JACKPOT or BUST on Reel King!!!! #3


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  1. all the luck with your next stream mate

  2. so close !!!!!!

  3. biggest balls in the world ? one day mate ???

  4. Brutal mate!

  5. i wudda had of collected ??

  6. Reply
    gavin simpson-alle June 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    ouch that hurt mate. keep them coming.

  7. So damn close!

  8. Nearly there! Steaming anytime soon Paul?

  9. dam man gutting

  10. sick…..you should of taken it

  11. That pause you done had you thinking then haha nice try it will come mate

  12. Reply
    Wild Camping and Yomping June 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    So close on a couple mate. Unlucky!

  13. So sick man. Love your style always have. not be long until you hit it. Absolute legend

  14. I thought he had it..!

  15. Ugh. I feel ill for you, man.

  16. Reply
    Lu & stew’s online slots and gambling Uk players June 17, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    That made me fill I’ll watching that one day buddy ?????


  18. those gambles are fucking brutal mate haha

  19. Reply
    Puremurk - Gambling Channel June 17, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    thats sick

  20. ouch

  21. ? sickening unlucky mate

  22. Good vid bud next time you will get to the top 😉

  23. bro your brilliant but come on then again you will have to succeed unlucky

  24. you crazy man lol (LEGEND ) for doing it am not a gambler my swlf byt lv watch n ur videos

  25. next time 🙂

  26. Fuckkkkk 🙁

  27. Wtf I really felt that for you Paul one bloody day one day mate

  28. stop playing ofline LIKE TO GET HIM BACK!!!!

    • MAD HITMAN oh I 100% agree get him back but he did say they where old ones

    • Ross Learmonth you cant know that …you think hes not playing any more???I dont think so my m8 ;)It isnt going that good with him as we can see?he dont deserfe that lets get him the fck in!!!!!

    • MAD HITMAN I don’t know if your new to Paul or not but these are old vids that’s he is just uploading

  29. Wow unlucky dudw

  30. Dude you should take that 2500k that pretty good jackpoot from 200 mate i know goal is reach top but comon man wtf 😀
    Btw why no streams this week???

  31. Disgusting. To be that close once is one thing… but twice. Fuck man.

  32. Reply
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel June 17, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Woooooh Paul ! One short , getting closer ! Awesomeness ?

  33. a collect and increase stake should have been more sensible there? then obviously a bigger win to come in for a smaller gamble trail? good effort though! cant knock you for that, keep up the good work, all these little vids that keep coming atm you must be non-stop gambling lol!!!

  34. Balls of steel ?

  35. Those gambles are enough to make a man cry lol

  36. sat there saying take TAKE IT TAKE IT

  37. Reply
    KatieHopkins IsQueen June 17, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    dude you know I love your videos we’ve spoke in the past. however your last 4 or 5 videos have all been loses. it’s getting really stale mate

    • Adam Irish He can’t decide if he wins or loses now can he?

    • Adam Irish hahaha yeah howay mate yeah rocknrolla why don’t you just make an effort and win everyspin? Oh YouTube comment section never fails to amaze

    • Adam Irish fucking plum tree, imagine if he just showed a reel king gamble win ( once he finally gets it), for us it would be: ah that’s cool he’s got it…
      but if he keeps showing his sick losses, then when he finally gets the win we’re all there with him saying ‘fucking finally’!!
      you’re the kinda pill-hook who watches the result of a match on soccer Saturday, rather than watch the whole match and understand the ups and downs..

      go jump off a cliff onto a smaller, yet more painful cliff, you barsteward

    • Reply
      KatieHopkins IsQueen June 17, 2017 at 9:54 pm

      Energy Flow from 3 jackpot videos in a row for a gambling YouTuber I’d expect a win. if u don’t like my comment then fuck off u snowflake

    • Adam Irish Yeah 2 seconds he’ll click his fingers now and come up with a massive win. Bad run at the moment what do you want him to do? There are plenty of other channels that only show their wins (usually with fake money) go watch them.

