A group of cheaters, for example, earned $ 7 million (video)

A group of cheaters, for example, earned $ 7 million (video)

Cigarette with two fingers: fit!

What you are about to see is like a scene from the movie Ocean’s Eleven. But this sophisticated scam probably couldn't even conceive of Hollywood.

The following casino scam really took place, as you can see from the intriguing images that were made with bent cameras in the casinos.

Players who signal each other with furious, secret cigarette signals, a blackjack player who wins time after time while he is certainly not playing according to a logical strategy. And a dealer who is also in the plot in a refined manner.

Because: are the playing cards shuffled well by the blackjack dealer? Or does the dealer not shuffle the playing cards at all …?

Take a good look.

The cunning scam gang that you see in the video below was called the Tran Organization. The gang consisted of around fifty scammers, some of whom are related. Their last name: Tran. Hence.

The gang starts cheating at casinos in America in the summer of 2002. Their first target: the Sycuan Casino near San Diego, California.

In 2007, the Tran Organization scammed 29 casinos for a total amount of $ 7 million.

But then the party is over; the gang is rolled up and arrested by the FBI.

Because the scams were so sophisticated, it was still difficult for the detectives to roll up the group. The cheaters usually worked with a hit and runstrategy: they raked in 20,000 dollars in fifteen minutes and then quickly disappeared again.

But as almost always the cheaters run into the lamp because they get too greedy.

See for yourself!

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ONpl-4nvsE (/ embed)

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