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  1. intro song? pls 🙂

  2. Played here:
    Play now and get 150% non-sticky bonus up to €300 with code: CASINODADDY

  3. Fist me

  4. Amazing guys

  5. damn thay intro is loud haha.

  6. Omg best comeback EVER!!!! <3

  7. Wow! well done mate. Give me some of your luck please lol

  8. Im still waiting for the “fake money” commentz

  9. You have completely lost the value of money.. “is that 900 euro? …. cool..”

    • cremo33 They dont see it as money. When they get 900 euros they dont compare it to real life examples. The average person has to work 50 hours for that money. But when he gets it its like… cool. The whole point of casino chips/slot points is to disconnect them from real money.
      You will feel really bad if you randomly burned a 50 euro bill. You will feel less bad when you play 200 points on a slot machine

    • These “streamers” get thousands of viewers, and a 1000x type win always seems to come along. I’m not saying it isnt real and its just careful editing to get rid of all the dead spins, but it must be so damned easy to manipulate this by the casino company. The streamers might not even know whats going on, but these guys , Nickslot and Rocknrolla etc get bigger “crowds” than some footie matches at times. Must be tempting to program a “fuck me” bonus within 10 spins of a slot on stream so all us nutters rush away to play to same game afterwards.

    • Reply
      Imagination Is Power January 23, 2018 at 5:44 am

      LOL No, it’s not bonus money at all, it’s a con by these gaming machine companies who obviously pay these wankers to act like they’re winning when it’s actually nothing more than ”play money” and yes, I know it looks like ‘real money’ But you’ve no common sense, how many times you see him hit huge? How many times do you see the ”same winner” in Bingo? I once, just out of pure interest watched an hour and a half of Bingo on a certain site and the same winner won the lot, £600 a house, about 7 straight, In the history of bingo in live halls you may see a 2 time house winner once a year on any particular night, the record is only a 3 time house winner I think and that’s with over a certain amount of players 300 I think. But this obvious fake crap should also prove to people just how easy these online slots are to manipulate, they fool people who think it’s the same as a slot down the pub. It’s not. The Pub needs a government gaming licensed these are licensed by corrupt channel Islands authorities. These slots all use what’s known as a RNG (Random Number Generator) much like online Bingo and online Poker, they only Random by name, they are so easily manipulated as these fakes prove every day. The governments should step in and do something as this really is Illegal and taking the piss out of people who are to thick to know any better.

    • LetsHaveALook it’s freaking bonus money. For sure it is nice but they know that it still has a big wagering

  10. OMG you went from 19k to 11k! Spending 8k for a bonus.. you’re nuts.. you’re gonna end up killing yourself with money troubles.. you’re only young.. these machines are plugged In for a reason ?

    • LetsHaveALook look at the sponsors, i dont think thay arr gonna have money problem soon atleast?

    • kts al money earbed from streamers and presents from casino. Not a single euro is him or that whole team of gamblers.. imagine.. a whole room set up, gambels 24/7. You need to be a fkn multi millionair. Is a multi miljonair streaming slot plays? No, he does not. Enjoy the video, but just think straight. You r getting fooled here. As long as you know that, jst enjoy the big wins.

    • Lol I guess I couldn’t really refute that other than saying you’re wrong? The fuck is up with everyone coming up with conspiracy theories in the youtube comments section.

    • Dav Herme Bet you’re a loyal affiliate lmao.

  11. -rep no fullscreen xd

  12. meh i’ve seen better runs. I haven’t. I just wanted to say that 😀

  13. why y not gamble..?

  14. nice win mate best of luck ????

  15. Haha fucking insane comeback

  16. well done

  17. Reply
    Hand Of God Hand Of God November 20, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    How i find this casino???Wheare i find id !!!

  18. Reply
    Evert Kasandikromo May 6, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Giveaway hope I win.Btw I love all Ure vid keep it comming.

  19. from 19k down to 11k,and then be happy for 5k again,hm you played with big bets right,hm that is to dangerous to lose all

  20. Reply
    christopher withers June 27, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    he is not great at pretending is he

  21. You went down from 19000E to 11000 before you got the bonus again and got back 5300E. What is your gambling budget? 50000E?

    • This video was a while ago, but I think this was a highroller bonus we got from betsson. Meaning we put in a part real money, betsson adds up a bonus, and we wager it while highrolling on stream. Yeah we do have a large budget, but not as big as you suggest 😀

  22. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel July 18, 2018 at 6:50 am

    Crazy win well done

  23. in 1:51 why didn’t the 3-hit on the pharaoh pay more?

    • No because the Pharaoh is a dead symbol in this case due to it being the special expansion symbol. It’s the same on Book of Ra and such 🙁

    • So the book-pharaoh-book doesn’t count as a 3-hit of pharaohs on line 2? Seriously? If so that’s stupid as fuck.

    • Ah I see what you mean now. That’s because that’s the special symbol in bonus, doesn’t count for line wins. In book of dead it does for example, but in this game it’s kind of a ‘dead object’ unless you get several of them for expansion ofc

    • Definitely should have paid 20 on top of that.

    • You got 8 from that spin, 2×1 from the 3×10’s and 6 from the 4xQ. Weird as fuck.

  24. I take 1000

  25. Ofcourse the giveaway next day and during working hours! Rip my pizza 🙁 Anyway happy for you grannies congratzz. Thats ten thousaaaand 😀 Love you guys!

  26. We ended up withdraw 10.000€ so will run a 1000€ giveaway today on twitch and youtube.

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