Casino anecdotes with a scent

As the years pass, colleagues exchange more and more memories, here a selection of a few appealing experiences:

Chinese lady

In the 1980s an old Chinese lady regularly came to the Kurhaus with a beautiful red, wooden walking stick carved in the shape of a dragon. She had deep wrinkles and a characteristic head that I would have liked to take a picture of. To rest she sat down next to me on the French Roulette and tried to talk to her except she didn't understand a word of Dutch. I pointed to the cane and grabbed him, stroked the dragon's head and told him that I thought it was wonderful …. an hour later I had a break and ran into the toilet lady we still had then. She tells me a story about a dirty Chinese with a red cane who had smeared the walls of the toilet with shit.French roulette

Who burns his buttocks …….

Now that we are taking a closer look at the toilets, an anecdote list must not be without an incident in the 1990s. It was on a weekday evening in the old casino Breda that a huge bang occurred in the toilet area. This could also be heard and felt in the control room, so the duty SRC employee rushed in that direction. A few room chefs also did that. Arrived at the toilets, however, it was quiet. One toilet was locked. They knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. People could hear rumbling. A female voice came from the toilet, producing a narrow sound, but it was clear that everything was fine. She would come out in no time was her reassuring statement followed by “go ahead.” To avoid compromising the situation, the staff acted as if they were leaving and kept quiet. Suddenly there was a man's voice from the toilet! The colleagues looked at each other and soon a situation was devised with an erotic edge. But it was of course also possible that Mrs. was in need and that Mr. had to help her with the toilet. It got even crazier. Another male voice was heard! It was now clear that people had been needy, but indeed with an erotic undertone. The door to the toilet opened because people thought they were safe. That this was a compromising situation soon became clear when three red-colored heads came out. The red heads could of course also have been caused by the efforts they had made to pull a sink completely off the wall. The havoc and damage was huge. Dumbled and caught they had to go to the VIP room to explain what had happened. But yes, how do you do that. It is difficult to maintain that the three of you were washing hands and that the sink fell off the wall. The question whether the damage was possibly a result of a very difficult threesome on the sink was answered in the negative. The answer was not forthcoming, so the cause was clear. The damage was estimated later and was around 3200 guilders. That was nicely repaid. Whether they have given this to their own liability insurance has never become clear. I do not think so. How was the saying again? "Whoever burns his buttocks …"

Can Holland Casino place cameras in the toilet rooms?

Holland Casino asks the Registration Chamber whether it is legally permissible to place cameras in the public areas of toilets in the gaming casinos. It is precisely at these locations that, apart from the camera, there are not only criminal acts, but also unacceptable forms of money lending practices. In order to be able to properly supervise good order in gaming casinos and to keep out the guests who are guilty of the aforementioned facts, in HC's opinion it is necessary that cameras are installed in these public spaces. The answer: https://www.autoriteit securityCamera security

More feces

At the Security department you encountered the most unusual things within the casino. The toilets were for some guests a source of inspiration or were used to relieve their frustration. What to think of guests who wanted to leave their signature in the form of feces art. The visitor registration system (BRS) was a solution. Of course we did not consult that for a single incident, but it was very useful for repetition. It was just the visitor registration of the days that a signature was left side by side, and then a man or a woman surfaced who was always there when the toilet was smeared. Then simply put a flag in the BRS, wait for the person in question to go to the toilet and, shortly after the toilet visit, determine that the signature was still warm and fresh. Then address, look at the shame and request to clean the toilet, and then towards the exit with a temporary entrance ban.

Ear figs

HC Groningen: man slaps the head of the room 2 because he is denied access. This guest is his age. It was his birthday. Become 101 !! And then you can no longer be found in the visitor registration system. When he was told this, he apparently became so angry that he gave the manager's blame a few snaps while shouting: "If I had been 10 years younger I would have rammed you through the whole tent." I hope it entry ban is not for a year ..Old man

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