8 perfect gifts for casino enthusiasts

Do you have a gambling crazy within the family, or among your friends? And do you not know what to give that person, because you have nothing to do with casinos? Do not panic! Onetime knows what a gambler likes and has therefore put together a list of suitable gifts!

1. Customized playing cards

You can buy playing cards with all kinds of prints. There are even websites where you can buy used playing cards that are used in certain famous casinos. Even more fun is to buy a customized game of cards, entirely to the taste of the person for whom you buy it.

2. Roulette drinking game

This game is for the true casino enthusiast and for those who enjoy a drink. You play this roulette drinking game with friends and combine gambling and drinking in a way that you won't remember the next day.

3. A real slot machine

Not the least gift, but one that will make the real slot machine enthusiast very happy. On the internet there are various websites where you can buy such a (second-hand) slot machine. This is possible from a few hundred euros! The machine itself does not need to be topped up. The new proud owner can donate money to it.

4. Escape room: Las Vegas

Escape rooms are booming! In Nijmegen there is even an escape room with a Las Vegas theme! Here the intention is to find the exit as quickly as possible. Crack the safe and make sure the alarm does not go off!

5. Casino party at home

Why do it difficult when it can be easy? Nowadays there are several companies where casino tables can be rented, including croupiers. A nice casino experience, just at home!

6. Casino tour

You can gamble anywhere in the world. There are countless gambling cities close to home and Vegas is the magic word for the real thing. Las Vegas does not have to cost a lot of money. From a few hundred euros a Vegas trip can be booked.

7. Slot machine cushion

Many casino enthusiasts dream of hitting that one jackpot. How cool is it to fall asleep on a pillow with an image of a slot machine on it?

8. Onetime Magazine

The Onetime Magazine should not be missing from the list of gifts. In addition, such a copy is completely free! The Onetime magazine is published 4 times a year and a must for every casino enthusiast!

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