£3,500 vs Live Roulette!!!!


When its hot its hot?!!!

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109 Komentari
  1. Yes budddie

  2. what’s your day job

  3. I feel sick ???

  4. Sickner.. nothing worse than seeing ya money dwindle down and you start to feel that warm sweat come over ya with you just hoping..hoping u get a win come in but doesn’t.

  5. That was just brutal

  6. hey broooo gl <3

  7. Wheel of death there ffs

  8. Paul I’ve followed you for a whilethese videos r killing my soul ! It’s like a stop gambling ad ?

  9. You and roulette don’t mix ?.. chin up ups n downs

  10. That was one of the worst roulette small sessions i have seen from you stick to tier, thats what you normaly do. big win coming Rolla, ulazi unutra.

  11. When you hear the chair creek at the start you know shits getting deep

  12. Puff sorry for your loss next time don’t forget to start with 11

  13. Brutal indeed

  14. Two videos in one day?! It’s not Christmas yet paul! Hope the breaks treating you well bud

  15. ouch! that was hard to watch Paul. hope ya win it back.

  16. That bit of cardboard is getting nearer,,,, any change mr,,,,,,,,,

  17. People, this is the reality of gambling. Either brutal or sweet. Be careful

  18. You didn’t even get a cute dealer lol. Losing is part of gambling but why the ugly dealers?

  19. Hahah that magnet on the thumbnail

  20. Already had the luck on the poker table

  21. This is the average roulette session of your everyday folk. Without the 3.5k start of course!

  22. odgovor
    Thewildmanarchieduncan novembar 9, 2018 u 6:05 pm

    Roulette has been treating me like that for 35 years paul. Ive been stubborn as to why it does and its cost me more than i’d like to own up to. I only play once or twice a month now but i still am at a loss as to why i cant hit it big just once. After all they cant have it all their own way all of the time…..Can they?

  23. Ouch lol

  24. Never play on playtech roulette

  25. Paul lad is right on the poker mate and I’m glad you’re back to what you do best 😉 good to see a new video every few days missed it bud

  26. Very rigged same thing happened to my friend he lost 3500 k on roulette chasing tier

    • It’s not rigged, I hate people saying that. There could be dozens of people playing on same table online, they aren’t going to be betting on all the same numbers! That’s the only way a casino would get away with a magnet on a roulette wheel. Casinos do not need to cheat, they have the edge in every game, every time

    • +George Masson You knew exactly what he meant.

    • Three and a half million? I smell bullshit. If you mean £3.5K then that is nothingyou’ll see the same thing every night in any casino.

    • Its not they have house edge

    • i agree with you.it’s not fair.
      They have statistics of all players. And they know what each player’s method is.

  27. Playtech’s roullete is garbage. It is definitely different than other’s network roullete, even to a point its spin is predetermined. Just like Lighting roullete. Just see the ball, how it bounce and go for a number. Stay away

  28. Dont worry man you can do the Best another time WE re with u

  29. No respect for money at all every one loves a gamble but 3 and half grand in couple minutes now that’s a serious problem

    • I understand where your coming mate it makes me feel sick watching him bet and lose that amount of money most of the time he loses like half a years worth of salary for me lol I do think he’s crazy but at the same time I’ve got a lot of respect for him showing these things because if it was me I wouldn’t show anyone I think he’s got bollox and yea he’s got a problem but at least his missus is in control for him

    • @Jason Kirkup he’s mentioned his job many times on stream. He works in the health sector. It’s not something he’s particulate keen on saying every stream to over 1k people watching on. Especially the sensitivey of his job role.

    • Ben MFC yeh and he said he had a full time job aswell but wouldn’t say what is was I know he takes breaks away from gambling some times which makes me think he can’t afford the loses some times I just some of his betting is crazy I used to like watching him a while back but not now so I’ve unsubscribed

    • @jason Kirkup you do know Paul is an affiliate don’t you?

    • Nathan Wileman not at all the guy obviously has a major problem win or lose if your happy to gamble the amount he does then I just think it’s crazy well unless he’s totally loaded with loads of houses etc and has shit loads of cash in the bank but most people like that don’t gamble all their money away I prefer to watch normal people gambling normal lower stakes that’s all

  30. odgovor
    Cyber ​​Media Intel novembar 9, 2018 u 8:12 pm

    Dude that is bs dont even play sections on roulette I know you love it but you gotta just accept that it is too easy for them to rig it against you with magnets and notice how they put the wheel on a square table to make you think its more legit. So easy to have a magnetic ball and under each of your winning numbers theirs a flipped magnet with the opposite charge so its always repelling the ball, the ball will bounce in and out or go around the pocket and they can control how much the pocket repels with a switch that just puts energy into the system to make the magnetic force stronger or weaker.

