5 types of identification with which you enter Holland Casino

5 types of identification with which you enter Holland Casino

If you are 18 years or older, you are most welcome at Holland Casino to empty your wallet take a chance. Provided you can identify yourself with a valid proof of identity.

There are many questions about this:

Is a driver's license enough to enter Holland Casino? Does an identity card from another country also apply? And what if I go to Holland Casino as part of a group arrangement, for example with my work?

These 5 types of identification are ok

Mr. Casino lists the IDs that are accepted:

  • A passport, no matter from which country.
  • A Dutch driver's license or a driver's license from another EU country.
  • A Dutch identity card or one from another EU country.
  • A Dutch aliens document.
  • A Favorites Card (the regular customer card of Holland Casino).

For all types of identification, the document may not have expired. You will not enter with an old driver's license or an invalid passport.

Non-Dutch alien documents are also not accepted.

When should I identify myself?

Simple: with every visit to Holland Casino you have to show an ID-card upon arrival at the counter.

Even when you only want to come and eat in the restaurant or when you participate in a group arrangement. There are no exceptions.

Once you have arrived, you can leave your driver's license or identity card in your wallet or bag. Only in exceptional cases do you have to prove your identity later during your visit, for example when you want to withdraw cash with a credit card.

Forgot identification?

Until a few years ago, if you had forgotten to bring proof of identity, you could often arrange something at the reception desk. Certainly if you were registered as a regular customer. After all, Holland Casino then has a passport photo of you in a database, so that the desk clerk can check whether you are actually who you say you are. That way you could go in without official identification.

But nowadays the entrance policy is stricter. Holland Casino points to its own website on the Compulsory Identification Act that has been in force since 2005: everyone in the Netherlands must always carry a passport, identity card, aliens document or driver's license.

Holland Casino is legally obliged to check all visitors upon arrival, among other things to check whether someone has an entry ban or visitor restriction outstanding.

You will therefore not be able to enter Holland Casino without identification.

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