  38. Hahahaha wow that was great. Laughed pretty hard when it didn’t come in, would’ve been sick if it did though. Next time

  39. absolutely raging man miss the streams and my missus shouting at me cos of the dinging and mad guy shouting “fudge in”

  40. collect collect but u did not…
    sad. That could have been a decent win
    hopefully next time:)

  41. you should change this. Dont go for the top, go for the runner up. You’re probably gonna lose the last bet 19 out of 20 times, so stop on the runner up and feel good about it instead

  42. OMG! unlucky ;c

  43. when’s the next stream ?

  44. Reply
    Hector García Suñé June 17, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    c’mon paul, you should have taken the 2.5k no matter what. And try gambling that for the 5k if it got too ichy. Anyway, beahave urself man. 🙂

  45. one day mate on a £16 spin 😉

  46. stupid man 2.5 k . wannabe thebandit

  47. People clicking on a “Jackpot or BUST”-Video, and then complaining about a bust/gamble are my favourite people ^^
    Of course it would have been wiser to collect the 2,5k, but well….what do you expect from a title like this? 😀

    • Mike Watts ok big man

    • Mike Watts I’ll revise on how to sound like a complete bell but I’m not sure if I need to because you are teaching me well

    • Mike Watts you need to calm down mate, hide your little keyboard warrior fingers away for abit and stop moaning at something that will not effect you in any fucking way imaginable

    • Fio na of course you’re right . it’s not realistic to say ‘you should have collected the one before you bust’ . I guess people are saying it’s a flawed tactic to go for the top as to do so forces you into gambling 2500 on a 50/50 (assuming it’s random) , it’s madness , and all for what? to say that he’s done it? pointless . but it’s his cash & as long as he’s ‘in control’

  48. Reply
    GRINDELWALD'S ARMY June 17, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    tomorrow stream ??

  49. so close …

  50. lol why was good winn

  51. Reply
    Alex PatatasyJamon June 17, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    1:58 Holy Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts my friend, best of lucks next time. Lose 4000$ its a 4 months medium-salary of a random person.

  52. Where do you buy underwear with enough room for your massive balls?

  53. crazy if that £2500 was £250,000 you would still go for £500.000.. it’s never enough is it paul. av telled you before. ffs take a good look at yourself and your surroundings…take it from me gambling will not make you happy…take a look at your wife and kids paul and fuck this gambling shite off..rant over…take care..

    • Whoever added the Gamble feature to that game was a genius.

    • Totally agree Spinner. Over the last few months the stakes have increased rapidly. The gambling addiction is rewiring his brain affecting his ability to think in a logical way. I’m not sure how much he has gambled to try and win the jackpot but by now it could be beyond the jackpot the game will give him. It appears he has no limit which means it will take something seriously detrimental to make him stop.

    • spinner12323 spinner12323 There there child calm down

    • Well said spinner your 100% right, when Paul first started streaming he did it for the fun and thrills of winning and losing with money he could afford and had good ethics and morales. But now he is digging a deeper hole. Once he got affiliated and he was earning thousands of pounds his betting size and frequency increased but now he is gambling way too much not having fun. A mean anyone who would rather stream themself gambling 2-3 times a week for 4-6 hours that’s besides all the gambling he does off stream has got a problem and I imagine his Mrs is thinking the same, he needs to Get out whilst he still has his family. I fear that his addiction has become a compulsion and im worried for the guy, that affiliation changed him, money/greed does that to a man. I just hope he realizes before its too late!!!

    • energy flow…my thick brain tells me paul will lose everything..e.g wife, family house that he rents,health,the list goes on….and yes i know it’s a gambling channel

  54. Reply
    Maksymilian Felsztukier June 17, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Well, you gotta have some BIG BIG Balls to hit thatr Gamble on 2.5k 😉 Nice one Man

  55. Let the haters hate, lets the degen gamblers enjoy. I personally Loved and enjoyed every minute of it mate, next time mate.

  56. Im so glad we have you wasting your money so we dont have to 😀
    Jokes aside I really enjoy these jackpot or bust/degen spin videos 😀

  57. 2.5gs you could of took and started again, your like a gerkin everyone hates yah but loves it on an maccies double cheese burger, from one degenerate to another good luck bro

  58. but srsly tho. who is dumb enough not to take 1.1k when your balance is 0. idiot.

