Morning Casino ACTION!!!!


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80 Komentari
  1. odgovor
    Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel april 3, 2017 u 10:49 am

    Going to try and stream to both hitbox and youtube tonight, around 8.30!!!

  2. first fuckers

  3. Sorry to hear about twitch man 🙁

  4. What happened with twitch?

  5. Yay ?

  6. Hi fella, glad to see you want to keep streaming I think i would have called it a day what happened. So fair play to you fella and good luck

  7. im in!!!!!!! hope all is well mate

  8. odgovor
    Petefromtheblacklagoon april 3, 2017 u 11:05 am

    fuck sake thought we’d got rid of ya ?

  9. I’ll be watching tonight at work see you later Paul

  10. today monday nigth casino.nooo??? ron zacapaaaa jajajaja

  11. Soooo…. did you really leave then? 😛

  12. odgovor
    Jor-Ela otac K L. SUPERMAN april 3, 2017 u 11:06 am

    Some good wins there chap. ?

  13. odgovor
    Jor-Ela otac K L. SUPERMAN april 3, 2017 u 11:07 am

    I want to see you hit 15k. come on lad chin up bounce bk from that pricks comments the other week.

  14. Get in there mate. Your videos help get me through work haha

  15. Looking forward to tonight’s stream buddy what a balance good luck

  16. @rocknrollaaaaaa your only human.
    we all make mistakes.
    good luck for tonight mate

  17. looking forward to the stream tonight Paul. glad your back. let’s get the rum and big wins flowing again

  18. thought u had quit and becum a bailiff. c u lata mr paul rocknrolla…………. and stop takin time off

  19. Nice man, made 20 quid into 400 in a few days really happy with it, what’s your favourite slot?

  20. for a sec there i thought get in there he’s getting a bonus for tonight then you played it ;p hahahahahaha great vid mate look forward to seeing your boat tonight 🙂 YT GANG F TWITCH

  21. wish we could play fruit warp in the usa

  22. hi paul.. nice one.. but why you got banned with twich??

    • I did call you a suck up.

    • Agent 00Meme no pal you didn’t. Best add being illiterate and confused to your long list of issues.

    • Agent 00Meme no you didn’t call me a suck up. You used homophobic language to express what is no doubt your own feelings.

      The fact my views on what went on are different from yours makes you so uneasy suggest you are of a low IQ and don’t like to accept other people’s view points. It’s a shame really.

      If you need help expressing yourself and coming to terms with being gay I suggest you read a book called the changing monkey. It will explain all those confusing thoughts you have going through your mind and help you express yourself in a non aggressive way.

  23. Good Luck , Keep her lit

  24. Five mins later…. ????‍♂️

  25. three blackjacks in a row ? I’ve never saw that before..good luck tonight Paul

  26. look forward to your stream later. good luck rocknnrolla.

  27. Nice work Paul, how did you do in Sunday mil?

  28. Get the fudge in there mate, I am just back from Macau for a poker week and also some roulette action had lots of fun and came home with more money than when I left so all good, good old tier to the rescue

  29. good luck for tonight paul I will get the beers and popcorn in can’t wait

  30. Chance of 3 bj in a row is 1 u 20 000

  31. Been so bored without your streams mate good to see u back tonight

  32. That’s the real rocknrolla

    My man ?

  33. get the fudge in there..honestly happy you aren’t on twitch anymore, turkeystickk was underage and annoying. You don’t even need mods anyways, you do a good job. jebeš fobts

  34. Congrats on the fundraising! Good to see your streams again, is there an official total for the money you raised yet?

  35. Glad to see ya back. Looking forward to tonight. Get in there

  36. streaming on youtube aswell as hitbox?

  37. we miss you

  38. Can u remember count duckula Paul? Great cartoon

  39. you will lose the lot one day. seen it too many times.

  40. I have already joined hitbox and subscribed to your channelThe only downside is i now have to walk to Spar in the rain to buy beer to watch your streamBest of luck tonight from cheesycock69 on hitbox 🙂

  41. real nice balance. shame i might not be able to make it tonight 🙁

  42. YES! Smash em hard tonight

  43. If I can try and leave this for tonight” 5MINUTES LATERhaha legend

  44. Paul if hit box doesn’t pan out give beam a go bud

  45. odgovor
    UltraHighLimitSlotKiller april 3, 2017 u 9:01 pm

    killing it with those 21s lol 🙂

  46. sort the mods out mate I’ve been timed out for sharing my opinion and you even replied to me…..

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel haha I wasn’t a happy chap :p was only trying to ask if you wanted some food ordering haha

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel april 4, 2017 u 12:02 pm

      ahh mate sorry about that opinions always welcome, well on most things!

    • support you to the moon and back me pal don’t really appreciate some little nugget stopping me from talking. usually a twitch guy and tried to hitbox but the chat kept lagging. it’s keyod710

  47. odgovor
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel april 4, 2017 u 9:21 pm

    Very nice. Can you play some £6 a spin thunder struck 2 please

  48. Three fkn black jacks in a row

  49. hey paul, always split 88 man! just a good tip 😉

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