Stream Highlights!!! £60 Bruce Lee Bonus!!!


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  1. Boyo … Pauline…u lose

  2. Ahh Ruby slippers takes me back to your first ever videos, I used to spend hours on that game, always did my bollocks in on it haha

  3. what minute is the bruce lee feature

  4. WTF Blackjack?

  5. Reply
    Вячеслав Буркин February 7, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Не знаю почему но на рулетке мои любимые номера 0,3,5,11,17,20,23,24,,26,32 занеси по крупному на покер старс. Удачи мой ник на старс slavik77755

  6. When you next streaming?

  7. Still waiting for the bonus on Vikings Unleashed. :)) it seems that was not this time. Nice stream Paul. Good Luck!

  8. wtf was that roll at 15:00? Just passes ur section and drops down with barely any bounces their setup is so easy to rig.

  9. Live ppl who comment about systems lol

  10. U streaming tonight man

  11. Blackjack can be brutal sometimes you seem to take the losses well if it was me the laptop would’ve been in a million pieces

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 6:45 pm

      I’m semi used to it, although I did wake up in the morning with that horrible feeling in the gut! Its so much worse though losing when people are watching it multiplies it by 10!

  12. This was such a rollercoaster stream.

  13. I thought I seen this video 1 week ago

  14. I hate that Bruce Lee slot …. would rather shave my balls with a blunt razor than play that shit

  15. Have you got a record for consecutive winning blackjack hands???????

  16. Another cracking stream this was. As always win or lose. Had a result today, went in the arcade with £20 got a gold pot on kings honour for £500 and then another £260 on black knight, happy fucking Thursday!!!

  17. How many times does this happen in reality …loads..I lose lots and lots b.j or roulette is sad …but to lose 3.5 g on twenty to 3cards 21 is disgusting

  18. You won 75 k last night and today so far you have have 6k back

  19. Always a good watch Paul.

  20. Good time…paul

  21. I had a 1200x spin on buffalo blitz on Tuesday, I was switching between 40c 80c and €2 spins, got free spins on 40c and first spin was for €486, whole bonus paid €498. The big spin only had one x3 multiplier and a fuckload of buffalos.

  22. Damn… Hope you one day win a few million one day and then play on 10pens for the rest of your life just for the fix.
    Good luck Paul like your vids. And it was entertaining only i didn’t expect that end it made me feel UFFF like.

  23. Rollercoaster of a stream this was! Plus I get a shout at 0:44 ??

  24. Im fuming that i lost 250 euro. WTF!!

  25. Good luck in the future mate, good stream bruv.

  26. hi mate.always watch and say hi now and again….but did u here anything about that malfunction on dragons treasure.retrigger on only 1 scatter.? 29.56 .i know it wents tits at the end but wondered if they tried to get it back off you cheers rizz..

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 7:18 pm

      Hey mate, no its a common bug on that game when its implemented through Blueprint, plus I didn’t make any withdrawal

  27. Come the fudge off it! Isn’t it funny how when you take a shot at high stakes on the slots it always seems to pay naff all! I’m starting to believe its more than bad luck.

    • Rigged. Damn right. Reels don’t spin right, almost like the operator has knocked the flick switch on. I finally gamstopped over this

  28. How did he rettriger dragons with 1 scatter only?

  29. Brutal

  30. Aww man this was brutal Paul ! Unlucky dude

  31. Must be tough to get to sleep after that

  32. just saw you on a poker express video and you put out a video. Wahay!!!

    @ 7 mins if anyone’s interested

  33. 5:06 haha mia khalifa

  34. Bruce Lee can fook off

  35. I just don’t get £4 a spin then 300 plus a hand lol it’s like playing £2 a hand

  36. 29:58 How was that a re-trigger?