  59. You crazy fucker! Lol….Great video,unlucky!!

  60. what the actual fuck lad ??

  61. Reply
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP June 17, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    If you would have collected all wins you would have had the 5000 grand . You lost the value of money . If you not careful your gona go skint mate . Think of it like this , every 2500 you spunk could buy a 600rr super sport Honda motorcycle on 05 plate . You could have a fleet of them to rent out . Crazy mother .

    • SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP because you’re telling him to conveniently collect the amounts one before he losses. Like there is some psychic ball out there telling people exactly when a gamble will lose. Your argument is flawed stating he should have collected those amounts because he never would have had them without gambling. You cannot sit there and say “shouldn’t have gambled that, should have collected it” when the only reason he had the opportunity to collect it is because he gambled everything prior. if you’ve ever watched Paul stream I think it’s apparent he doesn’t struggle financially, just because £2,500 would do a world of good to you it doesn’t mean that money has the same value to Paul. For all we know that could be a days wage for him. Let people gamble what they wanna gamble, it’s his money, and you sitting there screaming to collect this and that and not gamble is stupid when he wouldn’t be in those situations without gambling.

    • People like you are the epitome of idiocy. “If you collected every single win the second before you lost you’d have so and so amount” “I would have collected that”. What about if he lost at £1280? You’d have told him to collect that? or what about at £640? The fact is he never would have had £2560 available to collect unless he gambled all of the previous amounts. You cannot sit there and tell someone to collect this, or collect that, or “not risk it” when risking it is the very reason they’re in the position to have that option.

    • Reply
      SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP June 17, 2017 at 10:35 pm

      Watch the video again

      He had a 600
      A 2560
      And 1362 he spunked .
      That’s over 4000 k , just to hit 5 k

      So basically what’s the point of wanking it away for the sake of a grand

  62. That was harsh mate but u will hit it and the ron zacapa will be all the more tasty

  63. Its not a game of skill, the odds of winning are predetermined.

  64. This is why this is one of the best gambling channels cause you have balls of steel to take the chances you do

  65. Double last gamble fail. Close mate. One day.

  66. You should of collected those last two gambles, heartbreaking to watch that was ?

  67. this seem like a very masochistic idea for a series

  68. What a video that was got my heart racing with them gambles and it’s not even my money lol one day Paul how come there no live streaming happening at the moment

  69. Holy shit that was unlucky!

  70. You went for it!! Rly nice try and we all know… one day

  71. It’s well over due

  72. One day you will hit it, for sure Good Luck mate

  73. At least you have the balls to have ago and still fail but upload video after , it will hit soon Paul ?

  74. ahhrg

  75. omfg

  76. Reply
    Sarah Rutherford/Wade June 17, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    One day you’ll get it…though I think I would’ve collected way before then as I’m a wuss! ?

  77. maybe just collect it and keep playing with the winnings.

  78. sickest gamble ever.
    One day.

  79. Lost the plot!

  80. Reply
    Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 June 17, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    200 Start. One time 600 Lose and one time 2560. Are you allright??????????????????????????????????

    • Reply
      Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 June 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      I think its too late for people like him.

    • Agree with Hammer. That was stupid as fuck.
      @Energy Flow
      If 2760 euro from 200 euro is too little money for you, then you should go to a therapy very quickly

    • Reply
      Hammerdammer2 Hammerdammer2 June 17, 2017 at 10:13 pm

      wtf it doesn´t care!! How can someone of a 200 Euro session gamble 2760 Euro? Are you stupid as well or whats wrong with you?

  81. God loves a truer. good luck from Barcelona

  82. hey rockenrolla, i am dutch and working with people with gambling problems. as i am watching your videos, i wanted to warn you if you go on with this you are gonna get in big trouble. i dont know your personal life but lett me tell you, i came across millionaires who are now homeless because of this. with all my heart i am telling you to change at least your high risking gambling.

