Live Roulette £500 to ???? Redemption??


This session was about a week a go I think.

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  1. Get the fuck in there!

  2. Top quality degenerate betting right here. Fucking 28.

  3. Like you said greed. But that’s the way you gamble

    • hindsight? that’s just the way how i play. i’ve done bullets with 20 euro starts and my target is 200 euro. when i hit it i leave. so i try to get the starting balance x 10. I’ve done it a couple of times and I have never pushed it more after I reached 10 x the starting point. No offense or anything thats just how I play.

    • Easy to say it’s a walking point in hindsight though. £500 to £1000 is a walking point for some people, just depends on how far you’re willing to push it

    • Diamedi very true mate

    • hmmm from 500 to 5000 would be a leaving point in my eyes.

  4. Get the fudge in there

  5. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel April 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    It’s an evil wheel

  6. Jackpot nr was 8 when 0 came in mate:)

  7. Any winning videos?? These losses are hard to watch ?

  8. Go Big or Go Home, Get the fudge in there !!

  9. It’s the magnets! Lol unlucky mate some good hits though

  10. I respect you so much for uploading these videos too man, I love and enjoy your streams and as I saw you spin £250 deposits into £1000 so easily so I began to do it with £5 to £50 and then the deposits became £25 to £250. As an 18 yr old student this could have became dangerous but the reality of these vids helped me close down all my casino accounts, it is not somewhere I should be spending my wages or student loan. All I do now is football bets on a weekend. Cheers Rolla, get the fudge in there

    • Done the right thing young sir only one winner in the end, you will never win

    • yeah man gamban really helps for online as well

    • Top man!

    • Wandering Bathtub I feel ya. Like at the time I was thinking spending money on say, a new shirt for £40, is pointless because why do that when I can try and turn £40 to £400?? Even if I succeeded, I’d lose it. It’s a great feeling when you can reflect gamble free and spending your money elsewhere??

  11. Hey Paul can you please make a video where you play lightning roulette? For how far I know its on mrgreen and leovegas. would love to see you play it :))

  12. How can you just blow 5k in seconds? Atleast stream or something for a few hours with it so we all get some enjoyment

  13. that greed tho who doesn’t walk away with 5.5k profit wtf

  14. ouuuch brutaaal

  15. love how you don’t give anything away in the title’ vid all over the place 1k to 10k 2k to 5k’ boring as shit,

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      Unless its from a live stream where quite a few have already seen it then I’ll always do it this way, but on some vids I’ll then change the title in a couple of weeks

  16. I was really hoping for a different outcome and was holding onto my balls. Try and sit out 1 spin after you hit a number. Seems like the odds would increase if you didn’t press the damn repeat button. I know it’s fucking hard, I can’t do it myself

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yeah I’m hearing ya. Closest thing to roulette is sex, you gotta keep going till it’s over. That feeling when it lands in your number far out words can’t describe. Good Luck dude, I hope you destroy roulette next time

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 12:26 pm

      But then if my number would come in or even a streak of them would be extremely tilting

  17. Lets forget Mo Salah. Its just not happening.
    Unlucky mate and forget the haters. They dont understand that when you gamble big you have to ‘Go big or go home’ most of the time in order to cover your losses. Otherwisse you could have cashed out on your first hit which would be pointless. Thats gambling folks. You never know when you are going to hit that streak so you take the chance. Otherwise why bother gambling at all!!!

  18. Hey at the end of the day, who am I to say anything?
    I’ve got the upmost respect for you and I really appreciate your streams, thanks for that!!!

  19. Lool you fucking idiot.

  20. Unlucky man

  21. wow! I bare have £80 to last me until the end of the month and look at these spins hahaha

  22. You’re a fucking lunatic.

  23. Yeah but he’s free and must be in the position to gamble it just enjoy ????

  24. strategy is wrong..

  25. After the making of this video Paul was scene at a night club asking patrons their birthday and murdering anyone whose birthday was the 28th while he mumbled *fucking28fucking28* nobody has seen or heard from him since. Paul if your reading this come home or turn yourself in to the nearest police station we love and miss you.

  26. Reply
    Зайчик Весенний April 13, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Greed gave birth to poverty.* 10 it is very good .I had to withdraw£4,500.Still Handsome.

