Live Roulette QUICK Profit???


Reopened my account on a few sites and been playing around trying to find a good one. I had a £400 limit preset so decided to have a punt!

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WildTornado Casino
6 months ago

WildTornado Casino

WildTornado Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the WildTornado Casino Review with an overall rating review of 7.9
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Villa Fortuna Casino
6 months ago

Villa Fortuna Casino

Villa Fortuna Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the Villa Fortuna Casino Review with an overall rating review of 6.5
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SpinSon Casino
6 months ago

SpinSon Casino

SpinSon Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the SpinSon Casino Review with an overall rating review of 8.5
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6 months ago


EUSLOT Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the EUSLOT Casino Review with an overall rating review of 7.3
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BoaBoa Casino
6 months ago

BoaBoa Casino

BoaBoa Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the BoaBoa Casino Review with an overall rating review of 8.4
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Betsson Casino
6 months ago

Betsson Casino

Betsson Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the Betsson Casino Review with an overall rating review of 9.7



  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 1, 2017 at 10:55 am

    I uploaded the full footage of how I got the record 50 bonuses before stream here

    but its not edited and had to be muted

  2. first! 🙂

  3. I rate this video 6/10 because the music put me in a transs
    I will see you in court you son of a bitch

  4. :O That’s why you never watch the next spin. ONE ROCKNROLLA, ONE ROCKNROLLAAAAAA

  5. Raped again ?

  6. It hurt so much to see that 10 come in just after betting 75 on it and busting 🙁 best of luck next time buddy

  7. Oh you going to be using Casumo for streams now?

  8. Getta fugin in there!

  9. Paul there is a new slot called Planet of the Apes… won £500 on £2 stake yesterday… give it a go!

  10. Mt edan seara leon, what a tune!

  11. Swear that first dealer never sleeps Paul she’s always there ??

  12. Jesus! I’m sat in the bog at work hiding and watching this vid! Only for it to be an epic loss 🙁 unlucky pal! Keep firing ???????

  13. Don’t watch the last spin pal…..gutted

  14. Magnetic Bastard Ball xx. Good luck with your next stream Paul. Cant wait. Love to all. X

  15. Siera leone….nice

  16. 02:29 WTF! How did the ball do that?

  17. Reply
    jonny glitter från twitter waa waa wewewa November 1, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    hardest part is to quit in time…gl on the next one

  18. Tunnnnnnnnneeeee

  19. the final spin hurt me inside

  20. 2:24 spin! What the hell? Magnetic casino

  21. Love the music

  22. Should have done fruit warp reel race instead lol come on tier just won at 5/1 at notts did you back it??

  23. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel November 1, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    Congrats on the 6p cash out mate, spend it wisely 😉

  24. At least you received the Red Belt from casumo

  25. Making her look cute didn’t work… the 2nd chick looked stoned as snoop dogg

  26. damn, would have taken the 1000eur…too bad

  27. Ain’t heard that tune in time, banger. Unlucky on the spins.

  28. Story of my life lol probably back to back tier

  29. Proper tunes on this vid ?

  30. Look at that-31 times in a row dont enter zero section,and one more photo 39 times in a row dont enter orphelins,Paul,do you remember that this 2 series dont came more times?

  31. Quick profit and a 5 minute video lol you had a profit at one point, but no offense, you are a greedy gambler, who does not know when to stop. A £600 profit should have been enough, I will watch the vid again, just to make sure you hit a grand, hard to notice the balance when you have roulette porn. The girls are certainly a distraction. OK make that a GRAND profit. PRAT with a capital P R A T.

  32. 2:30 is really weird, what the ball does…

  33. My tea got burnt listening to that trance music. Zoned out! When’s the next stream?

  34. 2:30 the ultimate proof…slowmo that shit and tell me roulette is fair and has no magnets… tell me.. i’ll never fucking play roulette again

    • StarSG-1 it was pretty strange, I think they only way they cheat is by letting the ball drop at the right time pressing a fake button on the table. It cuts like an electric/magnetic current and allows the ball to drop down

    • True I agree…But a lot of wheels and more importantly the Ball/Pill is rigged.Because More Is never enough for is not conspiracy there is now PROOF

    • They dont need to rig the wheel with magnets to win your money. The game itself is house favoured…


    • Proof

      spread the word

  35. Did you back/ do you own the horse Come on Tier that won at 1 o clock today?!

  36. Dumbass! Pure GREED!

  37. Eyes lite up when I see your new videos thinking big jackpots unlucky cheif

  38. Hey paul!
    21casino and another more casino’s r since today under MGA(MALTA GAMING AUTHORITY)and they come with new set on rulles (wich i didnt accept yet)but one of the rulle is if a playe win more then 100k he will get his 100k in 10 months (10k in a month)
    What i wanna ask is:does 21casino had this rule also befor MGA took over of is just a new rule?
    P.S:Also if a player win on a jackpot slot more then 250k,21casino ill pay max 250k.exclusief progresiv jackpot

  39. Never seen so many unnatural ball movements, surprised u haven’t picked up on it paul,,,,

  40. Tune. Mate this shows you have more time on your hands now for the upload. I loved it. What were the corner bets all about?

  41. 02:28 Wow someone must have had a LOT of money on the tier section LOL

    and people still argue this isn’t rigged????

  42. When your on the streets with nothing no one cares about you then you know what gambling can do too you

  43. You had a £1000 “quick profit” but greed took over and deserved to lose it all!

  44. addiction at its finest

  45. Is the ball on crack?

  46. OMG 2:33 is THE MOST CLEAR evidence I have everrrrrrr seen of a fake manipulated spin … woooow … other studios / casinos that offer roulette wheels to casinos cheat also … but in my career immersive roulette I said it already sooooo many times in fora , immersive is the most sick manipulated wheel I know … these guys actually deserve a ban … ethical casinos should have to ban them … and if you talk with live support trust me … you will always get the same bull shit … oh the girls don’t have button beneath the wheel … oh we have no option to interrupt the game , we can’t manipulate blabla blabla blabla …

  47. The dubstep track was good the bad luck wasn’t. Listening to a dubstep track the other day and started with deep vocals saying “my man” ideal for one of your vids

  48. Fair play son. Your money, your channel, your life. Big up the rolla! Wish i could do what u do……Hate the game not the player

  49. That magnet….. never doing online roulette again… Look at 2.30

  50. wtf is this music

  51. hi mate i won a jackpot on casumo last night ive request the withdrawal how long will it take to reach my bank thanks dude

  52. Hard luck mate

    But i really like how you choose the tracks for your videos

  53. All these morons not knowing how physics works.. fkn gyro ball and magnets gtfo. You are all so stupid for believing that garbage, and even more stupid to play online roulette despite believing your own fallacies…

  54. any stream tonight dude!??

  55. When is the next stream mate?

  56. R u streaming tonight paul

  57. Sweet bro thank for reply

  58. Still on for streaming tonight Paul?

  59. I’m sure that number 2 has killed you off a fair few times, might be best when betting on green, to be on at least 6 neighbours

  60. kire tui achoc ni

  61. I honestly think you bet in a way that makes it lucrative for the casino, the only hope of winning in roulette is to have a progressive bet size and reduce your risk of ruin by having more spread. Also if you get good at poker then you become the house in some respect. I’m curious what you do for a living

  62. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 5, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    No mate but hopefully will be tomorrow night

  63. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 5, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    No mate, doesn’t look likely

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