Going BIG on Computer Roulette!!!


Tier loves me again??? This was from around 2 months ago!

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126 Komentari
  1. get the fuck in there paul, stream tonight buddy ??

    • i see, copyright issues i guess :/ anyway sick stream last night, keep it up lad.

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 21, 2018 u 1:45 pm

      Yeh I like the idea but I wouldn’t be able to show any of the sports which makes it a whole less exciting especially for the viewer

    • ok mate, that menu was good last night, nice varietywould like to see some live sports bets on the dogs or horses one night if your into that ? 🙂

  2. I really liked last night format….! ?

  3. We’ll get em next time!! But honestly fudge that weird roulette wheel. It looked real but the ball was fake?? I’m so confused.

  4. Tf is the intro to this song lol

  5. Are you gonna upload vibes from yesterday paul? Because i went to work after danger ;(

  6. Computer roullete gives mostly orohanelly numbers . Goodluck next time

  7. Exactly why this shit should be banned…. bet Victor are amongst one of the worst for deluded customer service and electronic table games

  8. Shite tha mate sorry to see this if u wanna win tho thats the way but also can do ye balls in cant u in a mood like tha haha

  9. But why why why on a computer roulette ??? Why not on a live table, I just don’t GET IT PAUL !!!!

  10. Nice to see more content keep them coming. Unlucky spins ps signed up to 21 today finally

  11. Fuck computer roulette. It’s even more of a scam than the live dealers.

  12. You are a hard man! I`ll hug you soft in no time!
    i, I liked the show yesterday! more of that!

  13. Brutal roulette at times

  14. real rocknrolla.. im just sports bettor and it was mind blowing to see winning big on roulettes 😮

  15. why would you pay the computer roulette and not the lvie roulette?

  16. The very definition of brutal . Best computer roulette you seem to do best on Is the one where you can spin before you place the bet

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel you gotta play live all day….fuck this computer RNG crap. Can’t trust it at all.

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 21, 2018 u 2:36 pm

      I used to play this one on Leo and had some luck on it but pushed this lil session too far! Going to stick to live for a bit

  17. u are my idol bro
    i wish i can meet u

  18. You lost Right?

  19. Rigged af rouletteAt least the real one u do better on it.. Here the more u bet the less it pays.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yea computer shit roulette or bj doesent work it has a retarded low percentage to pay.. At least when u got that bitch spining the wheel it pays u.. U can say is luck based. I saw u win a lot there

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 21, 2018 u 2:35 pm

      Yeh having a break from these

  20. Anyone knew the intro song??

  21. And i lost 1500£ on Live casino roulette in last 2 weeks, thank God i won these 1500£ from only 40£ bonus bet365 give to me or else i would’ve a heart attack if this was my personal amount ? still now i think i should have at least withdrawal 500£ 🙁

    • HFX same feeling bro. I got 1700€ starting with 50€ in the slots of the bet365 and I lost everything the next day u.u

  22. These versions like playing pick a number with a gypsy. Escalated quickly mate, you know the dangers…..

  23. thank you for the reality check lol.

  24. * pat pat pat *

  25. Really, why u playing computer roulette? Live is better and u know that. Sometimes i have a feeling that u want to lose mate

    • Tim Jura live have magnets, and comp roulette has algortm. You might catch that algorthm and predict the outcome. Live if not magnets is luck, but then if u dont have or recent play is bad, comp is next best thing.

  26. Love the videos and streams!! One thing ive noticed is you cant just repeat a bet. You always have to add more onto the numbers one of your biggest downfalls. Get tilted alot of the time cos when the money has gone and then your number comes out next spin when you have nothing on. That extra you put on earlier could have been on that spin. Not a dig just an observation

    • Its his betting strategy taken from the martindale system not a bad one in my opinion because he does get some good results off it. Just take care while playing this way because it’s very risky.