  37. Feels bad man !

  38. Watched most of the night live , but that hand ?, ouch , ?

  39. Don’t play blackjack man it’s scam

  40. What an idiot.

  41. Gambling like that will make anyone homeless

  42. Reply
    conehead thelibrarian February 7, 2019 at 7:50 pm

    Exciting but difficult to watch, always want you to hit big, but by your nature shit or bust

  43. Reply
    Irish Feel the pain February 7, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    You going bald Paul

  44. What is the song used on the intro? I think it is some colours?

  45. Daddy was a bank robber he never hurt nobody he just loved to live that way and he loved to steal their money #getthefudgeinthere

  46. Unlucky mate you played well

  47. Up and down like a fiddler’s elbow, very emotional and great fun to watch

  48. Deffo get rigged streamer status with that 1 scatter ‘re trigger ?, unlucky on the loss though mon

  49. Yeah that Brucie bonus stunk pal ul, and as a sickened live BJ player man I felt that 3500 hand,it was actually painful

  50. You only had one scatter on the fourth retrigger on dragon’s treasure fishy

    • +Dom Brookes Dragons Treasure is a wildly glitchy game. Never had any problems cashing out any of my wins.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 11, 2019 at 5:42 pm

      watch this video, it was a year and a half ago, loads of glitches. If its implemented through Merkur then it seems to be fine however this version and any casino that implements it through Blueprint isn’t. A casino won’t care as its predetermined, the bonus after you select the symbol is just playing out what it has already decided you are going to win

    • +Legendary Hamster also a casino wouldnt have a faulty game like that in case someone won say £20000 and they could say the game was faulty and then a massive law suit would happen

    • +Legendary Hamster I have played it numerous times.. I always select the swords… Naaa if that was happen then it has other faults and the game would need to be fixed

    • Try playing it. I’ve had bonus retrigs with no dragons on screen before now. It’s glitchy as hell in the bonus though the main game itself is usually “ok”.

  51. Didn’t think you would post this stream… was epic now looking back.. the fact the stream the next day was a success made it heaps better.. cheers good memories I will never forget my heart sinking when the dealer turned over that 8 for 21 on 3500 quid.

  52. That was sick ? better luck next time feelsbadman but hope you get a cashout

  53. When you going live next Paul?

  54. I feel your pain buddy, so many times i had 20 on blackjack and brutally lose to a 21 from out of nowhere.

  55. I wish I could get retriggers with one scatter…wtf….. dragon’s treasure must have felt bad about the Bruce Lee bonus, good lad that Dragon’s Treasure

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel please start streaming on YouTube again.

    • After watching the rest….Jesus, maybe Dragon knew the BJ dealers were gonna fuck u with no lube, that was hard watch mate, brutal stuff.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 8:40 pm

      haha its also lined up wins before and not paid, I did a compilation on Dragons Treasure bonuses before and its just a buggy game if you play the version thats implemented through Blueprint

  56. Every time I go casino they let the manager know I’m here not being big headed or anything. Play roulette there are sequences you should look out for it deffently is not random I can guarantee you that. After certain numbers come certain numbers believe me not all the time but most. It’s crazy I couldn’t believe it myself. 26 then its 29 or 8 or 13. Same 29 then 26. After zeros 0 10 20 30 come zeros 0 10 20 30. 8 then I will cover 26 or 11. 11 22 or 33 cover 3 2 1 or 11 22 33. 6 then cover 9 2 4 or 26. 17 then cover 35. 19 then 16 or neighbours 19. 12 then cover 21. 24 then cover 4 12 or 27. 7 then cover 4 and 27. You will be amazed do neighbours just incase. Not always but most of the time or the sequence might come after 1 or 2 numbers. This cant be random it is fixed believe me you will win alot of money just by covering certain numbers.

