Monster Hit or Brutal loss on Roulette!!!


Roulette loves me?? Thanks for watching!!

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  1. No live streams mate ?

  2. Put them all up ??

  3. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel August 30, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    (Spoiler) – So this session was from late July. Not really sure what the target was but was very close to walking when 21 hit after the 10. Had I noticed sooner that 15 and 19 were covered poorly things might have been different as 1 number to the left 32 was 13k had it come in, but I’m sure I would have repeated and next number was a brick so who knows!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel 15k would been walking at least should put the 3k back … mad man but got be in to win

    • You have balls the size of watermelons man! Great to watch all your videos, keep doing what you want to do! It’s been said before… I’d still watch ya playing 10p stakes. Fuck all the haters and Fuck the FOBTs!!!

  4. Music on this is chill af mate love it! Whats the song?

  5. Reply
    Lu & stew’s online slots and gambling Uk players August 30, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    That’s was unlucky buddy

  6. This live roulett is not live. Its a digital roulette. The dealer dont spin the reel it looks reel but its not real. its a digital reel. You see that. the reel stocking a littlebit and its digital

  7. Bounced out of 3 into 15 unlucky pal rigged to fuck lol

  8. Are you blind ROCKNROLLA or don´t you see these jump-ups from pockets – it is against law of physics (that 15 number spin was so obvious). All online roulettes are rigged

    • That jump out of 5 at 4:30-4:50 lol

    • Paul Hannan she sounds pathetic.he had a point and she’s the type of idiot who can create an arguement with herself. Grow up

    • Think you need to take off the tin foil hat, step away from the online slots and accept you lost, and go back to learning how to use grammar.

    • So it’s only rigged when he loses he just won 15k and could of walked, people with gambling problems think it’s rigged

    • Karti Loco u 100% right!!!that was RIDICULOUS and so obvious.Paul plz look at that spin when 31 comes…plzzz,that’s so not a normal bounce and after a straight 31 without any bounce…plzzzzz watch it

  9. Unfortunate that u did not play on a real roulette maybe u wouldve walked with alot of money. Netent roulette is magnetic u can clearly see it by the way the ball jumps into a number and doesn’t bounce out of it

    • So you’re saying that hundreds of people online from different countries are all betting on the zero section? Because that’s the only way a magnet would work

    • It same situation like why some guy with 1 billion dollars wants to earn another billion dollars. It is all about greed and existing choice they can do this. There is the math they are worshiping. It is all abou maximalizing the profit

    • Of cousre the casino will always profit in the long run lad….but,,, we dont live for ever!!!!!!!
      Fast profit??????????
      And btw so you claim that this last spin at this video is legit right?

  10. Your a fud? complete tit

  11. Had it upto 15k at one point! Sore one!

  12. That’s literally disgusting the way they rig that, those last 3 spins were just taking the piss.

  13. oh, mate! should walk away with 15K

  14. Reply
    EvolutionHardCore S August 30, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Wtf bro 15 stop it take 13 k and play 2 k what are you doing bro we have problem …..

  15. my man…. streaming tonight Rolla? ✌

  16. you degen maniac! i love watching your way of gambling, brave….or really dumb. you’ll be laughing when it finally comes in and you bankrupt 21 casino. i wait in anticipation for the day it happens. good luck to you paul, unluckly this time!! big love

  17. I felt the pain for you but I guess you just want the facking lot! Tilted or not your videos wouldn’t be the same without it

  18. Streaming tonight?

  19. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan August 30, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    crazy stakes paul. but if you hit its crazy winnings.

  20. Never understand why people put bets on that dont cover there total bet , wtf is the point? 6k bet 1800 return…

  21. When are you gonna do stream with only Table games?

  22. Unlucky mate, maybe the luck will come on the next stream!

  23. that was sick u should gave up after 10

  24. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan August 30, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    i watched the spin where the ball got sucked into number 15 after having finished its momentum around number 32. i have to say im no conspiracy theorist but i do agree there was something extremely dodgy about that spin. what do you think paul

  25. Balls of steal mate lol

  26. The Roulette Ball jumps , ahhhm, a lil bit strange

    • Everything is fair and all casinos and providers using RNG (Randrom Number Generator). It doesn’t matter if the ball jumps from a number to another. I know exactly how that works and every computer programmer know that

  27. feelsbadman, even for me

  28. thanks for the video.

