Casino Biarritz

Not only croupiers work in the gaming rooms of casinos, important links are always the so-called "chasseurs", also called "page", now room assistants. Often handy boys (sometimes girls) who actually help everyone. Henk Vinck was one of those, another story: “We are counting the 83s of fall. Outside the wind blows through the trees and the leaves blow away from the home base. It is bleak and not pleasant to be outside. The casino has been open for quite some time and my service starts at 7 p.m. A few minutes before the end I already went down. I was informed that an important guest was present and had already asked about me. The room manager who told me that had already announced to the guest that I was coming. In the game room, it was soon customary for us to play things together and to be aware of the state of affairs.

Mr. Muller

I saw one of my guests and he immediately clung to me. I knew him very well because a few months ago he had his car repaired. A big BMW 6 series convertible that broke down at the casino's parking lot at night. The next day I had the car towed by a famous BMW garage from Maastricht. Mr. Muller was in possession of various gas stations and also collected a lot of money by buying things up and then reselling them.

Adnan Khashoggi

He once bought a carpet from the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. However, he was tipped by a bank director who he knew well that the bank had confiscated certain assets of Khashoggi. Carpet was purchased by Muller for DM 850,000 and resold two days later to a hotelier in Munich for DM 1,400,000.ADNAN KHASHOGGI. MILLIARDAR SAOUDIEN. DEAUVILLE.


In Muller's car I was allowed to drive for 3 days and I felt like a fish in a champagne bath. Tough rough and class all together Oh yes and mucha power. I called it an aircraft carrier I thought it was great as a 21-year-old panty. It was a pity that he wanted him back everywhere made the flash. But good keys handed over and back home in my old Mazda. Muller was nervous and he was a little hyper. “Henk, I am already losing more than 160,000 DM and have used the last 40,000. Can you do me a favor and call my fold saying that she is sending a taxi with money? ”I got a phone number and left. I had his wife on the phone and told that the taxi had to bring money. She would take care of it immediately. He would be there in an hour and fifteen minutes. No problem. I had also met his wife several times in the playroom. Charming and beautiful, a real lady of status.


Back in the game room I saw that he was being paid something but the wound was not yet closed. Told that the taxi was on its way. “Very well Henk, thank you for the service. The evening progressed and he got worse. The taxi had already been and had brought him DM 200,000 again. This was necessary because it didn't go too well. I regularly had to change for him, large amounts; 30,000 each time. Suddenly I was approached by him again it was now 22.30. I had to call the casino in Biarritz to ask if he could play through that night and open an unlimited table.Casino Biarritz

Privat Jet

I took care of a private device for him and at midnight, after receiving a bag of money, he left via his taxi company for Biarritz, where he gambled all night long. At dawn he left for his hotel room where he collapsed enormously with tiredness. The clock was then almost slept all around. He had to toil but his financial status and steadfastness rewarded him with a profit of over 650,000 DM. He was known in the casino in France and wanted him to come as a guest. Hence the privileges. What a courage you have to have to fight after a loss of DM 400,000 in Biarritz. He left the casino there with more than 1,000,000 DM in his pocket.The room in the Biarritz casino


It happened sometimes he told that he had to work for the money. With a smile on his face, he pretended that nothing had happened.

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