  27. unlucky buddy hopedully ull get a gd run of luck ?

  28. Got to say balls of steal mate easy to say walk away but your going big for it and total respect hope to see them come in soon for u .

  29. That’s hard to watch

  30. Buhahahaha get the fucking there hahah!!

  31. Respect for uploading but serves you right……Seems like you don’t have respect for the value of money and you seem reckless. It’s your money, do as you please but….you quite clearly have a problem.

    • What a ridiculous thing to say, it’s that “buzz” that gets people hooked and fuck up their lives. The “buzz” is a fucking waste of your life

    • dan saunders Yes I have…..very much so. But the losses far outweighed the times I had that buzz. I had a problem, sorted it. I’ve learnt the value of money again.

    • hence people like u never get that buzz/experiences paul has had/has

  32. Love the videos but f me you have issues

  33. For fudge sake! Mix it up a bit, try backing the columns and dozens, pays 2/1. I got up quite a bit backing 2 out of the 3

  34. Yeah you got greedy and on the receiving end of all the viewers who love to tell you off but you either play sensible or play to win big..that’s gambling…why don’t people who presumably like gambling accept and enjoy that approach? Personally, think it’s great to watch..hopefully with a better outcome next time

  35. Should of walked mate

  36. WOW…..nice try Paul!

  37. Your turning in an idiot now you won’t be streaming much longer how much do you want to win from £500??? You had 7k walk away

  38. Remember the old saying don’t push you luck, but you at least you gave it try.

  39. I really admire you posting videos of you losing because that is the reality of gambling. You don’t always win. You are my favorite gambler to watch and the only one I have subbed to.

    But please if you buy in 500 and get past 2000. Cash out brother. I play roulette every Saturday with 300. If I get past a 1000, I always cash out.

    Good luck. GET THE FUDGE IN THERE!!!!!!???

  40. Wow you’re stupid keep gambling away your life

  41. Schon lustig die ganzen fake videos von leiten die mit den casinos versuchen anferen das geld aus der tausche zu ziehen. Ihr postet täglich videos mit gewinnen in grössen von minimum 1000 euro und mehr. Ich habe 4 wochen lang täglich 300 bis 400 euro in verschiedenen casinos eingezahlt . Von jedem werbe youtuber . Und nie was gewonnen nie. Ihr seit alle so fake und könnt nachts noch schlafen ? Mal ehrlich wer glaubt das leute wie du täglich gewinnen. Die leute zahlen vll 1 x 2x mal auf Affiliate links ein und sehen was das für müll ist. Die ganzen leute die das feiern sind alle nur spielsüchtig und machen ihre verluste zu gewinnen wenn sie sowas sehen….

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 4:24 pm

      Du machst diesen Kommentar jetzt zweimal und bei 2 verlierenden Videos ?! Schaust du ihnen überhaupt zu?

  42. You win some you lose some with one hit that could of built a balance for another jackpot session 100k plus

  43. thing is they say the house has the odds in reality if u play like Paul in the end of the end your going to hit something life changing with a proven attitude like his

  44. I have been watching your vedios for over 3 years now I am married with 3 children! You started with $500 and went up to almost $5000 that’s how much I work for a whole month in order to have a dissent life! You made that in 10 seconds! You lose it’s one thing but when you win you keep and going when is it ever enough! I like you, you seem like a very nice person but maybe gambling it’s not for you I don’t think it gives you the thrill any more. May be it’s time for something else! Good luck friend.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 4:06 pm

      Appreciate the comment. For me this is how I gamble, there is no redepositing after sessions like this its a punt and I have withdrawn at these points, I just wanted that one more hit. I’m enjoying play poker at the moment so maybe that will feature a little more

  45. Crazy video. Such a waste of big wins. This kind of things happens and this is why I quit gambling: I was so greedy.

  46. All those Blank uncovered areas are the Casinos winning numbers… And we all know they love to win.

  47. Thx for posting I’m not playing tonight

  48. I like you rolla mate but I feel I need to add my view. We all get carried away when winning and feel the need to go again and spin one more time. You needed a clear cut off point for what you wanted to win and then walk away. You say you are improved on your streams but clearly I see old tendencies creep in as I watch you tilt at times. Just be careful I mean lost thousands being too greedy. Rocknrolla wants the fucking lot but not all at once….