  29. i think casino is most stupid thing in the fuking world dont do that……. I will tell how you finish……….. –

    • Valentin Kamenov yeah you will lose everything in the long run if you don’t stop. Unless you are a streamer and advertise casinos

  30. I worry about you, where’s the money coming from to fund this? I heard somewhere you have a family aswell. I enjoy watching your videos if I’m being honest but not matter how much you win it’ll always go back in, I hope you get help and I don’t see that to be demeaning. I understand it’s none of my business how you spend your money but I’m just giving my input, goodluck with whatever you decide to do ☺️

  31. Sick my fuckin dream to have balls as big as yours and the mindset unlucky mate people despise with jealously your the man

  32. that video was tense to watch especially the £6k bet, one day you will hit it massive paul. would love to see you win a £100k+ live on stream. I dont drink at all but if you do win £100k+ i will have a ronsa myself 😀

  33. the more i watch internet roullete when your doing your degen spins the more it shows me how bent rigged set up it all is, are you telling me you never notice what the ball is doing? its clearly in front of your face how rigged it is. the ball lands in your area and is pushed over, u can easily see it but because your the chosen one you make up excuses to how it cant be rigged, thats cuz your yhe one they are throwing money at. its like a ty for all the money you bring them in. i dont think your a bad person so good luck on the thing youv got going and make shitloads xx

  34. A years wage for some people , sickening lol

  35. Gutted buddy…But your the best I’ve ever watched. That’s why you’ll get the fooking lot Paul. Good luck mate and love to all X.

  36. Interesting to see all these people talking about magnets. Isn’t there ususally a few hundred people playing on one table anyway over differeny casinos? so how can they rig it just for one person? why would they anyway? And another point is here you lost 15k and people call it rigged, i think they should go watch your 22k cashout or your other huge roulette wins AND losses. Even if its rigged, its still pretty fair with what it pays in MY opinion. *this is just my thoughts on it*

    • Reply
      Christopher Scanlon August 31, 2017 at 12:43 am

      Watch the last spin if you think it isn’t rigged. It was in 3 and got literally pulled over to 15. I’m shocked how blatantly obvious it is

    • I agree. If it is rigged it is based on how much is on a number as opposed to an individual player. Even if Paul has £500 on a number it would be insignificant unless a lot of other people are backing it.

    • even if they do that, it would still make it pretty random for each individual player if you understand where im coming from. i think in reality the whole ‘its rigged’ is just a feeling people get after a loss as a coping machanism in a way. like ‘oh fuck i lost, how did i not win? it must be rigged’

    • i don’t really think it’s rigged either but just a thought.. if there’s 100 people playing, they could add the total of bets on every number from every person, and then make it land on the number with the lowest total amount

  37. @ROCKANROLLA man i dont understand tbh why you didnt walked with the 15k . You are one degenerate player. Anyway, much love and good luck , awesome vids, cheers from Liverpool

  38. Love watching your streams bud , but this one was bad to watch , having lost everything to gambling and now scraping day to day and a visit to the food bank now and again for myself and 2 kids. It will end in tears my friend , your a top bloke Paul just rain it in a little £6k spins on roulette wow wow wow , stay lucky my friend

  39. Why do you think all casinos use evolution roullette that is BASED in a VERY POOR country like Latvia? Because the casinos PAY a big amount of money to the authorities to turn a blind eye to any cheating. The gambling commission in Latvia is corrupt, so Evolution is free to mess with the machines as they please

  40. Omg that is soo rigged – look at the dealers hand disappear under the table and look at her concentration on the wheel to figure out where she wants it to land. The ball is going into 7/28/12 on the 15 spin. Magnet – don’t play roulette people

  41. Bye bye huge money lol shud have took it out at 11k and ran and banned urself for a month that way u wud have spent it on watever u needed..

  42. u gotto look at the bounces, u got scammed hard

  43. that 15k hit awesome man!

  44. Never once said this about any of these vids.. as you bring balls in a dump truck… BUT… I remember you once saying you rent as you can’t get a mortgage yet. I’d have cashed that 15k. Kept 5 and gave 10 the Mrs.. like you say you do. Surely you will have enough soon to put a massive deposit on a house with very little mortgage. Mate I’ve lost well into 6 figures through gambling since I was 17 before anyone start slating me… but that wasn’t degenerate… that was plane reckless..
    Good luck in future as always

  45. That was sore to watch paul! ?

  46. If i was still around THIS would never have happened! Im here for you Thunder Buddy even if you dont want me. Whatsapp me later….sincerly yours, your pal Ted

  47. you have an an illness

  48. So hard to watch this..

  49. Lol that makes me sick not going to lie. But after how do you not chase that back ? So you just go for like a 20 mile run ? Like how can you go sit in the other room and watch tv and be like yeah I was up 15k… ???

