Booooom wildline!!!

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Villa Fortuna Casino
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Villa Fortuna Casino

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  1. Reply
    Smithy Slots Chicken bacon beefy December 20, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    First to comment lol happy xmas to your family buddy

  2. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel December 20, 2016 at 3:42 pm


  3. What time are you live pal

  4. Get the fuck in there fuck the fobts

  5. Jesus Marie, well you deserved it bud <3

  6. Get in there Paul finally!!

  7. Finally! Get in there mate!

  8. :))))

  9. Only 2000x why you happy? Nah jokes well done

  10. Nice win just before xmas well done Paul bud

  11. excellent win pal well done

  12. I hope you gave yourself a standing ovation

  13. get in there

  14. from 2.7 pounds to a car tutorial lol

  15. Well done mate

  16. You have some serious good luck mate! Are you going for a big one today? what time does your stream start? 🙂

  17. lol have that bandit

  18. congrats!

  19. boooom! get the fuck in there. what time is the stream?

  20. Wtf that’s crazy!!

  21. Paul. Was that your baby on the first 3 secs of the vid? He/she caught the bandit for you haha 🙂

  22. right on I knew you would hit that wild line ya fucker lol

  23. Fucking class that mate boooomtown…

  24. U uploading tonight bandit lad.

  25. what a hit

  26. dirty mate!!

  27. congrats m8
    seriously you are the best, no doubt

  28. sick one!! massive spins on roulette tonight to reach that 50K or what?! YOLO

  29. what time is stream?

  30. Line up a few bonuses for tonight :D?

  31. Awesome hit, was starting the doubt the potential of this game. Looking forward to the stream, hoping for plenty of degen action!

  32. Holy fucking shit. Just seeing the numbers on the right roll up was exhilarating. Nice one mate

  33. you jammy dodger…. nice fucking win!

  34. dont play doa again.. thats your luck on doa gone for the nexy year

  35. nice one… got my first one last week…. such a rush when the final one hits…… now for the rare 5 scatters…

  36. You hit it! Was not expecting that with the video title. Get in there mate!

  37. Seriously what the fuck

  38. Get the fuck in there mate!

  39. Bandit! Get round his house smash the massive Big Ben clock off his heed lol! Well done Rolla!!! ??????

  40. Well done mate I can feel a good stream coming tonight ?

  41. Ohhhhh shit ???

  42. finally, congratulations bud!

  43. wtf did i just watch gonna stream paul on my tv tonight and have some beers

  44. Get. The. Fuck. In. There.

  45. sick win bro. See you in stream!

  46. Holy shit! That is amazing.

  47. It was due Paul… It was freakin due after all that nothing… Like 100 bonus spins without wilds.. 😀

  48. A long time coming, well done fella!

  49. Bout time tbf

  50. hahaha asif you finally got it get in bro

  51. hahahaha fuck me FINALLY you got it!!!

  52. Get in there

  53. Congrats m8…. happy Christmas to you and your family… looking forward to streaming tonight… cheers

  54. Get the fuck in there Paul ??

  55. Reply
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel December 20, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    gtfi…. well done mate. gonna be a nice xmas cashout for ya.

  56. 5300 on a 2,70 bet. Massive 😀
    Congrats on that, you deserve it.

  57. Love how you are able to turn a little mess about into a crazy win!!

  58. great win… CASHOUT! 😀

  59. imagine you’d have done your usual big stakes on this – imagine a £50 stake x 2000 = haha as if the casino would let you withdraw 100gs….they’d defo put up some roadblocks..

  60. about bloody time you got one…and on a nice stake. well done buddy

  61. I must have done like a hundred free spins on DoA, usually pays like nothing. Nice one dude!

  62. like this mess …

  63. nice one Rolla ,get the fuck in there!!look forward to the stream later?

  64. fk have fk get in there…that ll do….maybe another scotch my maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?

  65. get the fuck in there! so happy for you mate!

