Very MINI BTG Session!!


What would I do without Danger High Voltage?!!

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163 Komentari
  1. odgovor
    Blighty Calling! Funny Clips! marš 8, 2018 u 11:22 am


  2. first 🙂

  3. Whats this song called paul was it off a film i remember it iff a old vid

  4. love all your videos and always watch your live sessions!! BUT OMG OMG THIS MUSIC IS ABSOLUTELY S##T!!! THE WORST EVER I HAD TO TURN THE STREAM OFF AS HATED IT SO MUCH. But look forward to your next stream good luck.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel lol yes I guess but I’m sure you could of found better. But once again apart from the music I love love your videos especially when you play high stakes. keep up the good work mate and congratulations on your new site.

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 8, 2018 u 11:45 am

      haha fair enough, whatever music I choose not everyone will like, this was a bit of a rush job as was pretty late but its pretty hard to find music that can go over gambling content

  5. Paul mate get in there. Cheers uncle pap

  6. odgovor
    Ryan's slots channel marš 8, 2018 u 11:37 am

    It’s not too late to stream at 11:30 tonight hypalinx always goes after you 😀 and plays till like 4/5 lol ^_^ can’t wait to see bonus!

  7. This is what we want to see. Pure degeneracy.

  8. Great tune man. My guess depends on gates or voltage what’s it going to be? Hope it’s over 5k either way tho good luck dude

  9. ZEUS 3 , Spartacus, black knight 2 , red flag fleet , beir haus . I know they are tougher games but you do things different plus would be the only huge bet vidz online if you did it.

  10. odgovor
    Eduardo Rafael Alonso marš 8, 2018 u 11:46 am

    Que pasó con danger x 40 ? bonus?

  11. which bonus are you picking rolla??? voltage or gates

  12. odgovor
    Chris's Slot Channel marš 8, 2018 u 11:53 am

    Yay that site finally let me in to sign up an put my guess in….. Been really really enjoying your channel and vids and streams recently paul. Keep it up pal (“,)

  13. good luck paul. hope it’s a big one. well done on forum. glad it’s finally here. peace man!

  14. Get the fudge in there !!!! Im whispering hahahha great vid love the tunes you play on your vids much love Rolla x

  15. Ma man ?

  16. Wow extra goodluck. Hope its big for you xx

  17. TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! 11.30 is okay to stream ?? best of luck with it feeling a massive ronza moment incoming

  18. high voltage owes you a big win Paul, hope it’s a biggie regardless

  19. Fucking boooom rock lad yessss

  20. Insane luck on that blackjack double down! Gratz

  21. love the vids bud

  22. whaat this song

  23. Booooooom!!! Nice hit with those 6x’s and a nice small bonus waiting! Kemooooooooooon

  24. Great vid Paul and good luck with the DHV bonus,be checking in tomorrow night

  25. i recently hit 433x on a £25 spin i was so buzzing but not going to lie the temptation to try some £40 spins is still on my mind and my win was a few weeks ago i not gambled since out of fear i will fuck myself over. i really hope that bonus of yours paul is one of them epic 2000x ones good luck!!!!

  26. what kind of person comes in here to watch the video and then click thumbs down? If you dont like it, dont watch it simple as that.. move on

    • This was a great gambling video where he won money, shouldent that be a thumbs up if you like this kind of videos??? If you dont like gambeling dont fucking watch it then, just my opinion

    • Shanti Shanti then why is there voting option?

  27. Same song as the 120k roulette video.Uhh the feels !

  28. 4:02 Pavle:stay away from the skulls and bellsskulls and bellsfuck off !!

  29. Paul it’s worth signing up just to watch Rock n Rolla Extra Footage ya mad fudger xx. Hopefully it’s a massive WIN. I’ve guessed Big. BOOM!!!!

  30. Casisdeadcolours
    Your welcome

  31. Nice run of luck hopfully this is the biggest 1 yet

  32. Thats the tune off bronson haha

  33. odgovor
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE marš 8, 2018 u 1:24 pm

    stop blueballing us 🙁

  34. Get in paul hope its fucking massive mate surely your due a 1000x on this game !!!!

  35. 2.645 quids

  36. name of song?

  37. it feels like these btg slots are going to give you a big win everytime you play em
    they are designed to suck you in and just take your money
    they are the same as other slots they can pay up but can just go dead for hundreds of spins

  38. i wouldnt dare going gates on 25€ bet, all you need is one multiplier in high voltage for profit.

  39. odgovor
    Keeping up with Chris & Eileen marš 8, 2018 u 2:09 pm

    4126 pounds. Also posted this on the forum. username: chriskras
    GL man!

  40. @rocknrollaaaaaa massive win incoming for the stream mate £40 dhv bonus gtfin

  41. Shhhh GTFIT 🙂 LOL

  42. Cheers Paul and thank you. High voltage (ITS A BANK) always saves the bacon.

  43. every time i hear this song it takes me to the Bronson movie, good times

  44. get the fudge in there my man

  45. That’s a 8 minuet toilet break now

  46. I know this is digital versicolor but can anyone tell me the name of the mix ?

  47. I love this song <3

  48. good one

  49. As if you can save that ?

  50. That’s class RockanRolla GTFIT ,but the last four spins on bonanza at 10x and not hitting anything fucking horrible!!

