Can I bet at Bet 365 from the Netherlands?

Can I bet at bet 365 from the Netherlands

Bet 365 is the most popular gambling site in the world and generates a turnover of 2.3 billion British pounds. Converted, that is around € 2.65 billion. Around 35 million people place their bets on Bet 365 or play in the online casino of Bet 365.

There are no Dutch players among them. Or rather: residents of the Netherlands. Bet 365 is closed to residents of the Netherlands. This can also be read in our Bet 365 review. We sometimes receive questions or comments in our mailbox about how you can still bet at Bet 365 as a Dutch person.

That is not so strange, because Bet 365 is known as one of the best online bookmakers in the world. An extensive offer, much wider than most competition in combination with sharp odds, ensure that Bet 365 is popular among gamblers. The Bet 365 casino can also be present with NetEnt, Play'n Go, WMS and of course Playtech slots.

As a Dutchman, can I gamble at Bet 365? Yes, if you live in one of the countries from which Bet accepts 365 players. And if I live in the Netherlands? Then it is not possible and it is not wise. CasinoJager explains why in this article.

Can I bet at Bet 365 from the Netherlands?

No, Bet 365 does not accept players from the Netherlands. The website may be in Dutch, but residents of the Netherlands cannot play for real money at Bet365. So you can watch, but don't bet and play.

The reason for this is of course the Distance Games Act. Or rather: the lack of a Distance Gambling Act (KOA). As long as this law has not been implemented, there are no Dutch online gambling licenses. The political wrangling around this law has created a situation where it is officially forbidden to offer online gambling to Dutch players, but where many gambling sites do. As long as they do not fall within the enforcement prioritization criteria, they can continue to a certain extent.

Bet 365 has chosen not to take any risks. The Coates family business from Stoke-on-Trent has big plans in the Netherlands. Bet 365 wants to compete with the Toto. Gambling sites that run into a fine before the introduction of the KOA, will soon be able to whistle for a license. That is why Bet 365 colors within the lines.

Can I play at Bet365 if I enter a different address?

Some players think they are smart. They fill in a different address if they create an account. For example, they fill in that they live in Germany, in Malta, in the Netherlands Antilles, in the United Kingdom or one of the other countries whose residents are welcome at the largest online bookmaker in the world.

You can then create an account and probably also deposit it. Yet things go wrong pretty quickly. Bet 365 can see from your IP address that you are playing from the Netherlands. That is contrary to the conditions of Bet365.

Bet 365 will close your account at such a moment or, in the best case, ask you to verify your account. You must then send a copy of your proof of identity or passport, as well as proof of your address. If it shows that you do not live in Germany, Malta or any other country you entered, Bet 365 will close your account. After all, you have violated the conditions. As an additional check, Bet 365 also sends a code to the address you provided.

CasinoJager advises everyone to always enter the correct data when creating an account on a gambling site. If that means that you cannot play at the site where you would like to play, you are out of luck. You can then choose the best casino or bookmaker.

And if I play via a VPN?

There are of course possibilities to hide the location of your computer, mobile phone or tablet. For example, via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can surf from an IP from a country of your choice. Suppose you get your VPN on and choose a German server, then you surf with a German IP address. It then seems as if you are in Germany. If Bet 365 looks from where you play, then it does indeed seem that it is from Germany. Or which country where the server of your VPN is located.


No. Playing at a bookmaker or casino via a VPN is not wise. Bet 365 will then after verification of your account find out that you live in the Netherlands. Your account will then close. If you deposit a lot and want to have any prize money paid out, you will be asked to verify your account. Your address will also be checked.

Casinos and bookmakers have the standard terms and conditions that it is not allowed to play via a VPN or other tools with which you can mask your IP. The IP addresses of the more famous VPN software programs are known to gambling sites. Anyone who thinks they are smart and plays with a VPN will eventually come up against it.

The advice of CasinoJager is to always adhere strictly to the conditions of the casino or bookmaker where you play. Do you not agree with certain conditions? Then you play best at another gambling site or not.

And what if I really live abroad?

If you really live in a country from which you can play at Bet 365, then of course you can play here. For example, Bet 365 accepts players from countries such as Germany, Sweden and Malta. Do you live in one of these countries?

Then you can play at Bet 365. It is important that you actually live here and can prove this with an account verification. Just being on holiday in Germany is not enough. Then you go wet with account verification.

For example, anyone who lives in Germany and is registered has no problems with account verification. You can then use your bank statements, payslip or tax documents to show that you really have a German address.

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