  66. Finally got that wild line, told you it was coming!

  67. Get in there finally done it brilliant win nice cashout incoming see you in the stream. Lets hope the bandit can get one now.

  68. Oooh ‘The Bandit’, he’s done you up like a real kipper there…wouldn’t stand for that LADDIIIIIIEEEE!

  69. not even 2 wild lines so bad haha

  70. wow! congrats man

  71. 2 dislikes, lolz, I smell jealously!!!

  72. Well done mate I came very close yesterday my self I needed the middle wild ?

  73. Shit, I was hoping this meant you were doing 50 pound spins and nailed this.

  74. Nice one! One day I hope I will hit a wild line doubt it though lol

  75. wow u jammy fucker!!! big stream tonight then paul?

  76. finally

  77. Welcome to the club cowboy, very nicely done ??

  78. lol av that bandit ?

  79. congrats mate, awesome

  80. That’s awesome Paul. To get a wild line is one thing, but to have them locked for 5 spins is another.

  81. Nice hit Paul!

  82. pure savage Paul well played mate

  83. What time does the stream start?

  84. Fantastic mate!

  85. OH MY GOD!!!! You finally did it! Congrats,mate 🙂

  86. yes my friend ….. you deserve it , watching you stops my urge to gamble so am thankful

  87. Very fucking nice

  88. Mind hooking me up with a stake on pokerstars after this big win? 🙂

  89. this is some bs how lucky are you, I only get a bag of shit every time I gamble

  90. Wow Paul. Congrats

  91. Get in there. Open a new bottle.

  92. OMG YES!!!! Amazing!!! On £2.70 as well! SENSATIONAL! *applauds*

  93. fuckin jesus. I bet the bandit is fuckin crying.

  94. Brilliant, just brilliant. I actually thought you had it earlier and punched the air for you….then realised it wasnt a line!! But it finally dropped. About time. Dont roulette it away before stream 😉

  95. fucking awesome, £900 a line for 5 spins, what a beauty. congrats

  96. shows the gambler in you, gets wild line, asks for 1 more wild for double wild line. lmao

  97. What a win gg

  98. Odds on losing it all tonight ? 1/5 ? Hopefully a withdraw tho before stream

  99. ur a lucky kid jeez always making those profits cud u maybe make a vid and help us with gambling?

  100. Surely an XO to start the stream?

  101. get in rolla!! Epic win mate

  102. Get-in-there! It smells like giveaways, a? 😀

  103. hey paul no stream tonight ???

  104. Ha that is a fucking mental win wd Mr Rocknrolla

  105. ooh wow ! Nice one m8. And you usually do so shit on this game.

  106. How does he always win


  108. When will the stream start?

  109. SIIIIIIIIIIICKKKK!!!! congrats

  110. fuckon hell congrats thats great.last week i gambled 900 pounds on all bets like even 2 pounds etc but lost all not even a bonus.if i had won this would have paid for my student debt right awah. woa enjoy it

  111. congrats mate sweet

  112. amazeballs at that stake well done

  113. What’s there to say but wow &a congrats x

  114. nice one! you should do a goliath sports/football bets video, it could be interesting. you could win a mint from doing a £100 stake goliath and I think you would get plenty of views and people would enjoy seeing how they pan out, I mean you do 150 spins on roulette so a 100 pound goliath bet should be pretty safe for you

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel so I only typed in 7 examples then lol, but you get the idea , as it is an 8 fold acca with a number singles doubles etc to be had

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel hi, tbh I’ve only just started doing them and I have got 3 running now. I would say 4 favourites a couple of draws and maybe a slight outsider you fancy. example 2,5 3,4 1,7 11,10 12,5 ,11,4 3,1 , you’re best going on odds checker caculator and typing in few diffrent odds to see what you think, you could try you’re first one for as little as 24.70 to test the water. If it’s mostly favourites that come in the reward isn’t that much profit, but say 4 favs and and 1 or 2 outsiders come in can be good, maybe have a little go of one boxing day for low stake of 24.70 see what you think

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 22, 2016 at 10:52 am

      Have you done these before? what kind of odds do you think need to be in it, as like is it good for say 8 football results ranging from 2/1 to 1/2??