  50. Unlucky mate. When are you doing a stream?

  51. This man is willing to die with 2 Pistols in his hands… #Respect

  52. 6.5 grand that’s a decent 2nd hand car that is

  53. 32 compared to 15 🙁

  54. Silly after you hit the 15k … Should a just insta walked

  55. why the fudge wont you stream? Great exclusive late night bro sesh with Hypalinx last night!

  56. 15k not enough to stop?

  57. crazy gambling. big loss after winning that much

  58. What the hell were you thinking betting on tier/zero section/that number …….(joke)

  59. hard to know really what to say Paul…that 31 an the 15 spin did seem a bit odd…but then again you went there with 6k got to 15k an if it was rigged how would they know that you wouldn’t run after you got your balance to 15k…I would have to say you were very unlucky..Better Luck next time mate 🙂

  60. I think that even roulettes at real casinos are rigged. A total waste of time and money. It´s exciting but very expensive.

  61. Great vid but shame it ended that way. I have to say that number 15 did look suspicious – watch it again Paul and you’ll see. Watch how it jumps out of 3 with way too much energy and direction. I don’t normally think these things can be manipulated but in this case just maybe. Number 3 would have been over 14k!!

  62. Now then crackhead ur ace to watch still waiting for 100 k live steam when you smash 8 out with a grand on it 3 times in 4 spins



    Most UNREAL bounce to 31 (where you had £0 on) while it would’ve landed on tiers section normally (probably 5, 10, 23 or 8 where you had shitloads of money on).

    Why do you even play this, Rocknrolla? Because it is not your own money, but the Casino’s money that you’re advertising for anyways ? 🙂

  64. Only two things to say NOB ED

  65. That was bad luck? you had 9k on plus wtf do you want more to make that bets and hit every time you had your hit..

  66. The drop on the 31 one was absolutely nuts, it just looked so ridiculous magnetized

  67. 2:50 that ball was so being push out of pockets because payouts was massive on those numbers i expect. Rigged so bad. Its about picking the numbers that not many players have picked which mean a lower pay out for the casino.

  68. The title should be monster hit and brutal loss on roulette

  69. Woah 15k hit!! Nice video even though end up losing. Atleast you did get hell of an adrenaline rush

  70. holy shit paul. you had 15k :((

  71. Reply
    Pigs Casino - Slot and Roulette Casino Channel August 30, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    I play a lot of high stake roulette paul and i always usually avoid netent its rigged to the teeth. Take that spin at 4:45 31..

  72. Crazy gambling, good track tho.

  73. Doog

  74. hey rocknrolla, which casino would you say is best overall for roulette??

  75. 2:48 the ball was so going into 15 and magnet put it into 32 ??

  76. greed gets you no where, surely you need help with your gambling

  77. Guys how many times am I going to tell you all there’s no magnets no rigged shit going on…

    This is all down to the dealer and the wheel provided this is a cammy wheel ware the pockets are very thin and low meaning the ball has a lot of scatter and dose look like it dose strange things but this is also down to the dealer who aplies spin on the ball witch makes the ball change direction once it hits a pocket..

    There Is no magnets I made over £120k in 4months. I have lost a lot in the last 5years that’s because I was playing blind like most of you guys do there no point chasing an area hoping it will come in it don’t have to come in at all I play with logic and my system is magic yes I have had bad days with my system but over all I win 4 days out of 7..

    Stop blaming the casinos for stupid bets play with logic do some research trust me there is no magnets also stay away from cammy wheels there horrible to predict on play on John Huxley wheels.


    • Damian Cole not at all I’m a professional player I don’t plan to become a millionaire from roulette but if it happens so be it I don’t lose like I used to and I don’t play blind I have sense when placing a bet I don’t chase numbers when I bet I’m 90% sure it will hit.

      Believe what you want some gamblers just gamble to lose and have fun doing it but some have strategy and sense when placing a bet.

    • I guess you wrote a book on how to become a roulette millionaire too….

  78. nice to see you starting small on live roulette bud …. fuck the missis was doing C.P.R on me when that 10 for 15k rolled in i chocked on my coffee aha. unlucky mate just another loss but im sure many more mega wins to be won. go get it bud ..much love for uploading the bad moments as well as the good

  79. People saying “you need help” fuck off cause he lost. If he had won a bit a money this video yous would be saying nice hit pal hahah

  80. Fuck the haters. You have to play big to win big. You have balls of steel Paul. Respect!

  81. Just steam mmmm

  82. You got to take the highs with the lows. Most channels would never upload this. Thumbs up from me.

  83. Well that sucked, but really you lost £2.5K not £16K, which is what most people would be thinking. Hit a couple of more times and your minted. It’ll come in one day and you’ll have your £100K video 🙂 Thanks for the upload matey and best of luck for tonight.

