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52 Komentari
  1. Congrats thats too sick 😀

  2. You guys..SICK!

  3. Had to watch again was Fun

  4. It was very exciting to watch.. Thanks brothers! 🙂

  5. Sickest session ever!!!

  6. lud! 😀

  7. holy fuck. Congrats bros for huge wins. ez slots ez life

  8. Holy crap this was awesome

  9. odgovor
    Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 Januar 17, 2017 u 11:25 pm

    The Casino Owner send you the money without a reason or deposing and you can all he win cashout?? How is this works?

    • Love how they deleted their response to this question, hmm…. site sponsors them with $1000 and tells them to do $100 bets only and they win…???? NO WAY?? WHO WOULDVE PREDICTED THAT??

    • This is not without reasonCasino Dady have popular youtube chanel for gambling comunity with a lot vieversTTR casino owner have his casino yes ?

      So he make often big donations for popular youtubers / twitch casino streamers or give free moneyand next he gotfreeadvertiseOwners chanel like Casino Daddygot donations next they decided try his TTR casino and all customers from chanel see new place to play. And somone of them decided try this new place.
      ( TTR ) make free donationsbut in real case this is way how he pay for advertise and he got a lot new customers depositors new players from new source like casino daddy chanel comunity.

      This is not sending money / donations wihtout reasonbut this way how he promoting his brand TTR ( and this way is ok ).

      But his casino TTR have poor welcome bonus compared to other brands so he shoud do something with this other way will be harder for him bring more new depostiors traffic.

    • odgovor
      Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 Januar 18, 2017 u 1:30 pm

      Ahh ok. Thanks for the answer Congratz @Casinodaddy 🙂


  11. Great vid bro’s besides masses arse crack lol

  12. Teach the bandit how to do that! on jack and the beanstock! He’s so unlucky.

  13. Helvete vad sjuk du är hade aldrig vågat stor hjärta du har

  14. how to make 5 minutes of footage into an hour

  15. crazy good lol

  16. fuck i had to skip a lot of the video.. it took that long to press the fucking start button

  17. it’s obvious that you win on each game you would start, it’s a good advertisement for the casino. the boss have send you 1000€ to play 100€ spins, and of course youre winning on each game, doesn’t matter what you play and how big you play. I knew that you will get freespins on the second game, it’s kinda lame, because it’s too obvious. good for you, that you can enjoy playing with free money and free- obvious wins, and bad for all guys who will create a account on this casino.

    • Gambling is addicting because of the excitement, and watching you makes me feel that excitement, without gambling my own money. Love your streams and keep going! Dont listen to haters. Ofcourse you got sponsors ect, but thats not what it is about. You do this because you love it. Lets go get some fat wins!

  18. my heart hurts. I need to drink some energy drink.” *gulps Redbull*

  19. To much time spent talking!!!!!! Just get on with it.

  20. Man I’m so glad to have watched this replay!!!!! Miss you guys, Way to go bros and keep it up!!!! ??

  21. Please donate on stream to start in the casino I will be very grateful thank you much

  22. Sounds like they are talking in slow motion

  23. хороший спин по 140 в спейс Фартовый чел

  24. wow. That Jack ‘n the beanstalk bonus. It could had been far more better, but to that bet size and even getting it in couple spins, just WOW! Nice win boys!

  25. jacks and beanstalk best slot so farsometimes the bonus is srsly sh it and gives clearly nothing but after try many games this one is only that let me make like 1600x bet win with 4 harpshappened to me 2 times since the second was around 800x betwhatever am not high roller and i play like 0,50 € spins

  26. good guys)))

  27. no max bonus bet?

  28. Was this an old footage?

  29. Best video ever guys!

  30. I love their reactions ?

  31. very good lads

  32. Waiting for ye to play jack hammer months now??

  33. u guys just setisfied my craving for high bet free spingood luck in the future brother

  34. odgovor
    ShaneTSGTV [PartyVLOGS] avgust 19, 2017 u 9:56 am

    Completely watched! Good Job guys and so damn lucky at the first few minutes ??

  35. I bet a lot online also,nothing near the high stakes ur playing thou,how do I watch live?,and if I buy in to ur team,do I get %win also?

  36. 37.35 he sounds EXACTLY like the monopoly guy there when he said good one 😀

  37. Well done guys, great run. Greetings from Kenya.

  38. Letsago :)))

  39. odgovor
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel juli 10, 2018 u 9:23 pm

    Great video! Nice win

  40. I understand you’re nervous and it’s your money. But God damn fuck! Play! You’ve set your mind to do those spins, weather you wait or not, you will still spin! All this waiting and pissing around is so damn annoying I had to forward the video so many times it’s unwatchable!

  41. the cuality is very badin this year

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