Live Casino Stuff (just a drunk test)


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Evoreels Casino

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Villa Fortuna Casino
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Villa Fortuna Casino

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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 18, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    So this was just a test, trying stuff out to see if it would be possible to get some live action on vid! Also I dont swear anywhere near this much normally, will keep it down if I do anything like this again in the future!

    • Now its time to get a spycam on your shirt and have a good time 😉 I assume you left with profit Paul, is that right?

    • here u go paul i guess they not expinsive for ya lol they gone down to £32 quid /
      Roll over image to zoom in
      WISEUP 8GB 1920x1080P HD Spy Glasses Camera Wearable Eyewear Video Recorder Mini DV Camcorder with Audio Recording Function

    • glasses spy cam £45 on amazon i got them my self that is my next thing is goin have some fun and film all my sessions, u can get reading with ones or sun glasses dark

  2. Loving it Paul! Class mate, class

  3. Really cool vid Paul! Wanna see more of these in the future 😉 Get in!!

  4. So you didn’t actually tell us how much you won lol

  5. U are wasted mate,nice win tho!

  6. Reply
    Petefromtheblacklagoon December 18, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    was it fancy dress??

  7. Best video of the lot..!

  8. get in there….uncle blue said well done lad…

  9. U crack me up Paul lol

  10. Lol love it! Hope you enjoyed your night and didnt feel it too much in the morning!

  11. You won 2k but wouldn’t treat yourself to a taxi home instead of a 2 hour walk? Mad man.

  12. Nice vid mate your funny as fuck pissed up!

  13. Funny as you like mate lol good result there as well you must be buzzing as you don’t even look tiered …. alkaseler good for hangovers lol all the best

  14. You need to buy some hidden cam gear, will make doing this a lot better. keep up the good work!

  15. Paul’s gone rouge haha

  16. I fucking love you Paul ?

  17. You piss head!

  18. lol,brilliant! …and the final scene acting was epic,lol…funny video after all,all best mate 😉

  19. Paul, you have a link to that Andrew guy? Wouldn’t mind seein his videos

  20. How much did u come away with x

  21. hahaha class mate. Hope u had a good night.

  22. lend me £20 lol

  23. Take a taxi home next time dude!

  24. Listen mate, I know you did well, but I dont know if you considered driving after that. You were still drunk and you were looking for car keys. Be careful man, don’t want you or anyone else hurt.

    • ok awesome man. good for you. I’m an avid bj player and was wondering if you got tips for slots and roulette or to avoid it and get better with bj. thanks

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 18, 2016 at 11:02 pm

      Hey mate! No dont worry was looking for my money when I couldnt find my pockets, my car was at home

  25. that was cool its like me comeing home at 5 with a wod of cash in my pocket I love walking home feels great

  26. Get the fudge in there. Everything you touch seems to turn to profit at the moment paul

  27. time for that shitt!! jajajaja you cant film inside or what?

  28. go whit a gopro in the head jajaja

  29. Haha how wasted are you hope you didn’t walk for 2 hours ??

  30. awsome vid! even though not mush, however love to see you doing other stuff!!!

  31. hahaha that was class Paul absolute ledge #fuckthefobt’s

  32. if u have your phone set to silent or vibrate the camera doesnt make that clicky noise rocknrollaaaaaa

  33. Walks away with 2k, decides to walk 2 hours and not spend £40 on a taxi, priorities I see haha!

  34. What grosvenors where you at Paul?

  35. Rolling home from the casino at 7am. Personification of degenerate!

  36. hahahaha 007 POUL

  37. legend, glad your doing well mate

  38. Reply
    THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS December 19, 2016 at 12:30 am

    Excellent work and the Colour of the Jacket was a perfect choice,The dickie was an excellent touch,As for 2 hour walk thats just fucking bonkers.

  39. Get in there mate 🙂

  40. Great video and nice win…eBay search some camera ? glasses ? and do it all again. Have a good Christmas Paul

  41. what did you censor out? hahaha..

