Lord of the Ocean MAX Stake Bonus!!!


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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 29, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    No stream tonight, feeling rough!! Small chance of one tomorrow night, if not next one will be Sunday!

  2. first bitches

  3. Reply
    Blighty Calling! Funny Clips! November 29, 2017 at 1:16 pm


  4. You seem to win more on low steaks #£40

  5. One day you will catch some big jackpot paul nice one good luck

  6. If that doesn’t tilt you. Nothing will

  7. 8x.. I’d smash everything

  8. Book of ra or book of dead

  9. High stakes rigged lol

  10. Omg tilt mode engaged after that shit

  11. Paul a channel is using one of your previous live stream videos and has got a link to sign up to 200spins . com!!
    The channel was made yesterday and using all your pictures as well.
    Just thought id let you know just incase you didnt already bro.

  12. What the fudge! Its like Novamatics are programmed to ensure a bonus fail on a max bet stake!!

  13. Uggh, that was painful to watch (thanks for sharing)
    Novo’s on high stakes – at least with “Fairy Queen” you’re guaranteed 50x upwards

  14. This shits a mugs game

  15. Just hope your saving the best till last mate ha horrendous that like!

  16. We need to see one of these big bonuses hit.

  17. Unluckkkkkkyyyyyy

  18. 320 is still bank man, just collect while you are ahead ;p

  19. 2 words holy shit

  20. What’s the point of playing max bet?

  21. it kinda gives it away how the bonus ended when the video is so short. But nice vid anyway!

  22. Hard luck pal. It Will come.

  23. Reply
    Chris Hammond slots! November 29, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Fuck me that was harsh, again. Got to say I think this is the worst novo slot it just never seems to pay. Unlucky mate hopefully at least 200x if you have another planned

  24. Got a bonus on dead or alive on 3.60 stake and didn’t get a single win lol

  25. Absolute time wasting piece of scum meat of a feature. You need to get back on the reel king mega gambles you have been lucky ? on that game

  26. Can’t be a coincidence that they r all poor!

  27. It might be time to look for another casino. That’s the kind of feature to tilt me for a long time. I’d probably push and push until I went broke. Chin up Paul….
    Still the best streamer going ….!??

    • Brick 13 You do know it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the casino right? The casino is just a host for the slot makers, in this case Novomatic. Wouldn’t make any difference what site he triggered this feature on, the outcome would be exactly the same!

  28. Brutal, unlucky…

  29. Potential there on a premium symbol IF it’s hits but it’s gotta be letters at them stakes you want for the 4 and 5s full screens. You will hit big I’m sure

  30. Fuk them novos off

  31. Fun how the 40£ bonuses pays the same as 0.40£ ones

  32. Sore 1 paul

  33. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse November 29, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    hey rolla lost 2k today in betfred bud

    can u make me feel better please bro

    much love hypa x

  34. Clearly 40£ bonuses are cursed at LV
    All those 40£ bonuses and you ended up with 3.80£ profit #FeelsBadMan

  35. Unlucky brother bit of a shitter seeing the video duration so short meaning it’s almost guaranteed we can guess it’s shit

  36. Worst. Bonus. Ever. Unlucky mate

  37. Thats just disgusting proof that these games are designed to tale alot and pay out fuck all lol

  38. You know it’s going to be a fail when video is 2min long! Good luck next time

  39. Really looking like these don’t like to pay on max stake!

  40. Are the affiliates doing enough to promote responsible gambling and the problems of addiction?


    • cheers mate. yeah I agree that Paul has done the most in this regard and in the past has given pretty raw accounts of how bad things can get for some people.

    • Will B bro, awesome speech.. agreed with Paul, he’s the honest one out there We all know he was fucked he took action and used his brain.

  41. I have seen more won on a 50p stake on this game :p

  42. Fuck you Chest’s !!! For me it has always been an absolute jinx of a symbol. Unlucky pal.

  43. Feared the worst when I saw the length of video. You are due, keep them coming!!!

  44. 1 expansion of 2 yea ok the casino has fixed it big time on £40 spin u really think there gunna pay over 15 x no chance

  45. Jesus wept, that like 3 or 4 in a row?? Life changing potential shattered in a heartbeat. Fucking slots?

  46. hope its a good one mate

  47. Reply
    Blackcatseven - Casino Streamer November 29, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    I know some serbs, you want me to ask them to kill this game?

  48. cannot believe that gave you 8x on £40 a spin?!? that would put me right off slots lol

    • Alan Herbert trust me it wouldn’t.. it would make you blow the 13k on slots and then want to die and put you off slot after lol..

  49. 8x?!?!? wow my monitor would have been broke!
    better luck next time

  50. Just shows what fools we are for wasting money on this shit

  51. Get well soon lad take it easy feet up glass of Ron and see you tomorrow or Sunday

  52. no stream on my birthday paul !! heartbroken lol only messing feel better soon pal

  53. Ok if you must …..


  55. shite crooked dead spin city old bean shite

  56. Imho if your going to make these videos and want it to be entertaining to watch you should make a regular length for the video to keep it spoiler free at 2 min we all know it was a bust the second we see the upload a big hit would have taken 2 mins on most games just to count up let alone a re-trigger so making all of the big win or big fail type videos say 10 mins long with just black screen or what have you after the actual bonus ends will keep it entertaining to watch right up until the end.

  57. these big stakes don’t pay off paul but love the persistence. please look you tube message another cashout please can you help with some more magic please ??? much love

  58. Yet again my samen point there. A slot can only pay out money that went in. If u expect to get 10 or 20K features u should play bigger sites. I dont think anyone ever heard of LV bet before u started playing there

  59. you got cucked

  60. Me and three of my friend has been on it all night and Finnish doing the calculation and the result is that you won a 8x , congratulations

  61. Infuriating ? I once had a 18 pound bonus on a slot and won about 30quid, I’m now down over 8 grand. I’ve watched all you’re videos champ, no hate, get the fudge in

  62. and another fail on Novomatic…

  63. Das schlechteste online Casino was es gibt

  64. Not bad…. for a 40p bet 😀

  65. So rigged

  66. Hi Rocknrolla, love your channel and streams. They have helped me a lot with my gambling addiction which I know sounds strange. Do you have any social media accounts? Something I can follow to see when you will be streaming etc?

  67. You put the fudge in the title bro! I’m proud of you for taking the constructive criticism like a man… I now enjoyed the video more because I expected a small win in these short vids and that’s exactly what I got!

  68. Standard feature for me on this game Paul. Crap. ??

  69. wow I thought iv had some bad bonuses lol

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