Reel King + Roulette = SICK Casino Session!!!


Fun times, haha

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  1. Reply
    Tommaso Giannetti June 3, 2017 at 12:56 pm


  2. get the fudge in there

  3. Am sure it will be a great vid haha ??

  4. Yes another rolla against the almighty casino

  5. sickkkk

  6. Got 5 scrolls on a 40p stake last night £200, happy bunny

  7. You streaming tonight rocknrolla?

    • cheers bud. thanks for putting this up… I just have refreshed your channel about 30 times over last 2 days…??? there’s nothing else I like watching anymore ?

  8. you tried!! that £768 reel king gamble was painful especially as you hovered over collect ? massive balls ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 3, 2017 at 1:09 pm

      So close to a walk both times and yeh that reel king gamble was sick as had it hit that would have been the starting balance for the last stream!

  9. hopefully next time your luck will be in

  10. how much for new eardrums?

  11. Hey guys,
    im just 18 and need some help with how i get away from gambling.
    I already lost 1000-2000€ in total ( what is very much for me) and i dont know which is the best way to stop it completely.
    Im not sure if i should stop watching youtube videos about it or not. Does this help you guys with it? Or is it better to completely delete it out your life? Thanks for helping!

    • Is this online? try and stop, I dont know about wherever you are but in the UK the sites give the option to set limits, monthly limit of £50 for example, you can also take a break from the sites for any period from a week, to a year to permanant exclusion, a lot of these sites are linked and if you exclude yourself from one they tend to cover others. of course this only works if you use one address and payment method.

    • cremo33 you are young STOP NOW forget about your losses,have nothing to do with gambling …i am 57 and been gambling on and off for 40 years .i have lost everything through,friends,self respect,house,private pension,mental health problems,suicide thoughts,in dept,ect,ect…i am 57 and have nothing..stop watching gambling channels,set yourself goals,hobbies,save the money what you could afford too gamble.the money you saved say £500 over say 4 months buy something that you want or put it in a saveings account…you are young dont turn into me, a 57 year old with nothing…good luck with stoping gambling..

    • Do some research in how the odds are stacked against you winning… That can help..

  12. love yr video’s paul . just waiting for that hughe win to come , will happen m8. gl and ty

  13. Reply
    Вася Мочкин June 3, 2017 at 1:18 pm


  14. Get some more of your stashed videos uploaded love watching your channel !

  15. roulette again you never listen mate ITS THE DEVIL

  16. cos a real rock n rolla degens the fucking lot………………………hahahaha

    Great vid tense stuff i bet you have no finger nails mine are nearly down to bone just watching

  17. Reel King.. exciting. . scary!!.. totally degen gamble. you had some nice wins there as well mind.. (that you collected!)

    looking forward to next stream :))

  18. Now that is how you play the gamble on reel king nice one mate

  19. You must have balls of steal and loads of grey hair shit you do sick man I love it ? good luck we need another one them crazy roullette cashes

  20. i like u Stuff.. u are crazy men 😀 but no risk no fun.. Stay Clear… greetz from Germany

  21. Awesome as always paul! ?

  22. He presses a button for something @ 6:58

  23. I noticed your mood was not the best during Wednesday stream Paul, now I understand why! I pray for your soul sweet child ??

    • Nice video

    • Onyx Smurfy Official Oh ok I thought you meant me. Have a nice weekend.

    • Saint Autism Pauls blocked a peice of shit that commented shit on his videos, and also a comment towards yourself so was just telling him whats good, have a good day mate.

    • Onyx Smurfy Official what?

    • SureShank Oi little 14 year old fuckboy, watch your mouth and log off your mothers PC im sure she wouldn’t be too happy about that, this wouldn’t be your first comment on Pauls video, jog on you keyboard warrior! fuckin nonce lad. ?

  24. Rock and rolla is the best

  25. lets go rolla come on. i called a 4drop on every reel king session which is a mod lol my rules my terms aha much love bud hope this went well

  26. I bet the amount you deposit it’s not worth using bonuses, I think you like being tied into wagering making you need to hit big to beat it. Great vid mate reel king needs to get put on the same list as imperial dragon though

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 3, 2017 at 4:56 pm

      Yes and no mate. The deposit bonuses I get are very generous in their t&c’s, so long run apparently I should be plus even. That being said I like to go crazy which basically doesnt suit bonuses, no bonuses or probably gambling in general ha!! If I didnt get them then when it comes to slots I would probably bet half of what you see now as yes it doesnt give me that excuse to go bigger and especially if I cant withdraw then I see it as gambling tokens

    • Made Tocomment couldn’t have said it better myself. He feels like he has a excuse to wager when he never really has to

  27. Great video buddy, wishing you the best of luck next time out!

  28. Close but no cigar. Them reel king gambles are lethal. You should just go all the way on them it will come in on one bro. Just imagine losing £6k though on the one before the top

  29. This was uncomfortable to watch to say the least. Watching a addict go down under chill with the gambling of it affects you this bad

  30. Think roulette is the killer ,  even with 3k starting balance if its not going right its over in 5-6 spins , at least with slots you can make minor adjustments to suit balance , , keep at it rocknrolla the big 50k-100k win is coming .

  31. Your on a bad run just now but at least your keeping it real after 21 casino ripping me off its put me off joining online gambling

  32. Hard lines there Sir Paul but don’t worry because we all now…”AreelRocknRollaBouncesFackingBackBackBack”?????????????????