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 4:04 pm

      I was genuinely very 50/50 about what to do when the 35 came in for 4.9k but knew I was watching the next number so I think that edged me to repeat. The old tendencies will always be there and will still show but I don’t think I can change the way I gamble too much otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy it

  49. Paul mate this is why we love the roller,,you show both sides of gambling. Highs and very Lows. Cheers uncle pap

  50. mo Salah hahahahaah love you english people .. the best and funniest people on earth.. goodluck mate

  51. Mug mug mug mug mug

  52. Next video: Imperial Dragon slot Redemption !!!

  53. Man that’s harsh…..big win is certainly overdue for you buddy !

  54. Appreciate your honesty paul on these last few videos. We all know you are doing this to help people understand the dangers of gambling. Top respect and best wishes mate. Good luck for your next try.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm

      This is the reality and the losses can be just as entertaining as the wins. It is hard as a gambling channel though like mine as if this 500 was a straight loss on one spin which does happen often would it be worth uploading I’m not sure?!

  55. Gambling can be harsh as fudge and I appreciate that you show your losses and that your not fake pretending that you always win!!! Love your work and the luck is due!

  56. “Because the real rock n rolla wants the fucking lot” pertinent words and this is the issue.

  57. How much do you actually win before walking away, yet another big profit lost due to greed… love the videos but worried about the amount of loses you have had lately.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 3:59 pm

      There are some wins coming. It varies really, on this site I reach the max bet very quickly so the mega amounts I’m never really going for but I guess I was pushing this for near the 10k mark

  58. I lost 5k other week exactly the same way,, it’s the 10s of thousands thought process which keeps you going :/ did me anyway. But if you don’t try I suppose you’ll never know

  59. Tragic! Once at the 5k mark i look at is as another 10 deposits of £500 again! If you started off from a lower stake again out of those 10 x £500 surely youed get to 5k at least 2-3 times again? Its like youre after that 100k win again. Increasing bets after wins usually ends the same way.

  60. At 4.9k you pissed it all away ? that’s over 8k gone in 2 sessions on roulete …. you sir are heading down a dark path …. seriously consider getting some help mate it’s really painful to watch

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yes I have to agree with you there …. anyway thanks for taking the time to reply, good luck for the next one mate ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      That is true and I see that point of view which makes uploading these type of vids even harder as I know the comments that will follow, buts that gambling this is a losing game and hopefully people will start to understand this more and accept these videos for what they are supposed to be which is just a bit of entertainment as losing vids can be just as entertaining to watch

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yes mate totally agree with you on that point …. I don’t know your financial situation but for a lot of people that’s a months wage or more gone in a matter of minutes

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 3:55 pm

      Got some winning vids coming but this is also the reality. I could just post the wins, easier to watch but its isn’t real

  61. Streaming tonight mate ???

  62. This is a perfect representation of life!
    You start out with a little, get more and more before you piss it all away at the end and feel like shit..

    BUT! when you feel like shit, just remember, I still love you Paul!

  63. The old rocknrolla is back “fudge it we’re going for it” ?

  64. 4500 k up from 500

    They let you win a bit
    Then they take it all away magnet
    RewAtch the loss spins . Take the money and walk . If you did this once a day you be on 32500 grand a week . Crazy mate . Greed will fuck you in the end . I been there .

  65. I use to really enjoy your roulette videos but fuck man, 95% of them are so painful to watch. I’d much rather watch you make 100$ bets for a half hour video vs a 5 minute depressed piss to the wind.

  66. 28 is my jackpot number…every time. Sorry it wasn’t your 8. Good luck to you this weekend!

  67. redemption not found

  68. i’m sure you could win so much more if you ll be a little wiser 🙂

  69. All these hate comments, do people still not realise that the real rocknrolla wants the fudging lot!!

  70. Up 5grand and still not enough you are on the quick path to the poor house mate

  71. i dont understand u not set a target amount? u went from 500 to over 6000 and u blew it all? like wtf? lol what r u trying to get to ? a 100000000?

