Casino top man predicts: Atlantic City will be fine again

Regular visitors to Meneer Casino know: the mega casino's in Atlantic City have not been doing so well for years.

What's hot. In recent years, no fewer than five impressive gambling palaces have closed their doors on the famous Atlantic City boardwalk.

They went bankrupt or she didn't pay anymore to keep them open longer. As you can see, casinos can also lose, something that Holland Casino knows all about.

Casino top man predicts: Atlantic City will be fine again

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM.

But finally there is good news. 2017 will be the year of the resurrection of Atlantic City. At least that's what Jim Murren, chief boss of the MGM Resorts International casino group, claims.

During a crowded press lunch in Washington last Friday, he reassured the American press:

"Atlantic City's darker days are behind it. We're going to see gradual improvement. "

Okay, these are just words, but earlier this year Murren added deed to those two sentences.

Since its opening in 2003, MGM has owned half of the shares in megacasino Borgata, at the Atlantic City marina. In May this year, the company bought the other half for just under 900 million dollars. Murren:

"It is deeply sad what happened in Atlantic City. I would not have invested another 800 million dollars in Atlantic City if I had no faith in the future. "

Borgata (officially: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa) has been the best-running casino in Atlantic City for years. Unlike Donald Trump and the owners of ghost casino Revel, MGM apparently does know how to run megacasinos.

Casino top man predicts: Atlantic City will be fine again

And Borgata will soon become even more mega, because Murren alluded to an expansion of the gambling palace.

Furthermore, MGM has set its sights on sports betting. They may not yet be legally closed in casinos in Atlantic City, but with former casino boss Trump as president, the cards may soon be completely different.

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