  51. Paul you most positive gambler in the world, i like you so much, keep going!

  52. Brillant video, the ups and downs of gambling wow.

  53. That tease on bonanza though….

  54. Good luck on the bonus matemy prediction is the skull and 5x excluding trigger haha. Would be sick ….will pay between 70-90x probably

  55. Hello Happy Days 🙂 Fingers Crossed that its Massive! Good Luck PaulMuch Love to you an your Family 🙂

  56. odgovor
    Hector García Suñé marš 8, 2018 u 5:30 pm

    im late for the guess. I’d have said 8500. Im gonna be missing those 850 pounds 🙂

  57. nice wins and good luck with the bonus

  58. I am it to night or tomorrow?

  59. Good luck Paul much love brother

  60. Pavle, after watching your wins on computer blackjack, i could not help it but try it myself. I just could not believe how is letting you win so big. So i gave it a go with minimum stakes andindeed i started to win. Infact i won more than i win in live dealer evolution gaming. But i was not foolish i knew soon or later it will bust me. It happened as soon as increased stakes. Overall im on profitbut i still think is rigged.. it had too many tens that should have been 20 but dealer busted and too many times it gave me 20 od 13 14 scorethen suddenly started to make 21 from bad hands. And always gives me ace on 12.. I mean.. can you upload losing streaks on bj.. so i can abondon this software? Cheers have good night.

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 8, 2018 u 6:12 pm

      Funny enough mate that is my next video for the website, hopefully will have it done tomorrow

  61. This song Reminds me of Bronson pissing on a gypsy

  62. Rolla, pls listen too Thommy Kane track ‘Mama’ on YouTube! I think it would go awesome on a Roulette video! Cheers dude! ?

  63. Very very nice Bonus Cheers Mate?????

  64. I can’t wait to see the dhv bonus ?? wish you were streaming tonight ?

  65. odgovor
    Cyber ​​Media Intel marš 8, 2018 u 6:28 pm

    i was like why is he even listing to this garbage, oh hes from that same area they made the song

  66. 3.05 teasing motherfudger! Got the guess in, gates all the way! Good luck matey

  67. Go high voltage

  68. Hi paul for this poker tourmey sunday, is there an invitation id i need like last time paul?and is it set up ready for me to buy in?

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 8, 2018 u 7:30 pm

      Did I accept you? If accepted then you just need to be logged in at the time and the home game will come up on my page and you just need to register to that. But havent decided on buyins etc yet as not sure if the league will have started by then

  69. Good little competitions your doing at the moment seems people love it! Your a legend Paul!

  70. Rolla YouTube not letting me watch any of ya vids mate any thoughts ??

  71. Shit music

  72. OK thanks mate

  73. Yes mate been subbed for over a year and never had a problem only recently started doing it

  74. Good luck Paul praying for a monster hit, couldn’t happen to a nicer and down to earth streamer GTFI!!!

  75. Get the fuck in there.. ‘can you hear thatGet the fuck in there ??? you legend Paul! Lol

  76. When’s the bonus coming mate

  77. Hey bud how often do you stream and do you post it anywhere before you start?

  78. Loving the CasisDead tunes you play

  79. Awww ffs need tae wait to Friday for a £40 DHV bonus

  80. One thing in life i do know is music, from progressive trance to most films, Glass Candy from the film Bronson 2008

  81. the casino gives me a bonus of 5 euros, I kill the bonus and win.

    I am at 80 euros, my live video game arrives

  82. odgovor
    Reece hittin the Piece marš 8, 2018 u 11:16 pm

    I jumped off the toilet no way!

  83. Nerve wracking, dunno how u can leave bonus that there ? I’m too impatient ?excited for the stream ?
    Sretno ?

  84. was going to post on the website btw ur biggest fan!! u enspire me in massive waysbtw good ways i know when to stop and thats probably the best lesson your an amazing role model keep it up for ur family n ur fans get the fudge in there u legend!! p.s my wife would appreciate it if u didnt keep me up shouting (get in there u pure legend) lmao.. but u are the absalute legend of gambling no offence to you gambling stremers out there(hacks ect Keep it up but Rocknrolla is the master

  85. Dangerous, danger irresponsible play pays off!

  86. What a fake load of shit thus guy must be a millionaire but advertises his wealth lucky he’s never been robbed

  87. odgovor
    FruitySlots - Scotty marš 9, 2018 u 5:28 am

    Rolla is Friday gonna be slots or poker? I need to know how much beer to get in. Poker = 4 beers. Slots = all the beers. Thank you please

  88. Friday night streams are much better , everyone can stay up and have a guilt free booze ? stay strong and don’t blow that bonus bud!!

  89. Huge huge huge ????

  90. Hey dude working tonight gonna miss this epic stream please leave the full stream on twitch or youtube so i can watch it all after work 😀 good luck much love <3

  91. What time will you be streaming keen to see you hopefully win massive ?

  92. Anyone know what time, the stream is

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 9, 2018 u 4:49 pm

      hey mate normally I aim for about 8.30pm but looks like it will be a bit later tonight, probably 9.30

  93. Cus the rocknrolla, fakes the fucking lot?

  94. Hey @rocknrolla how do you watch the stream I’m a total noob to this the vids I’ve watched in the past have all been one star after the live stream sorry for been a div ha and good luck hope you win massively get the ronza ready ?

  95. What time you streaming tonight Paul))

  96. Fucking top taste in music my man!!! U on tonight???

  97. Where is the stream of tonight ? I was going to watch it but somehow its gone

  98. Paul I love the way you wanna shout but have to keep it down, we both know she’s had a go at you about the “bloody noise you make” lol good luck on the bonus mate!!!

  99. music makes it unwatchable

  100. Im so happy you like casisdead

  101. pls tell me what this song is called

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