  72. 5k is a huge family holiday. Try getting some reality with the cash on the screen and quit while ahead more often x

  73. Loads of respect for showing the other side of gambling, Best gambling streamer out there

  74. I hate saying it because I love your videos mate but the way you bet you’ve got no chance of winning at roulette. At least with jackpot slots or even that mad dream catcher thing you might get lucky sometime but it’s not going to happen with roulette

  75. it will come love the videos

  76. There might be times, but i dont think they will allow big wins… 28 two times..hope im wrong.

  77. that 14 spin. wow

  78. This is the man …..we all no and love ??… Peace and Paul ?

  79. It reminds of my pass loses and an urge to fix them with nice withdrawal… cuz i lose like him, big and quick (not that big as him ofc) and just cant accept that.

  80. Painful to watch.

  81. This fucking double spins fucked me too everytime!

  82. £500-£7k If I built it up to that I would have bought myself a £200 Gucci cap

  83. Class as always, big balls.

  84. What was your target when you were doing this?

  85. Its getting painful to watch mate, just give a rest. Those fortunes will be still there after you cleared your mind. Good luck!

  86. good

  87. When it’s okay to place 100 quid chips like they’re quid chips mate it’s not that okay…..don’t let it consume you. I’m guessing you’re doing okay from the Chanel and bolt ons but it’s your life mate. Stick a heart monitor on next time…..stay safe pal

  88. You been nominated for the eat a chilli challenge by jimbo….Don’t let us down mate!!!

  89. At 10.45 Jimbo slots nominated you to do a ghost chilli pepper on your next stream. Do you accept???

  90. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel April 13, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    Rolla you have been nominated by JimboCasino to do the ghost chilli challenge, don’t let the community down

  91. Don’t let Jimbo down you get your Chilli out ? ? ?

  92. Ghost chilli challenge m8. Be a ronza moment

  93. When some punters gamble, they can be opportunistic more so than conservative.
    Paul could of posted a video depositing £500 and we could of watched him do 10 spins at £50 and lose… but he happened to get up for a bit. Created excitement and when he blasted the £2k spins if something came in you would all be shouting hero/lucky… Yes sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. We get to experience both on these clips and real gamblers get this… I like the way he plays and he can push the envelope a bit further than some viewers can handle but theres got to be respect given either way.

  94. I deposit £50 max now and play 20p stakes on the slots to make it last just for the fun, I have been going to roulette recently and turned some good profit at times but simply can’t leave or don’t know when to leave as greed takes over, I end up never withdrawing or if I do it goes towards further deposits. Last week I deposited £25 and got upto a peak balance of £680 but again never ended up cashing out a penny.
    Technically I’m loosing very little as my deposits are low but it really does make u feel shit when u loose a large amount of winnings. I use to deposit £500 at a time and lose upto £2k a week a number of years ago before shit eventually hit the fan and I ran out of money also loosing my house in the process.
    I play for fun now or have been the last year or so, the losses on deposits are not harmful in anyway so does’nt effect me financially at all as limits are in place and it’s my little bit of fun but am starting to feel ashamed and selfish that am even gambling after the destruction it caused many years ago, problem is I do enjoy gambling on the slots ect and feels like a recreation I look forward too but when I loose a big chunk of winnings the past comes flooding back even tho technically I have only lost the small original deposit.
    I suppose people like me are the bread and butter customers for casinos little but often cash in fuck all out, I think it’s time for me to have a little break.

    • My suggestion would be withdraw incrementally. If you deposit £50, once you get to £100 withdraw the original £50. Now you’re playing with profit. You get it up to £200, take £100 out, now youre £100 up and still £100 to play with. I find if I play this way I secure winnings without detracting from the fun.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 14, 2018 at 10:22 am

      Definitely have a break mate

  95. Anyone else watching thinking that 14 looked magnetized to fuck, seriously watch it back it just gets beamed straight into that pocket and doesnt bounce or anything it just stops dead… the roulette ball never does that.

  96. Nice video, thats gambling for you! On the otherside of the coin if one of the big spins hits the 23 section its turning into a monster cashout…if that was ever on the cards??!!!

