MEGA HIGH Stakes Roulette!!!! £10,000!!!!!


Whoop whoop!!! Thank for watching!!

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  1. First ??????

  2. When u live stream next paul

  3. Nice recovery, please don’t shit it up the wall. Hoping for an epic stream tonight!!!

  4. wow that was crazy

  5. Well done mate continue it tonight on stream ?

  6. Balls like watermelons….

  7. what a roller Coaster ride that was. what a streak towards the end. well done mate.

  8. Very nice!

  9. cant wait to see your stream, but now please make huge stake on tier hhh

  10. i like you paul but i think your lost in hyperspace my friend but good luck

  11. Niiiiiiiiiceee ?

  12. Think you need to start covering the 30 and 33 ha

  13. Another breath taking video, keep them coming you crazy roller, a bit of high stakes Bruce Lee would be good tonight. See you then.

  14. Wow I was never better entertained during a breakfast ?
    Well done mate ?

  15. Seems like you have had a few of these tilt to win sessions!! Nice one mate! Keep bashing the casino!

  16. Oioi Paul nice recovery m8-the importance of bankroll management hey! Get the fudge in there n word round the campfire is StreamHype!@#FackdaFobts????????

  17. Nice recovery you crazy fucker! Glad you pulled it back and looking forward to some nice bonus and a stream tonight!

  18. What is this songs name?

  19. You got a great music taste! loved the video Paul!!

  20. I swear to god , all yahhh do is cash out ! Peace out buddy ! Good job !

  21. Love that you was just about to leave you could see the mouse twitching then you did repeat and 3 came in Boom

    Well done

    Also you need to change your name to sicko

  22. sick to watch lol , great videos as always . can u do some Thai princess high stakes please

  23. I would sell my fingers to be able to gamble like that what a fucking rush #legalcocaine

  24. Whats the first song mate?

  25. Sir, with all due respect, you are a cammy junt.

  26. Earning 9k at 7 in the morning ain’t a bad start to the day!!

  27. Take my hat off to you!!!! Balls of steel.

  28. Wow, fair play Paul!!

  29. So so sick lol

  30. I will be getting my beers in later ready for your stream. You are the most degenerate gambler out there but you are just so awesome, nobody else comes close for pure entertainment. Hope you win big tonight.

  31. Reply
    Giorgi Manvelishvili December 13, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    nice streamer gl bro, how i can cash out 21casino 10$ bonus money?

  32. That roll in at 13:45 was mental! Never seen anything like it with that bounce! Well done!

    • Some will call it magnetic force (rigged)… I would say a very twisted ball through! We all know these wheel / ball combination is very jumpy, but that ended to be really nice on this voisins only bets 😉

  33. Is all that passion for voisins???
    lool Really nice good and big hits on there!

  34. Ron Zacapa is a wonderful drink.

  35. Mad man lol !!

  36. well played rocknrolla

  37. love it, your one lucky cookie paul, have a great stream tonight x

  38. Great comeback, well done ?

  39. Absolutely ridiculous stakes. £4500 deep in a matter of minutes, and all before 7 in the morning!

  40. Mate loving the bonus set up for tonight. Mental gaming and hope you banked the gravy. Bring on the harps and Steamy.

  41. Get the Ron on standby lad.

  42. Smashed it

  43. it’s easy to bet money like this but to watch the roulette table spin and to watch the ball drop, that’s when your heart is pounding out of your chest

  44. Good luck with the stream lad.

  45. nicely done, I lost a tenner earlier and felt gutted pmsl, you brought that tilt back with pure ease

  46. whos the music by?

  47. Lol thts my months pay in those first two stakes. How can u. Ahahahah

  48. I bet the last one was a fuckin magnet

  49. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel December 14, 2016 at 4:21 am

    0 section was definitely do!!Took a few extra!!? But business as usual ?for the “Rocknrolla”!!

  50. What is the last music track

  51. unusual for you to bet voisins dude

  52. Ballz of steel ?

  53. 1st live dealer she looks happy..not….RESULT…

  54. Are you playing with real money? Some of these sites have sponsorship deals where they subsidise or offer unlimited credit that you cannot withdraw in exchange for YouTube publicity.

  55. Up the ante every time you win will make you a loser in the long run. You have a serious gambling problem. You need help!!!

  56. good luck bros

  57. 10K … I hope it would be Zacapa Royal.

  58. where do you get all this money from? lol

  59. Reply
    Oojgii Altantsetseg June 1, 2017 at 5:36 am

    Rolla can i join you ? you Facebook id?

  60. Reply
    Tienes Un Llama Drama June 14, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    holy moly, I would of went through my laptop, desk, key board, and porn dvds gambling like this.

  61. Subtract all the money you put in and it’s more like 5000 instead of 10000. Easy on the clickbait.

  62. Glad to see you comeback. Not sure how you can trust these non live roulette games.

  63. bro u should not every bet place zero sector

  64. you don’t like 5 sector

  65. Fuck you rokabitch you play 700 to get 500 how smart gambler

  66. Awesome sound track

  67. 3 you beauty

  68. lol why would anyone gamble his money on a machine-based site? they could have programmed it to rig the fuck outta you (sigh)

  69. What song is in this video?

  70. Reply
    DOPEFRESHNESSSANN15 March 27, 2018 at 10:47 am

    What’s this tune?

  71. The most ridiculous bounces you’ll ever see on a roulette table rigged beyond belief just watch closely !

  72. The bet is higher than the expected earnings with the win…crazy

  73. Look at 7:40 min.
    Fuckin cheat

  74. High Stakes? More high losses

  75. I know I’m late as fuck, I’m just scrolling through all your videos…
    But 7:39 I have never seen such a magnetted spin wtffff, how has no one commented on this ? lmfao **EDIT** I payed attention to all the other spins as well and they are DODGY AS FUCK TOO.

  76. 3:11 watch en learn

  77. Dude just keeps repeating same bets over nd over again, no wonder he will hit eventually. Keep off gambling folks, this ruins lives and this guy just sold his soul to the devil. He will prolly end up hanging himself up trust me.

  78. 07:39 i just hate Netent. It’s hard to see one session without a rigged spin..

  79. Want to know aswell

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