Playtech plays an immensely large role in the online gaming world and is particularly popular with UK online casinos.

playtech slots reviews The Playtech slot machines always leaned very strongly on the “Marvel heroes” series and are characterized by progressive jackpots, the very nice graphics and unique and often very lucrative bonus rounds.

These are all elements that will greatly appeal to online slots enthusiasts. Spiderman: Attack Of The Green Goblin, Iron Man 3 and audience favorites The Avengers and Fantastic Four made the players’ hearts beat faster. However, since Disney acquired Marvel, it soon became clear that the Marvel slots from Playtech were unfortunately going to disappear – Disney is simply anti-gambling. The license was not renewed and Playtech has since been dependent on other titles.

Is that bad? Yes and no.

The Marvel slot machines were really great fun. Also many non-Marvel titles. But Playtech got a bit of the Microgaming disease – it all went much too easy and the pounds still poured in.

Is there life after Marvel?
The routine creates and it was noticeable. Uninspired titles, low payout percentages and little gaming pleasure. And now they have to. The online casino or Holland Casino will also use Playtech software, so we hope that they will come up with decent titles again.

We will at least keep a close eye on it and will also extensively review the new Playtech slots on this site. Exactly as you are used to from us.

Playtech slots reviews
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