  97. Your still the real deal
    No matter what and will always have the “go for it” in you. That’s why we love you and your videos.
    ⚽️ bet tomorrow is Lincoln City to win 5/4. £400 single for £900 back ⚽️

    Best of luck all.

  98. When i first came across this channel i thought what a greedy bastard is he? But after a long road i learned my lesson aswell

    Ive been at the same road as i see others posting here, i am also a student and one year ago gambling really took me in and i lost a lot.

    After a big break i started with small deposits and i had the luck to win all my loses back in 1 month, however, this us RARE and does not happen often remember that!!

    Nowadays i gamble sometimes and take breaks between, thats what ppl should do who have the trigger finger

    For paul, this is the most realistic channel ive ever seen, gambling has 2 sides and people should remember that, you might win one day but dont let the greed take you

    Awesome channel you have paul and i love the support you give to people with problems / in recovery. Keep up this good channel and much respect

    • TheTimido3 because u were lucky kid, no such thing as small pain big gain, u have to pay big to win big, good for u

    • small deposits and a waste of time man, have had cashouts of 1k+ with a deposit of just 25 euro or less, gambling should be just for fun that you can play sometimes

    • Believe me small deposit just wasting ur time… better to focus on ur study.. go big or go broke.. how to max winnings in shortest time

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 14, 2018 at 10:20 am

      Much appreciated mate, thankyou! If you are going to gamble then yeh small deposits are definitely the way to go, even for me the majority of my big wins and most satisfying wins have come from small beginnings and casinos hate it as if you have a small deposit limit it will take a long time for them to recoup the winnings!

  99. We just get drawn in mate, Our biggest enemy is Control

  100. These things will kill your wallet and your mental health stay away guys you’ll always lose more than you win that I can assure you

  101. You are sick. Seriously sick. I only come past to see your disgusting losses nowadays. You will lose everything.

  102. Love your vids but you really should walk sometimes fella if you landed 6.5k on a slot from £500 I’m sure you would cash out.

  103. Rough one but I can’t thank you enough for posting the ups and DOWNS of gambling, best of luck my friend! *Subbed

  104. U just don’t know when to quit while your ahead

  105. till today, now 4 years later , it still irritates me to see these arms of the female croupiers beneath the wheel .. it’s so obvious they need to push a button there … very annoying … and spin 14 at 3:00 .. what the hell was that ?? .. immersive roulette obviously never heard of business ethics .. a company never able to be broke thanks to cheating, that’s not capitalism…

  106. Retarded

  107. Sick mate but as I said it the fucking devil game

  108. Paul you have the upmost respect from me sir, one day mate… day !

  109. Brutal

  110. dame rolla unlucky better luck next time my dude

  111. Fair play putting up the loses as Well.
    Thought that was going to be a monster

  112. I’m a new subscriber, but I’ve been watching all your videos for a long time, I don’t understand why you get so many dislikes on them.. I gamble a lot and I love watching a fellow gambler enjoy the art of gambling!
    Keep doing what you to best man,
    best wishes from Iceland 🙂

  113. before clicking on this video I knew it would be a lose 🙁

  114. Reply
    Gink the Outertale fox April 15, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    Damn bastards !??

  115. The last bounce back to 28 was absolutely ridiculous…

  116. Mo mo mo mo salab mo mo. Mo zero was good but fuck it you should push it after you got 5

  117. Dont know when to stop ha

  118. You need to stop gambling… surely all the enjoyment is gone forever

  119. I’m happy when i break even let alone make 5.5k smh

  120. When is enough going to be enough?

  121. That was painful too watch ! Shedded 1 tear out of my watching that toward the end. Massive highs followed by huge loss. Aww man that was a rollercoaster journey that video.

  122. I love it when you say “get the f… in there” it never gets old haha! Just know when to stop next time 😉

  123. can u play the lighting roulete…i wanna see u win big on that.

  124. Don’t play this type off Emotional Man

  125. i feeel like its fake the ball just bounces out the number and goes to a next one. magnet ?

  126. Devils game

  127. Everytime you winning a lot . But your problem is you can’t stop it . Why u can’t stop . And why you don’t have goal to stop . You must give up at 60000£

  128. I like 28

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