Betfilter: Never gambling online again?

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Betfilter is a software program – developed in Asia – that blocks every online casino that you try to visit. Handy if you don't fully trust yourself. Or if you do not want your roommates to visit online casinos via your internet connection.

Think carefully in advance whether you actually want to install Betfilter on your computer. Once installed, you will not get the program off your computer for the duration of your license (at least, if you are not an experienced computer expert). A license runs for one or two years.

Discreet, but not free

Does Mr. Casino say "license"? Yes. Betfilter is not free, you have to pay for it .. The program costs $ 69.95 a year. For that you get a bit of free discretion: Betfilter shows no pop-ups or whatever.

The program simply blocks the casino sites you are trying to visit, nothing else. So if you share your computer with others, they will never have to find out that you have installed Betfilter.

Small disadvantage: the program is only available in English. But fear not, the installation is very simple. There is a version for Mac and one for Windows.

For the mobile phone (Android and iPhone), Betfilter offers a special browser with which you cannot visit gambling sites. The app also blocks a number of other well-known browsers such as Chrome and Safari, so that you are not tempted to gamble on your cell phone via another browser.

Nice idea, but Mr. Casino does not see the point. Indeed, there are many more apps with a browser function, such as Gmail, with which you can still visit gambling sites. And where there is a will, there is a way for the stubborn gambler.

Do you find a definitive casino blockade too drastic? Then first have a look at some information about stopping or reducing gambling.

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