4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

Unfortunately Holland Casino is not in Las Vegas. Because there the casinos are only generous with the distribution of free drinks, free food and free play credit.

Still there is good news. If you do a little bit, you can also score a few things for free at Holland Casino.

4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

Mr. Casino lists four tips for free admission, drinks and snacks.

1) Free entrance at Holland Casino

Entrance costs at Holland Casino 5 euros per person. But if you're a little smart, you don't have to pay for it.

First keep an eye on the Holland Casino website. There are regular promotions where you can enter for free, especially around the holidays.

4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

Also good: call or email Holland Casino and book a table in the restaurant. Because everyone who is part of a restaurant reservation can enter the casino for free. Whether you only eat a soup or a complete four-course dinner.

Ask for a Holland Casino Favorites Welcome Card on your first visit to the counter. This is the Holland Casino free customer card. You save points on the slot machines, but much more important: the entrance is free from your second visit.

If you come to the casino four times a year or more, you will receive a Favorites Black Card, with which you not only enter for free, but can also bring an introduction.

(For the real casino fanatics: after 12 visits in one year you get a Favorites Platinum Card and after 25 visits a Favorites Diamond Card. This entitles you to free admission for three introductions.)

Finally: the Holland Casino Try Out package also gives you free access. See below, point 4.

2) Free soft drinks, coffee and tea (and hot chocolate)

You can also arrange a free drink at Holland Casino with a Favorites Card.

With a Black Card and with a Platinum Card you get free coffee, tea, soft drinks and hot chocolate on weekdays until 5 p.m.

4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

With a Diamond Card you always score free non-alcoholic drinks, also during the weekend and after 5 p.m. That is handy if you go to Holland Casino Rotterdam, because that gambling branch is open 24 hours a day.

On some days, Holland Casino serves free bubbles and free cocktails, for example during public holidays. This varies per location.

But don't forget about the typical Holland Casino parties: Dutch Evening, Mad Wednesday, Sunday Royale, Favorites Night et cetera. Chinese New Year is the absolute hit for free alcoholic beverages. Keep an eye on the agenda on the Holland Casino site for these events.

Do you have a Favorites Card and is it your birthday? Then, if all goes well, you will receive a voucher with catering goodies on it around your Holland Casino birthday. That is a bonus.

It is also worthwhile to download the Holland Casino app. Through the app you regularly receive codes and / or vouchers for free drinks or a discount on drinks.

3) Free snacks

Free food at Holland Casino is quite unique. Scoring a discount is easier.

If you have a Favorites Card, you will receive a discount on the daily special in the Holland Casino restaurant. The price of the dish of the day is usually around € 11. With a discount you usually pay around € 8.

Note: gone = gone.

4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

Free snacks (croquettes, nuts, sausage, flames) are almost always there during national holidays and during the special Holland Casino party evenings. You will also find a code for free cheese sticks, for example, and a discount code for a snack at the bar on a regular basis.

4) Free entrance, free drinks & free snacks (in one go!)

No sense in reserving a table in the restaurant, no sense in having to be at a certain Holland Casino location at certain times in order to get something for nothing?

No worries!

4 things you can get for free in Holland Casino

Even then there is a solution for free drinks, free snacks and free entrance.

You buy the Holland Casino Try Out package. That costs € 35, but all those euros are neatly returned in the form of play money: € 25 in chips to play table games such as roulette or blackjack and € 10 play credit for the slots.

In addition, the package contains:

  • A voucher for free entry.
  • A voucher for a free Dutch aperitif (beer, wine, gin).
  • A voucher for a free snack.

The Holland Casino Try Out package is available at Primera and of course at the counter in all casino locations.

Mr. Casino says: count out your winnings!

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