RECORD WIN!! – Magic Mirror Delux 2 by Merkur – MAXIMUM RETRIGGER??


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  1. First, OMG its insane

  2. sick win, mate

  3. jesus!

  4. Jesus Christ Jesus! What an amazing win. Well done!

  5. DINGDINGG Nice hit Jesus. I hate the fact so much that Merkur is gone in The Netherlands and I think Germany too. No idea why they left us!! Anyway enjoy the win and much love ♥

  6. My first ever bonus on this slot was a 50 spin / 1500x bonus. I’ve been hooked on it ever since but only ever reached 50 again once. Seeing 100 gives me hope but this has to be as rare, as a full screen explorer bonus on Book. Grats, dont spend it all at once (without a decent bonus). 🙂

  7. Haters are always hating! Congrats on an INSANE bonus!!

  8. why i cant be so lucky. everytime i play i lose in few minutes 🙁 nice hit btw congratzz grannies …

  9. The casino itself cannot “rig” any slot. These guys just like other slot streamers with the exception of rocknrolla and the bandit started streaming playing low stakes. Because of all the fucking mugs that sign up via their affiliate links earning them a small fortune enabling them to play for hours on end, they now play at much larger stakes and every now and then they are going to hit big. it’s their business and they make their money feeding from the addicts, but in the same breath promote gambling awareness, genius really ??

    • We kinda feel like if you have affinity with slots – you will find us. If you don’t gamble it’s pretty hard to find us if you don’t look. Think people have their own responsibility too. There are many temptations in life, it’s up to you which one seduces you. Lots of people from our community tell us it helps them with their addiction also to watch us paly. Makes them play less. We get your point though

    • CasinoDaddy Agreed it’s no secret mate. You are running a business at the end of the day that you call entertainment. The problem is the majority of gamblers are addicts like yourself, but you have found a lucrative way to fund your habit through those addicts. Yes it’s there choice to play but try putting a bag of heroin in front of a recovering addict and see how that goes? It’s just you do it differently by offering promos and giveaways to keep people playing.

    • Suppose you can put it that way. We are here to provide you with entertainment, while offering you better deals through our links – that also support us. I don’t think we’ve ever made a secret of any of this.

  10. Look at one of the big PR picture of one of the Casinos in the background where you can read only ” ino ” with the dinousaur picture ??… it stands for Lucky Dino Casino… i think… so dont believe this guy, he is a scumbag lier… dont trust the winns he promote, its not true !!

    • +IN OM you are so right they are addicts that take the chance to make Money with another addicts by fooling them they will go to hell for that … We addicts should save each other instead of scamming one of ourselfs

    • The benefits are income from affiliation links, and better casino deposit bonuses. Our goal is to provide you with entertainment, while offering you better offers through our links – which in turn give us part of our income. The benefits have nothing to do with our probability to win. These are no secrets, and we’ve always been transparent about these things 🙂 Happy to answer your questions.

    • CasinoDaddy yeah, right… as you said by yourself: ” you get benefits from your casino partners” !!!! There we have the difference on yours and my “luck” and “chances” in playing those casinos !!! I can assure you that you are showing uss exactly those “benefits” on these streams !!!
      I dont have lust and time to do this conversation anymore with you !!! I’ve been gambling for enough years so you “can” fool me with your low bullshit… bye bye

    • I think you casually forget the fact we stream slots 12 hours a day, so about 84 hours a week. This means every now and then we win big, and we upload those wins. If you do not understand this, then I do think you should try a bit harder to see the logic here. We have no way to influence RTP/slot payouts. Of course we are casino partners, and this gives us benefits to play more, and play longer. But we have the same chance to win on a slot as you do. 😉

    • CasinoDaddy Yes, that’s exactly what i think… he can stream for many different casinos and still do PR for the same casinos… i am a member of exactly same casinos but i never do the same winns… i mean, come on… you cant think that we are stupid !!! The guy is on every weeks “best” winns stream in different stream channels… but, hmmmm ?? on the other hand there is always the same persons that are in the same streams channels showing always their “bullshit” winns !!! It might happen that they win every week also, im not sure but then it might be the Casinos that are scumbags fucking manipulative liars !!!!!

  11. unbelievable, awesome super mega win. high five to you 😀

  12. awesome win well done… took alot of hours grinding out MMD2 to finally unlock all symbols. well played

  13. Reply
    Little Lukas Slimie April 19, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Magic Jesus Deluxe ? awesome bro….lessafuckinggo

  14. For that type of payout that slot game would of taken in around 45k the thing we don’t know is how long did it take the slot to save that amount of money up?. or it could just be fake But i have seen plenty of streamers losing thousands on that slot.

  15. IMO is it really that big win compared to the amount of free spins? Non the less nice hit and it was fun to see it live with all that hype in chat 🙂

  16. Again max retrigger…? No, just no..

  17. mental luck well done xxx

  18. Do you actually get to do something you want with the money you win off of wins like these?

  19. good 1

  20. Nice win wtf retriggers

  21. congrats

  22. So many big wins in such a short amount of time. Seems like every “major streamer” is having record wins these days…

  23. Legendary.

  24. If youre playing non stop youre bound to hit some massive hit but this is just silly how many they get every fucking week, its not like they some get decent hit but record wins all the fucking time. i know i spent a lot of time playing slots, no where near CasinoDaddy but if i count the time they spend in few month i beat by far but i dont EVER see wins like this or even the big wins they had the past weeks. If you count their “big wins” videos the past month its almost once a day so is that not even fucking possible.

    • It’s correct we’ve uploaded a LOT of big win videos past month. This has to do with the fact we’ve been offline from youtube for about 3 months, so we saved up a lot of videos. We understand it can seem unlikely, but we promise there is nothing fishy about our wins. Just playing 12 hours a day, and saving up all the big wins that we were unable to upload until recently. 🙂

  25. that fucking good bro…

  26. You could do without fuck, fuck.

  27. Congratulations

  28. im pretty sure people do get wins like this as ive had one my self but the thing that makes me think its aload of fake rubbish is how often he gets these sort of wins people put tens of thousands into online slots and only ever see wins like this once if lucky yet these chuck in 500 and seem to always get these epic re-trigger huge win bonuses. you can say its luck but your playing a computerised game where luck doesnt exist.

  29. Wow! Amaizing!

  30. OMFG heftig ?

  31. 38:40 Song ?

  32. Reply
    ทน คงยัง November 24, 2018 at 12:58 am

    3000x omg

  33. Weis Jemand Was Für Eine Spiele Seite Das Ist, Und Ob Man Da Als Deutscher Sich Auch Registrieren Kann???Mfg. Sven

  34. This is some kind of jackpot incorporated in the game.Instead of just pushing the cash all at once it gives it like this.

  35. Now you can do 500 euro per spin ?❤

  36. Can you tell me how you do the big explosion thing? That is amzing

  37. This was the first slot i ever played, on a physical merkur machine in a games salon in Spain, i find the physical machines are a bit looser and gave more bonuses (you were almost guaranteed a bonus in the first 50 spins and back to back bonuses were not uncommon) as opposed to the online one where she can destroy your balance in no time. Ahh miss those days, i still play magic to this day online but its just not the same haha

    • I see! but didn’t they pay a bit less on average when you got the bonus? Idk, perhaps the returns were just a bit higher back then

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