    I really don’t understand all this talk of rigged wheels. It’s random chance as otherwise so many people would have to be in on the fraud it would be impossible to keep secret. One single disgruntled employee would see the casino owners serving time, and why would they risk that when the odds already favour them?

  84. I just don’t get why you punted it all back? You could have walked away with a tasty 10K. You need to learn how to slam on the brakes brother.

  85. Credit for putting this video up Paul, just goes to show it ain’t all sandwiches and picnics in the sun, much love ?

  86. Bro , y should take that 15k …
    Y need to know when to stop …

  87. Where is the sense in what you are doing from £3k you got it up to 15k then you were still laying out ridiculous bets that even punters that do it for a living would skwint at you need help mate as your gambling like an absolute degenerate letting £10s of thousands of pounds slip through your fingers because it will look good on stream. £15k you could of gone travelling for 6months and made a vlog still keeps 21 casino going .

  88. Love it Paul, i’m the type of viewer who always wants you to win<3

  89. So no one else think that ball went a bit weird when he hit that no.15. Jus kept rolling over until it was over far enough??

  90. name of song plz any 1

  91. OMFG, what did I just watch :O

  92. paul man, this came just at the right time as I’m just getting over my problem gambling addiction and this helped remind me when you either go for broke (or try to recover some major losses just so you can get by and pay the bills) … you can get initially lucky, and that then brings the winning streak mentality and spurs you on to continue. With some addiction thrown into the mix, you will more than likely get very unlucky and lose it all. Though I’m sure you’re only gambling what you can afford. I’m staying away from all gambling now for good.

  93. Your 1 crazy f u k er

  94. You just can win with people. They moan and say you don’t show losses and when you do you get loads of dislikes. Makes you wonder just what would make certain people happy

  95. Crazy bonkers, great entertainment though Paul

  96. The dark side

  97. I think a comment on how it went is not really going to make you or us sub’s feel good about anything really. I’ve got belly ache watching that.

  98. Reply
    Blighty Calling! Funny Clips! August 30, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    This is not good to watch.
    Should never have dropped below 10K.

    The bookies never lose in the long run!

  99. Alba is worst dealers to play with common man it was watching you where you betting ?????

  100. Lol you loving the hate Paul hahaha I love your degenerate gambling stops me doing it

  101. You no what I have to say thank you because for last 10 weeks I’m not playing just watching you , I’m stupid player which is lost 300000 pound on gambling , lost my house , lost my wife , lost my kids, I have good job in maximum 5 years I can’t buy my house back and I’m hoping my wife will give me second chance in time . But thank you because I’m see you how you losing is lessons for me , ( friendly advice give up and you )wish you all best and all luck you will need it ????????

  102. Fuck me rolla, wished i had balls as big as you lol, imagine 11 three times in a row, £100,000 dream one day mate

  103. What ever… 9 month gambling free partly because of you. . Lost 2500€ tonight and insta banned myself after.. Now it still kinda feels like a win after all this time.. -2500 € i 9 month wooooooop in happy. KEEP IT UP BRO

  104. Mark my words Paul, if you carry on as you are doing, you will lose everything. You seem like a decent guy and people enjoy your videos immensely, myself included, but none of us want to see you lose all you have…and you will if you don’t rein yourself in a bit. FFS you got up to 15k and ended up with £0.02p.! I know you have the big wins from time to time, but the casinos always win in the long run mate, always. Best wishes to you mate.

  105. big up phaeleh coming in at 1:21

  106. do you seriously trust electronic roulette?

  107. Ouch man. I’ve seen you take some hits but this one must have burned. Gotta rock degenerate tho it’s what makes the channel what it is ?

  108. You won 15 grand why didn’t you stop

  109. Watch the spin at 4:40+ spits the ball out of 5-10 fucking stupid, defying laws of physics once again these casinos

  110. Fucked u over there mate some serious magnets going on! 31 was crazy at 4.44 can see the pull blatantly unlucky lad

  111. fuckin hell pal….you know how to RocknRoll…thats why your stream is the only one I get excited about watching

  112. if i was filthy rich with a testical infection i still wouldn’t have balls bigger than yours! foolish or chancer i will never know fair play to you could of been different people to say different not fortunate to be in your control or position i just hope all your screen action is legit. i hope one day you call time with the casino and be fruitful and enjoy money with family don’t be a looser

  113. No offense, but sometimes I truly wonder how people like you can be married.

  114. Thanks for the vid. I agree, some of the bounces are suspect

  115. The second that music started to play, it was obvious it was gonna be a loss

  116. Reply
    Relaxation Soundwaves August 31, 2017 at 2:42 am

    How to gain and lose 15g’s in a minute.