  83. Needed jaw-surgery to put mouth back into default position. Wow. As sick as it fucking gets. Wow.

  84. Fuck all the haters think I speak for many on here it’s your money do as u see fit great watching Paul one day big fucking payday on its way

  85. cuda had 4k

  86. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette June 17, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    good effort tho pal. big up for trying 🙂

  87. You ain’t chasing a jackpot any more, you are chasing losses, these jackpot attempts are eating your money, you have a good heart Paul but you have a bad addiction, I hope you can be free of it one day

  88. LOL fuck that was close.

  89. gutting, thought that was gonna be the one. almighty tease when you only have 20 spins to play with, gl for the next crack at it.

  90. omgosh SMH

  91. 2560= 1000 tries at actually winning double, triple etc either on the same game or a diff game SMH the key is to remain in the game no matter how you do it just remain in the game do not always try to get rich in a single night

    bt you can get rich gradually

  92. paul my man, shudda collected them2 big gambles but proper entertaining,, gl for future attempts

  93. People are saying it’s rigged to lose lol ok go flip 10 heads in a row because that’s basically what’s he’s trying to do… I personally would take it when it gets around the 500 mark as that’s a weeks wages in my eyes… he gets well payed from the Casions for doing this vids and signposting these sites, so I’d imange this is all within his gambling buget for the month…. unlucky rolla Peace out ✌️

  94. i wanted you to say & do this

    “you know what guys i am going to collect this 2560 euro and save it for tonights stream ”

    wiser choice

  95. Good try mate u shud off took sonthing lol x

  96. If you start with a $200 balance, and win up to $2500, yes I know it’s a jackpot or bust video, but why not collect something that can keep you in the game for a chance to actually win the jackpot?
    Otherwise you’re just constantly losing money and busting, when you had multiple chances to claim what could be considered “jackpot” amounts and actually having some form of profit.

  97. Reply
    Вениамин Гутаперчевый June 17, 2017 at 10:14 pm


  98. Reply
    Вениамин Гутаперчевый June 17, 2017 at 10:14 pm


  99. Keep it up Paul mate you’ll hit it massive one day I’m 99% sure

  100. you sick mofo…

  101. Ur a fucking greedy degenerate! But i like it!!! Hahaha reminds me of myself! Biggest balls on youtube my man! Hope u hit big broski!

  102. terrorist win 😛

  103. thats just sick 🙁

  104. What the fuck …

  105. You should name your bollucks Jupiter and Neptune. cos you sir have a massive set!!! Unlucky fella. but if you wanna hit the top, try it on a quid or 2. you wont be risking so much then. Hate seeing you lose.

  106. 1000+ off a 3 quid bet you should of took 🙁

  107. OMG That was sickage! Be amazing if we had hindsight!

  108. unlucky bud

  109. nearly mate.

  110. haha.. No comment but?

  111. always another day nearly m8 its your money dont feel bad fck the haters

  112. well i surpose if you aint in it you wont win it?? but jesus fella

  113. I’ve watched every one of your videos and most of your streams and if you didn’t have massive “balls” it just wouldn’t be the Real RocknRolla 😀

  114. Paul I’m a massive fan bro. But I think this goal is a little bit silly. IF you eventually get to the top, the amount of money you have lost getting there will make the prize utterly redundant. It’s the same principle as the toy machines with the claw, where you spend $200 to eventually get a fluffy bunny worth $2. Peace. ?

  115. two big fails

  116. only you that has 200 quid and starts with 10 pound spins then has the chance at 5k unlucky bud.

  117. Love the channel but hate these gambles was shouting “take it take it” on the £2k what a sickener. Exciting stuff just make sure you keep it under control chief

  118. hes the real rocknrolla he wants the fuckin lot….top bar nxt time

  119. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel June 17, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    Incredible video Paul, i thoroughly enjoyed it and can relate to the thrill it brings near the top of that ladder. This series is called Jackpot or Bust, on route to the top it doesn’t matter whether Paul’s balance is £2000, £1000 or 17p, he is pressing that gamble until it plays it’s little success tune at him. People have to realise that if he didn’t, if he stopped and collected the 2nd one down for example, there would be 30/40 comments saying “Jackpot or Bust and you collect the 2nd one down??” In the YouTube comments it is a lose/lose position for the streamer, you cannot please everyone.