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel the littlest on you can do is a total stake of 24.70, just go on odds checker and test out some diffrent odds, I think would Deffo create some interest for you’re channel

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 21, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      interesting thought, never done one of those bets before!

  115. Nice win, but very annoying with the “get the f**k in there!! get in there!! aah get in there!” all the time. Sounds a bit retarded actually when you say it like every two seconds, haha. (to my new haters: it’s just my opinion, everyone is allowed one!)

    Other than that you seem like a cool dude! I stumble across your videos sometimes and it sure seems like you know how to take risks and bet big! From the looks of it it has paid off.. I hope though that your gambling-style doesn’t bite you in the ass big time in the end and ruins your life like it has many others!

    keep it up and may the force be with you! 😉

  116. Jheeeeeze 2000x thats your biggest multiplier there

  117. Jammy bastard LOL

  118. where’s your stream from yesterday gone mate – was half way through watching and it’s just disspeared?

  119. hi mate love your vids just wondering have you won more than you’ve lost in your time gambling

  120. paul are u uploading last night stream i missed it ???


  122. Top video mate, have a merry zacapa xmas mate ??

  123. Congrats mate was waiting for you to hit that!

  124. that was epic!! well done on that one mate!!

  125. massive, nice one 🙂

  126. Amazing nice one! ?

  127. Rocknrolla, I have something for you. Non loose system. Write me..

  128. nice one this is really hard to get surprised to see them coming

  129. Wow grats what a crazy hit. Still chasing the wild line dream myself. :p

  130. get in there….

  131. excellent vid….really enjoyed that mate

  132. bandits next to get it hopefully ??xx

  133. you just won 5 grand and was calm as a cucumber. Are you up in total on casino? like past 5 years?

  134. Wow, amazing hit!

  135. I must of had a wild line cos I won £921 on a 45p stake but I was jumping all over as only my 3rd feature on it lol.

  136. I could pay off all my debt with that win

  137. get the fudge in there lad great win

  138. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel March 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Very nice win, well done

  139. Id think a joint stream between Rolla, Bandit and Kim would be a right giggle XD

  140. Why’ve I never seen this before?! Get in there Paul!!!!!!!

  141. That’s just sick……

  142. Nice win David Anderson love the streams mate

  143. Reply
    Wio Dallas - Lineage 2 May 9, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    So how much did you win here? IDK anything about this game.

  144. get in paul mate made up for you 🙂 just realized this a old video hahaha

  145. Does anybody know for some casinos in europe when you first entry to get some promotion ticket ?

  146. the record are 40k by 7,20

  147. Reply
    Lorenzo Von Matterhorn June 9, 2017 at 10:36 am


  148. Fuckin epicness!! lovely jovely!! what a belta!!!!

  149. Bonjour , quel est le site pour jouer dead or alive ?
    D’avance merci

  150. love your video bro makes me excited for you when u win n also helps me from not gambling thanks bro you dont know how much ur videos help me

  151. hello, I have a system to beat roulette on Lucky 31 pages. I know the next order of numbers. I work on it. I found a hole in their system. If anyone wants … write. No martingel .. no other crap

    • Rudy p. How much u made from it then and why are u trying to tell ppl on a YouTube vid.
      There are no systems to winning at roulette and your a fool if u say there is. I bet u trying to sell a bogus system to other idiots. Ppl like u need a good fukin kicking

  152. Sounds heavy queer even saying GTF in there. But well played aw the same.

  153. 5k from a 2.70 bet haha yeah not fake at all…

  154. Biggest win her 20 july is €69.000. look att Badmist6600

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