Breaking the bank in the casino – is that really possible?

Breaking the bank in the casino - is that really possible?

Can you bet so much that the bank 'breaks'?

Since casinos exist, some people dream of winning so much money that the casino gets broke. In other words: break the bank.

The expression probably comes from French. In the early years of the Monte-Carlo casino, at the start of every day, the supply of chips from each gaming table was increased to 100,000 francs – a huge capital at the time.

Occasionally a visitor to the casino was so lucky that he won the entire supply of chips from one gaming table. That's what they called "Faire sauter la banque": making the bank jump or explode.

The then boss of the casino, François Blanc, devised a special ritual for when a gaming table had gone 'bankrupt'. The staff laid a black cloth over the table, which remained until the supply of chips was in order.

Breaking the bank in Monaco is only a handful of players ever succeeded. In fact, it was so special that in 1891 a song was released in England, entitled The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, following newspaper reports about a coarse gambling Englishman who had the black robe on several times.

Break the bank? A myth

The newspaper reports were about one table where the chip tray was empty for a while, not about an entire casino.

Mr. Casino has searched, but has not found a single case of a player who broke a casino – and then asked for the keys to the front door. In that respect, "breaking the bank" is therefore a myth.

Even with reliable online casinos it is practically impossible to empty the cash. To get a license from a reliable country, such as Malta or the United Kingdom, a casino operator must have a financial buffer to guarantee that players will receive their winnings.

Smaller online casinos also often have payout limits in their terms and conditions. For example, winnings in excess of € 100,000 are paid out in ten installments, so that the casino does not run into cash flow problems.

Even if you win a gigantic millions jackpot on an online slot machine, there is no risk of the casino going bankrupt. Such a jackpot is paid out by the game supplier. For example, if you win € 10 million on Mega Moolah, game supplier Microgaming will write the check. If you win the Hall of Gods jackpot, Netent will transfer the money to you.

Of course, casinos sometimes go bankrupt. But that is not because of an extremely lucky player breaking the bank, but because of economic headwinds, too strong competition or poor management. Just ask Donald Trump.

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