    • Ben Darlington the point here is to hit big and walk. No point betting same bet, you hit, but then is not much and you have to repeat, but this is comp roulette so you dont know. You play for a one big hit, hopefully after of initial small bet you add and you repeat adding more then walk.

  27. 9red numbers came up one after another on computer roullett I put £400 on black ffs.. Red 36 dropped I was sick

  28. next level degenerate

  29. computerised roulette is rigged to make the house win, stupid to put too much on it.

  30. wtf play live roulette to give yourself a fighting chance

  31. Nothing random about them computer tables

  32. Oh Paul ?

  33. brutal buddy unlucky .. next time much love

  34. Hi guys gambling performance here

  35. That music is awful

  36. Who else got flashbacks to the golden old days of paul playing this computer roulette? The OG viewers will know what I’m talking about. Nice one paul! Shame about the loss though.

  37. Fair play paul you are a nutter. ?

  38. God iv a cheek to moan about 50 bucks I lost. Unlucky mate youll get it back soon

  39. Carry on the way you are dropping 2 k a day , min 6 K a week your be bust inside 2 mjeseci . Crazy .

  40. Last night meny play was great, you made it exiting altho you mostley betsmall

  41. Why on computer?? It’s almost like you wanted to lose it !!!!!
    BTW good stream

  42. ???????????????

  43. There was a walking point mate you can’t always win mega I know it’s your style of gambling but you have hit that 110k mark more than once now so surely your not aiming higher

  44. cant trust computer roulette

  45. odgovor
    Eduardo Rafael Alonso marš 21, 2018 u 8:23 pm

    si quieres ruleta debes jugar con dealer. sino es solo un slots que te saca el dinero

  46. You’re in so deep now you clearly can’t get out of it!

  47. I know you like to show losses for fairness. But they’re boring as hell! We want to see you winning!

  48. Well done ??

  49. I’ll never forget the 100k+ upload. I hope you didn’t spunk it all away btw.

  50. You’re going mad, betting like this on computer roulette. Stick to the live

  51. So much wrong with this title.. Leave luck up to actual real play bro.. I’ve learned the hard way..

  52. 3k on an RNG computer program in 2 okretanje… wow

  53. Seems Tier not loves you 🙂

  54. You on tonight Paul…?))))

  55. Perfect example of addiction. Winning or losing doesn’t matter here, it’s all about the buzz of the next bet. Paul your a good guy when the day finally comes and you’ve lost everything I hope the people who keep egging you on are there for you.

  56. Crazy gambling

  57. signed up to bet victor couldnt find your link lol ???

  58. The Fucks happened to the stream? Says stream violated policy??

  59. Nickslots reported it a reckon ha

  60. Whats happened m8 you go off just??

  61. Paul your not on YouTube for something????!

  62. Was watching your live stream & it got pulled for spam & deceptive practices ?

  63. what happend to the stream ???

  64. What haopened to tonight’s stream? Saw you go live. Came back and it was gone??

  65. Paul like i said the other night open a account at D.Tube its where everyone is going now so YouTube can stick their platform up their own arses, Dtube has the same platform as YouTube but they wont take down your vids its run by steemit.com

  66. Whats just happened with the live stream?

  67. What’s happening?


  69. Offline!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Hey where’s ur stream gone ?????

  71. Live or computer roulette, both rigged

  72. Hey paulhowdid u violate the scam policy lol??

  73. WHere has the stream gone from last night i cut out last night then now I can’t find it hmmm

  74. Loved th menu idea the other night great idea keeps it fresh great guy #ronza

  75. fucking hell mate thats not good

  76. Only idiots play computer roulette

  77. Here’s a good tune for next time ….over and over Jack white ..your names in it ..???

  78. Definitely time for a long break away mate, the worst kind of gambling. Seen videos of you winning over 100k so hope you used that to pay off your mortgage and didn’t just throw it all back. Only one winner in the end here and it won’t be you.

  79. odgovor
    Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel marš 21, 2018 u 5:26 pm

    No mate, tomorrow instead

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