9 tips to make money with online casinos

Onetime sees online play for money as a fun pastime. A nice extra is that you can keep a nice penny about it. As a player there are countless possibilities for gambling. In the Netherlands alone there are almost physical 300 gambling venues. Yet it is "better" for your wallet to play at an online casino. It is a utopia that you can win from the online casino. In the end, the house always wins. Yet there are some options to get more out of your money and in some cases even – with a little luck – to win from the online casino.

Start your own online casino

Maybe a bit silly: start an online casino yourself! In the Netherlands it is not allowed to start an online casino that is aimed at Dutch people. In the beginning of 2021 this is likely to change. From that moment on, on the one hand it is permitted to gamble legally online and on the other to start an online casino. Every Dutch person can make a shot at a permit. For this you have to go through an extremely strict procedure. Moreover, you must have a whole mountain of money to be able to start at all. And then you also have to "compete" with the big boys in this competitive industry. But where there is a will, there is a way!

Applying members to an online casino

"Refer a friend" is a way to make money by introducing new members. Some online casinos have such a reward system. Often you need to have deposited yourself. After that, it is a matter of introducing members, by having them register via your own unique "ref-link". A newly introduced member must then meet a number of conditions before you receive a bonus. A bonus can be anything: from real money to freespins. This can be very lucrative and you can beat the online casino.Unibet BelgiumUnibet Belgium

Bonus money: pay attention to the snakes under the grass

Almost every online casino tries to convince you as a customer by offering a so-called welcome bonus. These can be different bonuses. Almost every bonus has some hooks and eyes. Free money does not exist, as a player you have to provide a consideration. How to do this is described in the terms and conditions associated with such a bonus. Read these conditions carefully to see if it is worth taking a bonus. In some cases it is better to refuse a bonus because the values ​​are bad. The best is a bonus where you do not have to deposit anything: the so-called no-deposit bonus.

First play for free

Most online casinos offer the possibility to play free games. The advantage is that you can get to know the game in this way. It is really advisable to play some games for free, so that you get to know the rules. This is less so for online video slots, although you could confuse the max bet button with the start button. This can be an expensive joke. Practicing casino games for free is especially important with table games. With these games you can make mistakes that can cost you money. Blackjack is the best example of that. If you play this game without being aware of it, the house advantage can increase considerably.Play for free at Casino CasinoPlay for free

Play table games for the best odds

If you play in an online casino, it is advisable to play table games. These give you the most value for your money. You do need to have the correct knowledge, so that you do not place certain sucker bets, for example. These bets ensure a lower payout percentage in the long run. Nevertheless, it is best to take a shot now and then. Moreover, with different table games you can get along well with certain systems. A well-known roulette strategy is the Martingale system. In theory you can beat the casino with this system. However, every roulette has a maximum bet limit at the table, which means that you will sooner or later go for the ax.

Promotions: choose the best!

Online casinos are known for its promotions. Onetime therefore subscribes to every newsletter and turns on the option to be kept informed by e-mail or telephone. That way you won't miss anything. It is really not wrong to register with a whole range of online casinos, so that you can regularly participate in a promotion. Actions that can give you extra free money include: Cashback (receive a percentage of your deposit back) Reload Bonus (get a bonus when depositing money) Slot tournament (play along with a slot tournament and win extra prizes) And so there are many more examples of interesting bonuses. And also with these bonuses it is advisable to look at the conditions that have been established with regard to such a bonus.

Playing slots with a high payout percentage

You can find out the payout percentage of each slot. This is described in the explanation of the game's slot. After all, the payout percentage can vary considerably. You can play slots online with a payout percentage ranging from around 85% to almost 100%. Naturally, this payout percentage applies in the long term. It can be a completely different story during short sessions. Onetime advises not to play jackpot slots. It is known that you can play with your money for considerably less time unless you hit the jackpot.9 tips to make money with online casinos 1Payout percentages in an online casino

Don't let emotions prevail

Perhaps one of the best tips: make sure you keep your emotions under control. Therefore, agree on an amount that you can lose. When you have reached this limit, you stop. Conversely, you can also determine in advance at which profit you will stop. All this may sound superfluous, but it is definitely not. After all, many players tend to play on, because they get greedy or to reclaim the loss. Especially wanting to recover loss, can result in a much larger loss.

Choose a reliable online casino

Choosing the right online casino is not unimportant. As a player you can still win so much, but if you win at an unreliable casino, it will not help you. Onetime has extensively tested dozens of online casinos. Paying particular attention to the chapter has our attention. Therefore always read our independent reviews before you deposit money.

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