8 reasons why Craps is the best casino game in Las Vegas


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Craps is a typical American dice game that you can find almost exclusively in American casinos. You might come across a Craps table once on a cruise ship or in a London Casino, but it is 99% American. Fortunately. It gives us an excellent reason to plan a trip to Las Vegas every year.

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you will certainly have noticed the Craps tables: they are almost always busy, full of high-fives and the energy often splashes.

We have been to Las Vegas more than 25 times and have only played Craps since the last 3 times. We have been missing Craps for far too long: too busy, too difficult and too confusing. You sometimes had to throw the dice and then you were not allowed to throw 7. We just knew that and had learned from Las Vegas films in particular.

But how did Craps really work? No idea.

This is how our passion for Craps originated

And then we discovered a podcast about gambling in general and Craps in particular. At the You Can Bet On That podcast Dr. Mike and Dave so excited about the Craps game and their weekly Craps adventures that we became fascinated by it.

Craps turned out to be a mysterious world, full of its own terminology, customs and do's and don'ts. The more we learned about it, the more complicated it seemed. It only made us more determined to understand the game.

Fair is fair: Craps is also a difficult game to learn, especially when compared to other table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. The learning curve is a lot higher and we have noticed that too. Even after we had followed free Craps lessons at the Venetian Hotel, we had the feeling that we didn't understand anything more than we did.

And yet, after just doing it, the quarters fell slowly. The bets, the types of bets, the table etiquette, how you could lose and especially: how you could win with Craps.

We learned why you should never use the word “Seven” at the table (that brings bad luck) and what The Dark Side means (a player who plays against the table).

We had hot rolls (long, profitable sessions) and there were times when we couldn't put a dent in a packet of butter. But man, man man, we had a blast at the Craps tables in Las Vegas.

From the serene Downtown Grand Hotel and the cozy Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas to the energetic Craps tables of The Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Planet Hollywood.

Free craps lesson

8 reasons why Craps is the best casino game in Las Vegas

In this article we will not explain how Craps works. We have written an extensive article about this: How does Craps work?

But we will give you 10 reasons why Craps is the best table game in Las Vegas.

1. You can roll the dice yourself

It is the turn of every player at the table: you can roll the dice yourself. If you do it right, you are the hero of the table. But if you throw a seven quickly (a so-called “Seven Out”), then you are the schieliel. Can you handle the pressure?

Whatever happens: it really gives an adrenaline rush if you can throw those dice (hit the end of the box!) And the whole table counts on you.

2. You play with each other against the casino

Because 99% of the Craps players play along with the Shooter (the pitcher), everyone effectively plays against the casino. If you throw well, the players win. If you throw the wrong number (usually this is the seven), everyone loses.

This creates a kind of mutual camaraderie. If you win, the rest wins too. This can provide an exuberant atmosphere at the table with lots of cheers, “Vegas, baby!” S and high fives. Delicious.

3. As a Shooter you can gain eternal fame

If you as a pitcher (Shooter) manage a hot roll (above average throw) or even a monster roll (extremely long throw), you will earn a lot of money for the players at the table. Extremely good pitchers can even be immortalized.

The California Hotel, for example, where a legendary gentleman named Stanley Fujitake, who has since died, has the record of the longest Craps Roll ever, even has a true Wall of Fame. Only pitchers with a so-called Golden Arm are included. Then you must have been throwing for at least an hour.

4. You can often participate from as little as 5 dollars

Craps is not a game that you can only play in expensive Strip Casinos, with high minimal bets. Many casinos (especially in Downtown Las Vegas) have low minimum bets. You can play from as little as $ 5 and although many players bet more (on different numbers and bets), that is not mandatory. A bankroll of 50 dollars is often sufficient for a few hours of fun.

5. The Craps dealers are usually very friendly

Craps is a hectic game with many types of bets and betting options. Dealers must also keep a close eye on who has used what. And then dice regularly fly out of the box and the players are busy and present.

In short: the life of a Craps dealer is not very easy. So you have to be a real Craps enthusiast to become a Craps dealer. And that is often apparent from practice. Craps dealers are often big fans of the game themselves and only like the interaction with the players. Our experience with Craps dealers is only positive: they are happy to explain how the game works and help you on your way to the best bets. Certainly if you occasionally put a one-dollar chip on them.

6. There is a world to discover at Craps

No casino game has as much terminology as Craps. All those wonderful terms: “The Stickman”, “To Seven Out”, “To Play The Horn Bet”, “To Play The Odds” and “Hard Eight”. And what about the “All Tall, All Small” bet or a “Snake Eyes” roll?

Also the unwritten rules (do not disturb the pitcher in his dice ritual, never say the word “seven”, throw the chips to the dealer to bet) makes it all just a little more interesting and mysterious.

7. You get free drinks while playing

The cocktail waitress also comes along with free drinks while playing Craps. Of course a tip of 1-2 dollars is expected, but the drink can also flow freely at the Craps table.

8. Craps has a low house advantage

Many bets on Craps have a very low house advantage. For example, the Don’t Pass Line has a house advantage of only 1.36% and the Pass Line a house advantage of 1.41%. If you play odds, the house advantage is even 0%. Because the pace of the game is also relatively low, you can often play very long with your bankroll.

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