    • odgovor
      Cyber ​​Media Intel novembar 11, 2018 u 6:27 pm

      +jambobra Yeah if you have a 5k balance, or a 10k balance, and your trying to make $100 a day consistently even at a 2.7% disadvantage with European roulette, all you have to do is bet red or black for $2.50 … So you would have to win 40 times a day. Here is the math. You bet $2.50 on red or black. $2.50 – $5 – $12 – $25 – $55 – $120 – STOP FOR THE DAY. You just lost $220 minus any profit for that day, which is only two days of profit max. You will avoid that 6 loss streak on most daysbecause your stopping when you make $100, which can be done fast if your reaching the 4 ili 5 loss streak because if you win that $25, $55, ili $120 bet you make $7.50 – $20. You gotta expect alotta 2, 3, 4 loss streaks which you make more than $2.50 on each. You can make a solid $500 a week playing safe like this with zero chancing of BUST.

    • +jambobra you can’t beat roulette specially when magnets are used.

    • Dilyanroulette can be beaten this is not how to do it though. Just play patiently and build slowly. As long as you have enough bankroll and do not bet too big at the beginning you will be fine

    • I wonder why he does not just play blackjack, you saw his last video, big profit in. No magnets there. In roulette the feeling zero section or any section is due is just pure luck, and his luck gets interrupted by magnets. However with cards the feeling two tens will come or two aces is more legit one and you can win big on sidebets. But that win ratio bet small win big is what is keeping him play.. 3 win spins and 200 deposit is now 3k.. You can’t do it on bj.

  31. Wow that was fast 3k ? next time

  32. Ice coldunlucky

  33. What is the point?

  34. Let me watch first

  35. Better luck next time

  36. Wow not even a single win spin

  37. “Not a penny on it”
    It’s all about timing, 5 minutes ago or 5 minutes later, you probably would have walked away with £20k

  38. Those Playtech live roulette tables are the biggest con going

  39. odgovor
    FOBTS SU ĐAVO voće i utora vs rulet novembar 9, 2018 u 11:25 pm

    It’s a savage game but someone’s gota play it 😉

  40. there is point magnet , slow motion and watch again= 00:40 – 1:04 – 2:00

  41. Watermelon plums ma fuckin man

  42. This table looks rigged

  43. win some on top of the world lose some it the pits the balance that the trick take the rough with the soothe thats gambling

  44. What’s his intro music ?

  45. before i even started to watch i knew it was ripinpeace

  46. Malta man rolla

  47. You don’t know how to play roulette,just lucky samtimes ?

  48. So hard to fucking watch it

  49. Same brutal happened for me yesterday! -2500GBP
    But you have big balls Paul!
    Maybe should learn a little bit more patience? not increase so drastically bets until first win?

  50. 219 likes got my hopes up for a big win or a profitable withdrawal not a 3000+ lose ?? maybe next time

  51. I’m done with it all mate, heading into 2019 a Non Gambler, when you sit and watch all these spins over and over the game is bent as fuck.
    You could have done every segment on that wheel and 37 would have dropped
    The Lows are massively outweighing the Highs So I’m flinging in the towel and saying……….Enough is enough.

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I don’t mind stuff like that and enjoy the entertainment side, that’s not the influence or issue, it’s always been my Own self control and Very poor discipline

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel novembar 12, 2018 u 4:56 pm

      Good stuff mate! Maybe take a break from youtube as well, as maybe the winning vids won’t help?

  52. Next time you bet on zero section, maybe do it up till number 2 i 7. I’ve seen you miss zero section by a couple of numbers a lot of times. I have seen it land on 2 quite a lot and just skips past you’re section. Tbh though you probably best not gambling at all as it is a load of shit in the long run ha ha !!!

    • odgovor
      Rocknrolla je kockanje Channel novembar 12, 2018 u 4:56 pm

      I’ve been betting a bit different these days with mixed results but I like it. I now cover 29,28,7,2,19 when covering both tier and zero section

  53. Nice video mate, gonna be uploading similar soon I hope not quite to the same stakes lol but all good fun. Cheers

  54. 2:42-2:48 mute so a few words came out i guess. Sorry for you lose mate. Keep up the good work and enjoy every moment of your life! Cheers

  55. haha, montiranom. see you in rehab paul.

  56. 3 minutes to loose hahaha

  57. I can think of something that would shut her up..

  58. Is here some one want 2 know how to win?

    Dont gamble, invest y time with family en friends!

  59. Anyone else think Paul should upload a new video ha! ???

  60. odgovor
    Sicilyalırulette davinci novembar 12, 2018 u 6:47 pm

    Sen bu oyunu oynama bence

  61. Unlitmate power come on lolno ones ever winning that mate I’m sure it’s just bullshit anyways no ones ever won it

  62. Imagine doing this every day.. gambling addiction would fkn suck.

  63. Spunked thousands with that bitch n not even a handjob.

  64. He has already said he is down even after the 120k and he had lost money since that win so he is still down??

  65. odgovor
    THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS novembar 10, 2018 u 6:41 pm

    Truth Talker A jealous cunt, You have no idea of his financial situation so shut the fuck up cunt

  66. THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS shut up u plank he loses £3-4K a day and that’s what he uploads yet u think he still has £120K stop being so naive

  67. odgovor
    THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS novembar 10, 2018 u 10:12 am

    Truth Talker You know fuckall presumptive cunt

  68. taresy6789pp he Has blown that and more don’t be silly.

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