  57. I enjoy all your videos, Paul. And I would love to see both you and the Bandit do a joint stream. The Bandit live, now that would be one to

  58. Sei proprio un coglione punti 3500 e non punti ai bonus vicini ti aveva dato una coppia perfetta . Sei proprio scemo

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel o non le punti mai o le punti sempre . A quelle cifre che giochi le devi mettere . Anche in un altro video hai fatto questo errore . Te lo dice uno che le punta sempre e una volta una sola volta che non l ho fatto mi ha dato due 5 di cuori a me e un 5 di cuore al dealer.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 9:23 pm

      è tutto il senno di poi, se avessi perso tutte le puntate laterali le persone avrebbero detto che non avrei dovuto farle

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel si ma visto che le giochi spesso su una cifra del genere 3500 euro . Potevi fare 3000 . 250 e 250 .avresti vinto più di 6000

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 9:15 pm

      Le scommesse laterali hanno un rtp molto più basso, i casinò ti amano di più se scommetti su entrambi

  59. You sick mofo ?, your the roulette king Fuk playing everything else it’s pointless. I’ve been slaughtered last weeks on bets and slots watching this make me feel slightly better ?

  60. Why did your balance say 5617.65 at 30 min and 1 second then at 30 min 2 seconds, go down to 5547.65. Seems odd.

  61. Reply
    Christopher Wheatley February 7, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    It’s very hard to watch this, not trying to sound like a pussy or anything but I’m sure you can understand why.

  62. Love your stream man but there sure are a lot of porn watching losers in your chat.

  63. Paul, Can you tell me the name of the song you use to open your Vids, Thanks, Mark

  64. Mr David slot excitement is the biggest troll on you tube he has like 5 fake accounts that he has set up and posts shocking things on people’s vids a 1st class arse hole jealous guy that used to be the man ish now he is reduced to 40p spins due to tge huge addiction he has poor guy needs to give it up .

  65. Reply
    long dong 12 inch john February 7, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    Its no stream highlites its stuff we seen before dislike this punks video guys he doesnt stream anymore .goes bust most streams unsub him guys unfollow

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 7, 2019 at 9:40 pm

      There are loads of people that stream most days even all day everyday, you are spoilt for choice mate. Me I need breaks

  66. Almost 50k subscribers

  67. Good video as always ??

  68. oh dear that 8 on BJ yuck! it was like the feeling I get when someone spikes an ace on the river in hold’em. besides the losing part thanks for the entertainment needed it today to forget what’s hoing on in my life at the mo. 🙂

  69. Nice video buddy. Sorry for the loss though, brutal!!

  70. can i get the 0.65 ?

  71. Brutal to watch, hate seeing this. Unlucky Paul ☹️

  72. You never stayed calm and lost the plot I’m sure everyone has done it when you get lose and go bet mental they vikings spins u gambled a would of bit ur hand off for 22 spins at 2 pound bet

  73. Wowzers. That and the roulette hit vid, lots of emotions, hypa and you, best gamblers.

  74. Larry Holmes, for me, the greatest heavyweight of all tine

  75. where is the Bruce Lee bonus? ??

  76. Rolla…do u think everything from a casino is controlled? From slot returns, to live casino..i am now thinking after years of playing that they can control payouts

  77. Hardcore gambling! Giving the viewers what they want to see aiiiii ?

  78. 38:19 I threw up

  79. Brutal this one, that 3.5k hand. Man.. brutal! i still gave the video a massive thumbs up! Nice editing work btw! Understand why your on a brake! Take some rest and relax a bit. Cheers

  80. I appreciate the content because it’s real

  81. Rigged shit

  82. Wow I missed this cause of work. That BJ at the end was brutal

  83. Reply
    Zygimantas Adomavicius February 8, 2019 at 1:45 am

    This was so hard to watch – sorry to say.

