only begin and end its destructive effect after triggering. As a potential addict, it is therefore important not to come into contact with your potential addiction. And all this under the watchful eye of the finance and justice ministers. These protectors of the people made the following happen while fully aware of the dangers.Dissatisfaction with the policy, a retrospective 1Fraud and GraaienIn 1997 the patrons presented Holland Casino to their new chairman of the board: Henk Kivits. Henk immediately started calling out that Holland Casino would be listed on the stock exchange and would become a leading European company. The patrons must have known that Henk wanted to follow this course before his appointment. Henkie had more notes on his vocals, but after ten years of failure, he also understood that he was inadequate, dripped off and disappeared to Joop van den Ende. He has not achieved any objective. What he has achieved is that of the potential gambling addicts in the Netherlands 100 percent has been achieved: several branches were opened; staff were asked to pull their own family and acquaintances across the Holland Casino threshold through promotions; the marketing and communication department grew exponentially to a waterhead that cost as much as 40 million a year. And why? Isn't Holland Casino a monopolist? Has he been approached by the government, the Supervisory Board or the Supervisory Board? Not really! Does he feel guilty? I think he's too megalomaniac for that. He sees his own interest as a public interest. And the patrons of the people cheered him. The rest of the board was not too bad to turn 180 degrees to kiss the next one and they all remained seated. Dikkie does not believe in the casino and wants the company to run on multiple pillars. The ideas of this man are so good that in the space of five years a company of 200 million profit has become loss-making. Reorganization follows reorganization, and of course reorganization reorganization. Strangely enough mainly where the money has to be earned, namely in the playroom. For 5,000 employees, their retirement and all financial security for the future have been challenged by a man who tests the truth against his ego. And Dick doesn't want to stop yet. He remediates where the money is earned and develops more functions that contribute to overhead costs. Every first-year business administration student can tell you that it doesn't end well. Wouldn't it be time to sanction where it should? Where are the people who should prevent this type of breach? The Supervisory Board, the Supervisory Board and also the government continue to applaud the CEO. Why?! I would like to say to the patrons of the people: "Throw out all the craziness and take your responsibility as a government." But unfortunately we no longer have real politicians. Only puppets. Puppets of the idiots.Dissatisfaction with the policy, a retrospective 2Grabbing and fraud The government is no longer concerned with government but with shifting responsibilities. One by one the utility companies are being dismantled and disposed of with the powerless argument that market forces will take things to the next level. Especially with the utility companies you do not want market forces to influence quality. Because, after all, do you want to protect the basic needs of the people with these utilities, at all costs? In the 70s and 80s we were still high in the world in terms of healthcare and education, to name just two. But thanks to the desire to shrug off the people who should be responsible for maintaining that level, we have fallen fast on the ladder of well-being. Cowardly males who knowingly and unwittingly do not want to do anything anymore for a people who voted to let them do so. We have been put to death. ”Having seen this story and the dissatisfaction with the policy and commotion surrounding the state of affairs regarding the casinos in the Netherlands, it seemed the time had come (in 2012) to create a platform where everyone who works or has worked at Holland Casino can express his opinion. Only authorized members can post, comment or read items: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CASINOCOLLEGAS/This dissatisfaction at the end of the last millennium even resulted in a book written by an employee who had gone through all grades. It is still for sale! The book was presented in 'De Wereld Draait Door' .. See video: We are now more than 20 years away, the sale of Holland Casino is off and the Dutch and worldwide gambling market is a keeper . Until next week!

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