Amsterdam – Las Vegas directly with KLM

We do have some experiences to fly to Las Vegas, 30 times in total we went to this epic gambling city. Usually with United Airlines with a stopover in America such as in Houston or Detroit. Also with British Airways and then a long stopover in London was often a good option. One of the best flying experiences was with Swiss Air from Amsterdam to Zurich and then straight on to Las Vegas. In the last century we quickly paid 1000 guilders for a ticket to the magical city of Las Vegas. And as if time has stood still, we pay exactly the same amount 20 years later and book our flights around € 450 for a return trip (with one stopover). But KLM will do it differently from 2019. Book your Las Vegas trip now for less!McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)

KLM flies directly to Las Vegas

From 6 June 2019, KLM will fly directly between Amsterdam – Schiphol and Las Vegas. The flights are with a Boeing 787-9 and offers space for a total of 294 passengers. The flight schedule from KLM to Las Vegas is as follows: KL0635 departs from Amsterdam at 12:35 am and arrives at 2:10 pm (local time) in Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport. KL0635 departs from Las Vegas at 3:59 pm (local time) and arrives the next day at 10:50 a.m. in Amsterdam – SchipholDestination Las Vegas

Cost to fly to Las Vegas with KLM

For our first flight with KLM to Las Vegas, we only paid € 470 per person (promotional price) and there were also 2 + 2 hotel nights in the Golden Gate hotel (Down Town). If I were to book now I can already book a direct flight from € 554 (in the promotion with Blue Fly Days). If you want to take a suitcase with you, you pay an extra € 100 for this. Of course you can also fly with hand luggage only (12 kg) and then you don't have to pay anything extra. At this moment, KLM is flying 3 times a week directly to Las Vegas (Tue / Thu / Sun). On other dates they do not fly directly and there is a stopover in Atlanta with their flight partner Delta! It is precisely flying directly that makes the price so interesting because otherwise you can better fly with another airline and you can even find tickets for just under € 400 to get to Vegas but always with at least 1 stopover.Checking in suitcases at KLM is now fully automatic

Advantages of flying directly from Amsterdam

The flight times are perfect! With an NS train ticket promotion you can already come to Schiphol for € 10. You only fly at 12:35 pm and there is therefore plenty of time to arrive at Schiphol from all over the country. Other flights go much earlier and then you often have to sleep in the vicinity of the airport and that is of course extra costs. You already arrive in Las Vegas around 2 o'clock in the afternoon (Dutch time is then 11 p.m.) and you have the whole day to enjoy Vegas. You only fly back at 4 p.m. and then you can have a good last night in Las Vegas before you fly back. You can always ask your hotel for a free late checkout until 1 p.m. You will be back in Amsterdam around 11:00 am so that you will not have to go home during rush hour. Just hold on and not go to sleep but nice in your bed at 9 o'clock so that you have as little trouble as possible from your possible "jet lag".By train to Schiphol The KLM entertainment is very extensive. You can watch the very latest films and series. Play fun games or listen to great music. What is really great is that you can WhatsAppen (internet) on the plane for free. For an additional fee you can even surf the internet and do your work, for example.KLM Entertainment The service on the KLM plane is very good. They just speak Dutch and you can get real free Coca Cola. You are not short of anything as a traveler and the meals are simply included in the price you paid for the ticket. During the flight you can always grab a drink and / or something small to eat in the back of the aircraft. With the smart booking of your seats you can sometimes also create some extra space during the flight.Do not book a seat next to each other and you can just have an extra seat if the flight is not completely full The outward flight is more than 10 hours flying but a lot shorter than with a stopover. You fly back to Amsterdam in less than 10 hours and is therefore no more than a long working day. Flying in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a very big positive surprise for the people who fly it. It is a "jet lag" killer! The conditions in this type of aircraft are a lot better than other aircraft. With a higher pressure it makes conditions on the plane almost the same as on the ground. A higher humidity level is better for your ears, nose and throat. It makes you less tired and travelers suffer less from the travel cold. The air filters are also of a completely different class and you notice that when you breathe in clean real air. On our return we were not bothered by a "jet lag" and that makes the entire trip even better.The Boeing 787 goes back to Schiphol like a rocket

Our conclusion about the KLM flights

We were completely surprised by the direct flight from KLM to Las Vegas. We have spoken to many Vegas goers who have already gained experience with these flights. The people we speak to are all unanimous in their judgment. A brilliant move by KLM and for the Vegas enthusiast. It has so many advantages if it is just that you will not arrive in Las Vegas after a delay. With one or more intermediate stops, something goes wrong. From a missed suitcase or a night without compensation stay at an airport because the weather is too bad. With this KLM flight the chance is much smaller that this happens and something happens anyway you are entitled to ample compensation (which you do not get with an American company).Busy customs The arrival at the international airport in Las Vegas is also a pleasure. No difficult questions but just run faster than other USA airports. They know that you come here for vacation and really understand that you want to fully enjoy the dynamic city of Las Vegas. There are also terminals where you can go through customs faster with your passport and approved ESTA. Please note that you can do this if you have previously traveled to the USA with the same passport! For example, it is possible that you already walk into your hotel room at 3 p.m. to take a quick shower and then stroll around the Strip and enter the nightlife. To realize that you were still waiting 12 hours ago at Schiphol Airport. You normally pay around € 250 more for a direct KLM return flight, but you also save extra costs and you spend longer in Las Vegas. It is more than worth the extra money to take this flight. If we had to save on costs, it would be more on the hotel than on this flight. KLM also has package tours and that also saves a few tens extra per person. Arriving fresh and coming home fresh makes it clear to us that we would never want anything else again. We are addicted to Las Vegas and fly directly with KLM to this top destination!In a while with our own Onetime plane to Vegas 🙂 Tips to get an extra seat at tip 1 (free)

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