  33. I love your gambling style A++++++++++

  34. that 4.10 mark sounded like u got kicked in the balls.. (really hard)

  35. some desperate angry bets at the end. I used to do them as well when losing, brain goes into I-dont-give– shit-anymore mode. Gambling is so fucked up sometimes.

  36. U are on a slope mate a slippy one i have been their not as much cash

  37. Love your videos and steams mate, I never miss one, they make me tilt as I feel I’m playing in the same degen way as you do. Love building a balance then chasing it up and down until it’s all facking gone.

  38. Regardless of what other people are sayin’ i think it was a great video. It is always the same, people moan and say you should have collected, banked or ran with the money but if those large bets had come in they are like yeah well done you, what a great win. On the reelking I actually thought for a moment you were going to go for the £12k lol. I always go for the top on that game no matter how big or small the jp is and if I lose then I lose but the only way to get it is to try. When ever you get the 5 dings for the curtains AND there is a win one any line, it will not give a JP. When ever you get the 5 dings and there is no win at all on any lines there is a good chance for a jp even on the gamble feature. when you next play the game take note cos it will give you a hint wether it will let you gamble up or not 🙂 it ‘never’ pays a jp on the curtains when there is a win on any line ever and chances of gambling up to one is probably less than 1%.
    anyway I enjoyed the video but it was a shame you wasnt lucky in the end. thanks

  39. Reply
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos June 3, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    So close to being epic unlucky mate

  40. 4:03 … that was dumb Paul, why 🙁

    • but you were doing good (that strategy of yours) and you were about to press collect, i dunno what happened there that made you push the wrong button >shrugs<. I do hope next time, you give it a second thought 🙂

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 3, 2017 at 5:01 pm

      ha would you have commented the same if it won? It’s just hard not to get carried away with those gambles especially when feeling the flow ha

  41. love rocknrolla. top stream and top bloke. much respect

  42. At 4:05 he jerked of to Porn that he watched on other screen lol

  43. I never knew Bradley walsh was a croupier??

  44. My god, where is all that money comming from?

  45. Good video mate shame you couldn’t smash the wagering, another impressive session matey, whens your next stream pal?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 3, 2017 at 5:04 pm

      Yeh still had fun with it……I think ha! Hopefully Sunday eve I will be streaming mate

  46. love the sickness mate…you and bandit are awesome

  47. Paul all i am going to say is this, Go and watch your youtube channel intro. Then sitdown somewhere quite and reflect on the fact your purpose for this channel was always to have fun and make money(According to your video) ………… I want you to do well please stop and have a think and set stop limits so you will always walk away a winner (Where possible :0) )

  48. Good effort mate can’t win them all ?

  49. keep it going mate ????

  50. your commentary is funny, i like it

  51. Hard lines Paul. However, I can sense four or five explorers in the bonus for you on a 10 pound plus bet on book of Ra. .. It’s going to happen!

  52. C’mon Paul let’s smash one in.

  53. ooh that reel king gamble..addictive

  54. Fucking hell love ya mate <3 Can you do a series in which you use your viewers systems?It would be fun 😀 (You deposit 10$, AND use 1$ stake.)

  55. why no face paul?

  56. im making a slots and gambling channel called GET THE FUGE IN THERE

  57. degenerate bastard. thats why we luv ya!

  58. 17-20 neighbors not a great bet mate

  59. Paul u need to go to casino more for roulette. I know u will b better off deffently better than playing that rigged shit online.

  60. mate you really don’t know when to stop. you hit a good win but always say the one next to it was better. you will ruin your life. seriously addicted.

  61. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel June 4, 2017 at 1:35 am

    “Rocknrolla” only walks away with the fucking “LOT”???

  62. Reply
    ONLINE ROULETTE GAMBLER June 4, 2017 at 6:10 am

    Adrenaline is our everything

  63. When you cover tier just do the whole section please, so painful to watch!

  64. love you videos
    sick tho my children use this language. How old are you rocknrolla? Allways enjoy your videos pal

    • Anthony Bleakley “sick” is a poker/gambling expression, meaning (something along the lines of): an almost unbelievable run/hand/spin, where the odds are seemingly defied. It usually has a negative connotation. (Ie I have quads, but you hit a royal straight – “sick hand man, sick hand!”

      As opposed to the youts (!) that say “sick” as in “cool/awesome/good”. Ie. “This club ting is sick blud”. ☺️✌️

  65. Reply
    James Shakespeare June 4, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I’m new to your videos so I was just wondering why do u play with such high stakes? Where have you acquired all this money from is it from previous big wins?

  66. Bloody love watching you do the reel king slot Paul!

  67. hi paul ,followed u from the begining and yes your right the bonuses are gambling tokens,and u gamble to suit your buzz and needs,i can relate to everything u say and do..the problem is people judge you by their bets and wagers and think your mad!
    but like u said before when it becomes a problem only you know that feeling ,only then will u calm it down..hopefully that time wont come too soon.keep the entertainment coming mate…ty..cheers steve..AKA rizzo…catch up in your chat one night if u see me …lol..your getting toooo popular…

  68. Hardcore winning this

  69. at the bigining u was smart boy but then u warm up 🙁

  70. i love how upset gambling makes you, “arghhhhhh” hahha!!

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