  42. outstanding mate haha

  43. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel December 19, 2016 at 2:10 am

    “Rocknrolla” Pimp Suit!! GTFIT!! Gangster??

  44. Reply
    jejejejeje jejejejje December 19, 2016 at 3:01 am

    you watch neemes vlogs? they are real decent, love getting an insight into a poker players life in vegas.

  45. alcohol , screaming girls and gambling drunk ……its a winning combo GTFIT

  46. ??lol .. nice??

  47. Fuck man ure pissed as a barrow wheel ??

  48. Hold up… Why didn’t you call 55 66 77 once finished. You must have been drunk

  49. you have to show us what you censored out, its bothering us haha

  50. Fuck the FOBT’s

  51. I’m currently on holiday ! I’ve been away since end of November buddy but not missed any of your videos ! Fuck the FOBTS !

  52. Love the vids…. Mah Man 🙂

  53. pity I can’t watch your video live Paul, but I definitely don’t miss any of them.

  54. “everytime I click video it makes a big noise” ???? mute ur phone paul

  55. you deffo need to do something like this again!

  56. Awesome that dude…. I’m fucked! haha

  57. Haha ledge 🙂 Bournemouth eh! 😀 was there other week. U were hilarious . Keep it up

  58. Haha this was ace, nice win mate ??????

  59. Paul. Out with the ladies ..nice win man

  60. streamin today boss?

  61. nice wins! I go to the grosvenor casinos near where i live, they are good casinos

  62. Hello mate. Love your channel. Just realised you were in the Grosvenor in Bournemouth. I’m guessing you live out this way. I was in there yesterday and won a big amount on the slots and on roulette. Best night I’ve had in the casino was in there till 7 this morning (19/12/16)

  63. trigger wants his suit back lol

  64. Love the video Paul, any luck on the Fort Knox. Bet you were gutted there was no fruit wrap in the casino haha

  65. Is there still gonna be a stream tonight mate?

  66. Holy shit, at the start of the vid, I was like shit is that the gardens? No way dude you’re from Bournemouth???

  67. im guessing the censored females wer waiting for a taxi yes?

  68. Omg your reputation mr rocknrolla is out the window is that a bowtie you have on you hang your head in shame did the bandit bet you to wear that Pmsl get in there lad

  69. Would love to see what was censored ?

  70. Was not fancy dress thats what you wear to your local for a swift half ! Happy Christmas everybody.

  71. No way you live in Bournemouth too???

  72. I would be paranoid of being mugged on the way home that pissed

  73. was you drinking vodka martinis?

  74. Looking very dapper paul, walking home after winning, your crazy lol x

  75. Haha that was awesome paul, looked like you had a brilliant night! we all need to go to the casino together and get hammered!!!! oh and you looked dapper AF!

  76. I enjoyed this vid. It’s nice to see something different and that a lot of us can relate to… not winning but everything else. lol

  77. great vid more like this!

  78. Reply - Roulette Prediction December 20, 2016 at 1:46 am

    Why don’t you join me. Come to Manchester. I’m allowed in Caesars entertainment UK casinos now, they have 6 in UK. Sadly I’m
    Still nationally barred from all the other big name casinos. I’ll show you how to play roulette for big profit. Wish you would stop repeating bets :(. Two Paul’s in a pod.

  79. Lol nice night lol

  80. Hate to say it but a night out and your stood in a casino recording a machine? You must of got some strange looks?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 21, 2016 at 9:32 am

      lol I was in town from 6pm hit casino at 12, there till 7am and got 3mins of footage so not as sad as your implying!

  81. lol funny stuff, best of luck for 2017 !

  82. haha… nice evening but where are the ladies? :-O ;D

  83. with that kind of vids u take gambling youtube experience to next level u should go that way, merry Xmas and all the best mate

  84. That’s it now I have seen the bow tie and the spy equipment no need to try and guess what you do for a living mr bond !
    Great little vid .
    Shows you are more than a torso at a screen .
    Have a great new year

  85. hahah fuck the fobt’s

  86. Going to do anymore of these videos live casino?

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