  117. Reply
    pokerman111111111111 August 31, 2017 at 5:48 am

    how much is enough ????????????????

    • Reply
      Video Production Company December 5, 2018 at 11:55 am

      its not the money, gamblers have sort of disease when they are winning it feels too good, something like narcotics. Feeling is probably better then sex.

  118. May I just comment on what a great choice of song you chose for the video! Phaeleh is legendary!

  119. Voir que ta pas arreter quand ta gagner 15K serieusement tu commence a avoir un esti de probleme dude

  120. He’s a millionaire so him losing $15k is like a normal person losing $1.50, it means nothing to him. Stop saying he has a gambling problem

  121. You can clearly see that at 5.47 the ball landed in the 12-35 area but somehow it blew up to 15 which he had much less bets on it. This really clear to the eye come on, how they are able to do this. This is day time robbery

  122. I love watching your vids pal but this makes me upset dude. You don’t know what 15k would do for me. It’s Insane. I’m 20k in now and just wish for a hit like you have so I can leave all my gambling behind me. Shiiiet dude. Keep doing your own thing thou bro love it.

  123. Hey Paul.. what’s the song on this video bro .please

  124. you should of walked when you had £15k….. dumbass. you really do need help. I felt terrible when i lost £40! You must be dead inside?

  125. If I’m honest surprised you’re even married (so you claim) how could you ever tell your wife/kids you just gambled away 15 grand. If you don’t get your priorities sorted your life will slowly go downhill.

  126. That’s too much money Paul.
    You’re going to lose your arse from those crooked casinos.

  127. Slow down mate!!!!!!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s great television but it seems like no amount of money will satisfy. ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel September 9, 2017 at 9:33 pm

      Yes mate, after this series of vids recently I’ve decided to calm down a bit. Last few streams I’ve been able to not go to crazy with the stakes!

  128. hahahaha

  129. What is the song aroind 3min?

  130. Reply
    ShadowXgamerz92 (shadz) October 9, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Maybe you should see some one about your problems i play this game not to a extent like you i turned £10 in to £480 on roullete the other day

  131. mi puoi dira il link di questo csinò grazie

  132. As a ex addict you seriously need to get help If you can’t walk away with 6.5k you have a big problem with it mate. Also these wheels are rigged to all hell

  133. Guy bets 7000 to win 14000 and says it’s beautiful. just stick it on red or black. or cover fewer numbers. stick a grand on 29

  134. Watched loads of your live roulette videos and you ant won on any

  135. Look The Spin by 2:50 what a fake

  136. $15,000 and you werent satisfied???? WTF. ill take that 15k any day and then gtfo

  137. How can a human brain be so stupid to keep playing after winning 15k?

  138. 21 is the worst number in roulette

  139. 4:46 was manipulated for sure. There are no magnets… Those white balls now have remote to make them shake. Thats why the ball makes a leap out of nowhere.
    The ball was Going to stop At the 5 for sure.

  140. Why don’t you go into the casinos an play with the money your playing

  141. Rolla my man you have a heart of a lion. You’re on another level brother and being physically able to bet like this is unbelievable. $15k win in 1 spin tells me the $500k day is not far away. All the best on and off stream, look forward to the BIG1

  142. Ride the choo choo, more and more

  143. why not walk away with the 15K?????????????

  144. Can Koreans Join this Site?

  145. Wow someone that is even sicker then me

  146. greedy son of bitch

  147. I lost £42,85p today,I was devastated

  148. I would have taken my own life

  149. Wow why didn’t u walk at 15k??? I respect u tho lol and BTW when ever I go to bookies n play roulette I play ur numbers lol won fair bit

  150. I hope you don’t loose everything, and I don’t mean money.

  151. What os the song ?

  152. Reply
    If You Need Roulette Software & Earn Money?Mail me October 10, 2018 at 9:07 pm


  153. Hahahahaha you are a

  154. 15k and dont stop….. omg you have a big problem dude

  155. That 1800$ spin, really was a dirty bastard.. bro i thought u hit 11.. roles to 34.. :imdead:

  156. 5:47 it lands on 35-3 then gets pulled away to 15. What a scam my friend, I hope you learned a lesson

  157. It’s takes me 3 years of hard work to save what you’ve just lost for my mortgage. Weird to watch this is for me.

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