Quick Roulette Redemption???


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  1. What up buttercup!!!!!!!

  2. Gonna watch before I read the comments and find out the outcome ??‍♂️?

  3. Give me this money. This is Pure dumm

    • I think its actually pretty nice that he puts these huge loss videos up, he knows he will get shit for it but still upploads them to give a realistic view of gambling, and maybe watching this will make someone atleast think twice about making a deposit themselves

  4. Good track, shame about the outcome! Where do you get your royalty free sound tracks from?

  5. Fuck me you’ve been unlucky lately Paul!!! I’m sure a massive hit is due on both slots and roulette

  6. How to loose 3 bags in 2 minutes

  7. Omg another loss, I kinda feel sorry for you Paul but you must have the bank roll to gamble so I shouldn’t get too upset for you. Good luck anyway, a monster hit is brewing.

  8. The streams we watch when you lose money then when your off stream if you lose it will add up an add up. I’d put a cap on how much you can deposit everyone likes to see you bet big but gotta think f yourself

  9. Of all numbers it ends on a 8 damn

  10. Your literally the only youtuber who uploads losses ???? i get it. You dont wanna give thw false impression that you only win. For god sake rollllaaa give us some winners lol

    • Ow Dawg he’s also one of the only ones that plays roulette like this that I have seen out of the main ones maybe a few have a little go in slot vids or streams but not a straight 4K at roulette what do you expect from them an hour long video of slot losses ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 15, 2017 at 12:12 pm

      haha maybe the next one

  11. These straight deposits or balance builds?? Unlucky though it will come mate

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 15, 2017 at 12:14 pm

      Think this one was from blackjack but the deposits for the day would probably have added up to this amount I think

  12. You go zero wheel like tier. Shame. Unlucky there mate

  13. Good lord mate. Perhaps a week away from the roulette is in order reset the bad juju. Love your streams, always rooting for you

  14. Unlucky rolla, when you streaming?

  15. 18 after wtf always the way if u waited 2 mins earlier as they say :/ gutted for you calm abit m8 you seem to be going degen alot recently dont Chase m8 get back to playing sensibly you will hit big on slots i reckon pal good luck

  16. You know what you have to do mate. Step back for 5 and ask how these make you feel. I don’t mean losing by the way….everyone hates that. I mean how much time a day you spend thinking about gambling now? Dont let it consume you please…..take care

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel so long as you’re all okay. We love riding the roller coaster with you but some of us understand it’s more than cash you put on the line with the highs and lows. Looking forward to the next stream, have a good weekend

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 15, 2017 at 12:43 pm

      Yeh I like your comment because its not always about the winning or losing to when you should take a break! Haven’t gambled since Wednesday and not planning to until Sunday

  17. Does your wife know u are a degenerate gambler that doesn’t know when to stop ?

  18. Quick Roulette Redemption??? That’ll be a no then!!

  19. Chasing your losses that’s a really bad idea ….. time to take a break mate getting painful to watch ☹

  20. Ffs ? can’t have this much bad luck @rocknrolla

  21. HE WHO DARES WINS !!!! (Dell boy)

  22. Reply
    Chinese from the waist down December 15, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    You got to take the rough with the smooth man as you know, great video for awareness.

  23. That sucks! Unlucky bud

  24. Just goes to show not everyone wins .its luck or bad luck in most cases .

  25. Reply
    thomas charles eagle December 15, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    That hair flick at 0.20 secs :O – highlight of the vid – unlucky Pablo

  26. Chasing massive wins all the time is recipe for disaster. Betting 1k 2k a spin at roulette is not good paul . having people blowing smoke up your ass does not help you. Yes you will hit big sometimes, but ultimately theres only one outcome, your a clever bloke paul . invest your time in something else . put your knowledge of the industry to better use .

  27. Fucking zero section if you don’t have it they come in…

  28. Why betting on like 10-12 numbers, isnt too low chance to hit? Why not 25 numbers?

  29. Nice to see the losses rollax…
    Great run btw

  30. You have seriously lost the value of money , stop now before you lose your family, your videos are becoming painful to watch

  31. When zeros due and it never comes, seen a bloke actually the other day at the casino said he’d been there for a day waiting on zero lol, swear ur a tier man tho coulda been big

  32. Paul is teasing us with these RIP sessions before he puts up the Roulette BIG WIN where he hits £250K

  33. Video roulette =100% lose always

  34. Always top up 8 after 4 comes!!

  35. Reply
    MissQuantum Casino Live Roulette & Blackjack December 15, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Awww….tho you love playing Tier, it was hot!! ?? /hug Paul

  36. That music was brutal I have a splitting headache just listening to it! Usually decent!

  37. I believe, someday roulette will pay you more than this again..

  38. Unlucky lol

  39. I appreciate that you upload both good and bad days, good luck and please do a late night or a very long stream so that i can watch you live from thailand ;)… Videos is great but live is the shit

  40. Dude Paul, 8 is ur jackpot number. Whatcha doin???

  41. Oh god im in love. What a hot girl

  42. You are Mr tier! Jackpot number is nearly always 8. Brutal to watch ur roulette luck at the moment. Go back to tier and tier only ur luck will change

  43. What the fuck was that end bounce all about? I’m sure they are regulated but Jesus that was iffy

  44. Come on bro you have been loosing alot it’s not nice watching this sort of videos .

  45. You just love chucking money away love your streams but the money won’t last for ever mate

  46. That’d be a fuck you from the roulette wheel then

  47. Dude, how many times has 8 and 10 made you rich? Not having a pop. Hoping it turns around for you soon, paul. gl

  48. my man, 😀 why don’t u invest u’r profits in CPA? or something that can give u lot of profits so u can satisfy u’r gambling hunger

  49. Nearly as bad as throwing away 18grand what a twat

  50. Haha

  51. Unlucky Paul mate, your videos are always entertaining and I’ve a lot of respect for posting all videos, win or lose

  52. Do you speak spanish Paul?,cause I am from Spain and i´ve seen a comment calling you “Pablo”….Thats Paul in spanish.

  53. Damn Paul luck is not on your side at the roulette table these days. Maybe give it a rest for a while? Haha JK ITS DUE much love ??

  54. Unlucky :((

  55. What’s the song ? ?

  56. What is the music any one no

  57. I think you want to win but I also think you subconsciously like the adrenaline of going from £3k to £400 then recovering it back to what you started with in the same session and thinking back on what nearly happened a few days later and feeling happy that you cheated a metaphorical almost death experience.

  58. I hope u hit 250k 1 day – thats if u got the balls to do that!

  59. same shit !

  60. rocknrolla please rap on this beat 😀

  61. Massive respect for uploading these kinds of videos showing a real side of gambling of a balance going to 0 and not just big wins

  62. Tier all day mate

  63. your favorite number whaat a surprise lol

  64. Not again…

  65. That was rigged your stupid if u nvr saw it

  66. Reality roulette.

  67. Reply
    Kostas Pardalis-Anastasiadis December 16, 2017 at 10:22 am

    100k quick roullete video is coming soon?

  68. Wow that last ball was all over it!!
    Mysticly it blew away to tier section……… GL in the next one Paul!!

  69. Back back back BACK! Pfffffffffff

  70. Sorry for your loss. I’ve been there, know what it’s like. It’s amazing how the buzz of a win wears off so much quicker than the gut wrenching pain of a loss. Good luck.

  71. Rigged as hell mate

  72. As soon as you lost your money 18 came in

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