  84. This is why you are no1 streamer, never afraid to post losing videos. Enjoy your break Paul

  85. Watching an idiot lose money, my favorite past time.

  86. ARE YOU SURPRISED when the dealer gets 21??????????????????????????????????????????????

  87. This 3.5k hand… Absolute brutal!!!

  88. How many times have you pulled 21 on 3 occasions against the dealer? Yet they do it all the time!!!
    Love your streams mate, looking forward to the next one✌️❤️

  89. Baller

  90. I am just genuinely amazed how the dealer hits 21 with 4-5-6 cards every time you play your nutty 3k+ hands.. I was watching live and it hurt me as a fan of black jack to see that, cant imagine what it feels like to experience it first hand.. My biggest loss like this was around 20$ had 20 versus a 3 and the dealer got to 21 from like 5-6 cards at my local casino.. but fortunately enough I was up for the session so we just laughed about it and took my profit and left table.

  91. This is why I never play blackjack

  92. What are your goals nowadays pal? I mean, you’ve hit huge on roulette, you’ve had max stakes bonus’ on slots. What do you dream of hitting?

  93. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel February 8, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Keep doing these highlights vids they ace. All the best Paul

  94. ain’t trying to be mean, but that reaction to the 20 vs 21 blackjack 3500k loss, was funny asf!!! ?

  95. Almost no reaction when he wins 5 grand on roulette. Worrying!!

    • Please rewatch again Stephen. He has acknowledged before that only supermassive bets hit his dopamine system enough these days..

    • Almost no reaction? Wtf, which vid were you watching? There was def a big reaction, stop trolling and stirring shit for drama ffs

  96. Take a Rest ☺

  97. I feel EXACTLY the same way about Raging Rhino as you do. It can be a highly frustrating game at times. But play at the right time, and it can be massive.

  98. Love watching your streams, but sometimes I just wish you would walk away.

  99. Do you consider yourself a gambler and do you even think about trying to stop? How do you see your future?

  100. Why I don’t get notifications when you stream? I never get them anymore!

  101. Feel knackered after watching this rock. Great vid but brutal end.

  102. Cant help but notice that dragons treasure retrigger and also your reaction. Bit strange.. also im sure ur income dont support your amount of gambling? Im sure u said u only work part time aswell? You dont live in the capital so im sure wages there cant support this type of play you been doing for the last few years? Constructive crit if anyone trys a smart reply…

    • Also fucked up to watch mate lol

    • Its either that or your smarter than everone else at gambling because everyone i know personally with big wods of cash dont last 2 minutes online or in a casino including myself – talking grands btw and no its not unlucky its reality

  103. I was watching this on stream. This is fucking insane
    38:16 always feeling it’s rigged…

  104. Jackie chan

  105. Paul, you’re an idiot. £3.5k hand on bj. You’re completely out of touch with reality. Unsubscribed.

  106. You need help with your gambling problem mate.

  107. Wow, such a high bet!

  108. £139,000 loss per hour at that rate! nice. lol.

  109. you forget reel king princess! you can make money off it every single week 8_20 k .

  110. heard alot about these fake slots and fake money just watched dragons treasure im guessing you didnt program that slot very well as it gave you a re trigger without 3 dragons lol but it still traffics people to the sites you promote to make money so i guess you and the casino are both winners and mistakes do happen.

    • If you had even the first clue about what you’re talking about rather than just being a dipshit troll, you’d know that Dragons Treasure is glitchy as fuck. I’ve had bonuses with no dragons on screen before now.
      Back under your bridge you sad little snot.

  111. Another great video, this is the sad reality and darkness of gambling.

  112. this day was a black day for me i lost 93 k

  113. Paul is it possible for you to upload more off stream content during your break?

    Thanks in advance.

  114. insane degen as usual Paul lad.

  115. Makes me feel a bit better after losing 1.8k fs lol

  116. How long is break for ?

  117. A lot of love and respect for you mate, but you really do not know when to stop.

  118. Wow you lol 3.5k

  119. Need to see some white rabbit again ?

  120. Love you Paul! This was entertaining, and as usual you took it like a champ when it didn’t go your way. I truly appreciate what you do!

  121. Jake FraserSufc jake are you coming to Villa or what son? I’ll buy you a pint, there’s a right Mob of us going ?
    I’ll be there from 11.30 am

  122. hahahaha

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