Cashless play in a casino – my experiences

Play cashlessly, more and more casinos are venturing into this new way of playing. It is not uncommon for a casino to switch back to playing with money. I myself have visited all Dutch cashless arcades and experienced what it is like to play according to this principle. I also worked with this system as a casino employee. What are my experiences? I can still remember the moment I heard about this system. Casino Nuland was one of the first casinos where they completely switched to this system. When I heard it, I thought, "this can't be anything." And of course, even though I suspected it could be nothing, I had to try. Already 6 years ago I visited the Try-out casino Nuland: at that time a small hall with a maximum of 40 player places and a cashless system. Nowadays the casino has much more gran (door), the Try-out casino has made way for a somewhat larger casino, Gran Casino Nuland

First experiences with cashless play

An employee caught me and quickly realized that I was not familiar with the system. She took me to the machine where the cashless magic started. A € 50 note disappeared into the slot and I was given a pass instead. She also showed that the balance could be viewed on the screen next to the cash machine. But what now, because I wanted to play? The employee led me to the automatic roulette where at that moment only some older ladies were playing. Given the age of these ladies, I had to be able to. The employee drew my attention to the green button. If I moved my card over it, there would have to be credits on my unit. And indeed, I heard a beep and the credits were there. Unbelievable, how then? I played my game and luckily the gambling gods were in good spirits, I won. Now I love beating casinos, so I had to get the credits back on my card. I did not see the employee and pressed to pay. My common sense of farmers told me that the credits would automatically appear on my card. A lot of squeaking was the result and I quickly walked to the screen next to the cash machine to check my balance. ZERO! Panic. How could I be so stupid as to just press on to pay? In the meantime the employee stood next to me: "You had just paid? I put the money on your card. ”She could apparently see in the system that a payment had gone wrong. Employee: "The next time you have to put your card on the button, after you have pressed pay". Sounded logical of course. Somewhat disconcerted, I left the tent. I was not sure what to think about it.Money on the cardMoney on the card

Working with the cashless system

Halfway through 2014 I was hired to work for the Nuland casino. I was the first man to be hired, I felt honored. The first few weeks I learned everything about the cashless system, because there was much more to discover. It was then the art to also teach the guests. We had to educate them, as it were, with this system. It is not uncommon for guests who immediately indicated that they prefer to play with cash. And then see that "convincing." In most cases I managed to get them enthusiastic. I introduced them to some advantages. One of the advantages was that people no longer had to wait until a unit was refilled, as money was no longer used. You could also reserve a slot machine with your own pass. This was sometimes abused by players who wanted to keep a machine occupied for longer. Fortunately the system was developed in such a way that we employees could still remove the unit from the reservation. In addition, it was not an option for the player to tap other people's points, because each card was linked to one or more slot machines. I rarely had to check camera images. What really surpassed all other benefits for me, is the piece of safety. Every month nowadays it hits the spot and I read that a casino has been robbed. With the cashless system there is no open money available. A cashless casino has never been robbed.

The future

I myself have become a huge fan of the cashless system, but I also understand that some players prefer to play with money. They have various reasons for this. For example, because they think that the cashless card can influence a slot machine. This is a myth, but is stuck in the brains of some gamblers. Some casinos have tried the cashless system, but have abandoned it. Players would prefer to play with money. I have personally visited the casinos that abandoned this and in all cases there was no explanation given about the system. Here, in my opinion, things go wrong because players simply have to be brought up. Casinos know better than anyone that many gamblers are very conservative.Always profit in the casino - Provide a lot of billsThegreatone loves cash money Even I hope for a massive adoption of the cashless system, the more casinos change, the better it is for a safe casino landscape. The future must tell whether it will happen.

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