RECORD WIN ON IMMORTAL ROMANCE – BIG WIN 3.60 euro betsize MEGA WIN with Epic reactions


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  1. Reply
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos April 11, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Just insane

    • Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos chip thanks so much . Soooo sorry about the time ,
      But I kept trying till 2.30 in the morning . Ha ha , just got out of my bed , had my shower , for half day Wednesday lol
      There’s one thing chip , if that man , asks you to but another £500 on my Rainbow Ritchie’s ? , of his money ,
      I wanna press the button . Please OMG I would of persuaded him to go 10 spins at £50 , . But it’s done now chip ???

    • Reply
      Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos April 12, 2017 at 8:22 am

      i will pass the message on for you

    • Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos hi chip , please contact our David Labowsky , tell him , on Rita’s laptop it’s the same invalid Address
      I’ve done link , but 0 is happening , put in what tonight he gave me . Lost again now .
      I don’t know how to give out my Addresses to with out the world seeing it .ta chip , I’ll buy you a pint or 10 lol ?

    • Reply
      Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos April 11, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      Rita simpkins you ok Rita ?

    • Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos chip can you reply plz ?

  2. so sick, gratz guys

  3. Was quality guys congrats again

  4. beautiful

  5. Oh my god bro!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. so freaking horrible! unlucky bonus 🙁

  7. jäävlar

  8. Please, make a compilation of RECORD WINS in the future!

  9. Reply
    КВН лучшее _ April 11, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    very nice win))

  10. dream win

  11. Reply
    The Matrix has you! April 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    gl sir

  12. You guys have had such a sick streak lately wow just wow. Gratz ^^

  13. yassssssssss!

  14. Any chance of a loan plz lads ?

  15. Congratz bros ! 1Diabetic1 here from twich!

  16. Wtf i have never seen befor so a nice win on this game nice bros.

  17. i’ve had 4 wilds but that is the most sickest hit in this game by far :).. that setup must be almost the best you can get :)… awesome hit ante bro<3

  18. Nice my bro

  19. Speachless!! AMAZING WIN!!!


  21. Wow congrats fam xD

  22. OMG nice dude 😀


  24. Holy horse shit!!!!!!!!!

  25. Holy fuck… Gz!! true RECORD WIN 😀

  26. Reply
    Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH April 11, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    so many salty people if u play as often as these bros do your gonna get amazing hits every now and then thats gotta be the best screen so many 9s aswell as premiums

  27. HOLY FAK!

  28. a bit that thumbnail


  30. That is…………insane!!!!! Congrats boys, letsago

  31. Damn, that is something else! Never seen something even close to that on Immortal Romance Amber free spins. Congrats!

  32. Snyggt! Hälsningar Jwallden

  33. Ante my man … bableeeem

  34. Always the poster drops at the big win!

  35. Hit of a lifetime right there lads. Mon the casino Daddy!

  36. Nice hit

  37. Reply
    Arturs Eduards Bregis April 11, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    you are the fucking truth bro! subscribed!

  38. I love the Song so much!!!

  39. That sir, is facking insane!!!!!!

  40. crazy win guys on a tough to get big wins game

  41. I was playing slots earlier thought I might try IR as I haven’t played it in ages. Thought no as it never pays anymore then I see this ??

  42. Reply
    CasinoGlance - Slots Videos & more April 11, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Sick win.. Congrats Guys 🙂

  43. Unstinkingbelievable guys!! Wow! ??

  44. Lovely win! Lesssssegoooo!

  45. Crazy win jesus this is what i call a jackpot well deserved

  46. omfg … awesome

  47. holy fkimng shit

  48. sick 🙂

  49. Never seen as beautiful hit during Amber feature. Never. Congratulations!

  50. awesome win guys!!! some serious math errors in this video haha. it’s not that hard to figure out 3.60 goes into 9,500 is alot more than 2000x, and the guy in chat say 3200x hahaha

  51. This is a big win not some pussy ass 800€

  52. sick win boys, so effing lucky!!

  53. Reply
    Chris's Slot Channel April 12, 2017 at 6:58 am

    WOW!!!! Huge congrats to you dude.(“,) what a win!!

  54. holy shit massive win!! Letsafuckingo

  55. stop blasphemy it spoils the vids

  56. rotto nel culo

  57. That was amazing! Can it do it with 2 more Sarah’s on reel 2 & 4? But I’m sure 9,500 is enough lol

  58. Gamble it ! XD

  59. 1 wild line, 4 lines of Sarah, 1 line of Michael, 16 lines of 9’s, 1 line of Jacks.

  60. sick alone the 9´s x 32 with Wild so x 2 and x 5 in games is alone 3840 € or something 😀 and then all this Sarahs and Wildline the Rest :O

  61. Let’s a gooo!!

  62. Reply
    JOHNNY GOT THE BONE April 21, 2017 at 9:22 pm


  63. yeah but look at them losses at 3:10

    • what are you on about? it shows losses of 13k but wins of 18k. So he’s already 5k up….

    • He’s an affiliate playing with bonus money. Not sure if he’s cashed out at all.

    • I guess it is about the wages, even tho they lost 13k before this win, they wouldnt be able to cash it out. So they might have been done with the wager and won 9.5k and cashed it out.. But i dont know.

  64. I almost hit this exact same win the other day but the last reel had no sarah or wild. I saw it come in slow motion and thought “its a casinodaddy win” but it didn’t come in.

  65. Imagine this with 10 euro bets lol, this was sick

    • +Casinodaddy CASINO STREAMER I like that you respond to comments from fans. Keep up the big winnings, Greetz from The Netherlands.

  66. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ miss the bro’s nice win anton my man

  67. which song played in the freegames? ? my english is not the yellow from the egg ???

  68. dream hit right there
    I love how his little friends come running in the back ground

  69. i want party this guys :D:D

  70. Wow what a win! Awesome guys enjoy the money 🙂

  71. crazy 🙂

  72. A very epic hit mr.Ebro but can you check that win with a matematician because an 18€ bonus with 5 Wild simbol is not exactly 9k euros

  73. I had this a lot of time and fuck im so unlucky i always plays with 0.30

  74. красава!!!

  75. When i feel down i just go here and watch you win this AWESOME WIN!!! so happy for u guys u really deserve this kinds of win! keep the good work up and the positive vibes! 9 fkcing tusen!!!

  76. how can you always be so lucky 😀

  77. хуйня …сколько играю в эту игру ничего не выпадало интересного, кроме пару линий,иногда засыпаю от скукоты,а тут блять сыпет охуеть, пидорочки с логом своего пиареного казиношки показуху рубят

  78. Vilka jävla på hit

  79. I had 4 wilds on wild desire… This was a wet dream btw. I was always suspicious of the 5x feat if you compare it to when you can get 15 wilds all over. Nice hit dude, nice swenglish accent as well.

    • I doubt we’ll ever get a hit like that again, the chances must be so extremely low it’s insane. Think in the end all 4 features have about the same potential x wise. Hope you’ll get it too one day! 😀

  80. Did you get paid

  81. so can you confirm this is a legit site. and if so how os the withdrawing prosess

    • Yes SlotsMillion is a legit site, very well known. Also quite a lot of games and fast withdraws! Usually within 24 hours.

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