    There are a few misinformed folk throughout these comments so i am just going to explain this gamble. It is a genuine 50/50 shot of winning or losing each gamble. The gamble itself pays out at a minimum of 100% and is one of the fairest gambles you will ever have come across, play it yourself and see. It is a 50/50 shot all the way to and including the top value…… unless……. the monetary jump between the second top value and Jackpot amount is not a double up. In the event that it is not for double the money, the game will actually adjust the odds of success in the players favour represented solely by the monetary jump. Example, second top amount may be £2,400 and the Jackpot top zone may say £3,600. It is not a double up, the game will adjust the chance of success to represent those figures, the chance of winning that gamble will become 66.66%

    Anyone thinking nah it has to be fixed and can’t be 50/50 at each step, say your ladder needs 6 successes to hit the top, kind of an average figure really, the odds on being successful on a 50/50 gamble 6 times in a row is 63/1 The game doesn’t need to fix anything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course but when things are labeled as clearly as this video is, Jackpot or Bust, you know what is going to happen, to sit and watch and then complain about Paul losing a big gamble only looks bad on you in my opinion. Hopefully with a little more understanding of how the gamble works on this game, people will see it is a thoroughly achievable challenge and Paul will hit the top soon, i genuinely believe that.

    Paul has accepted each deposit as a lost deposit when he embarks on these challenges and that is the important bit, providing he can afford to lose that deposit, who are we to tell him what he can and can’t do. Hurry back to the streaming matey, i’m bored haha

    • Saint Autism some people watch these videos to help stop gambling & see how impossible it is to come out on top, I’ve been in Paul’s shoes, it doesn’t end well !!!

    • MH Blog What are you even doing watching these videos? Fucking moron..

    • One gambling addict defending another, you want to be his friend you should be helping him stop gambling not justifying it, he has lost like 10K chasing these jackpots, i am pretty sure he isn’t really in a position to be loosing 10K when he has a family and kids, I wish people he talks to would give him some true advice not some Shitty odds and shit advice justifying losses & actually wanting him to continue chasing this “jackpot”

  120. very unlucky mate big win soon xxxx

  121. lol funny ending bro.. never mind i think when you pause the flow at the end it takes the gamble off track.. maybe just continue the flow of clicking untill the end instead of waiting or being hesitant on last one bro but nether the less better luck next time. 1 day it will shine upon you lol it ill prob turn out to be a 20k or nothing gamble lool good luck bro all the best

  122. Why didd’t u take the 2560? the top was just 1x more.. Bigger chanse to hit red or black…

  123. I’m so tilted for you man

  124. Great video won’t be long until the top is hit man


  126. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight…
    Balls of steel mate, it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’!! ✊

  127. The greed is just unreal, starting to make me dislike the videos now. How can you throw £2,500 and then £1100 when you got a family, just pure greed now.

  128. projectile all over the place lol

  129. Biggest balls

  130. omg your insane not taking those big wins but thats why i love watching your vids!!!!

  131. When that final part of the ladder lost I collapsed, so sick for you paul.

  132. Oh my god this comment section is gold. All the idiots screaming about how he gambled £2560 “Should have collected it, blah blah” same idiots that would tell him to collect £1280, and £640, and £320, and £160, and £80, and wouldn’t even gamble on £10 stakes. Fuck off let him gamble how he wants, it’s his money, does Paul honestly strike you on stream as someone that is struggling to get by month by month to fuel some kind of addiction? Fucking comment section here is a gold mine full of reprobates.

  133. Reply
    Daniel Tomo Thomas June 17, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    soooooo unlucky

  134. Reply
    Norfolknchance Udumbfook June 17, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Unless none of this is your money, the gambles are reckless and unrealistic must be your free dollar you get!! Good for you, but a decent win is a decent win

  135. Dayumm by only watching this gave me cancer ebola

  136. Reply
    Norfolknchance Udumbfook June 17, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    Only streamer that doesn’t offer bonuses!!!

  137. People need to stop being so butthurt. It’s clearly a jackpot video.

    “But he could have taken 2560”

    £80 gamble – no one moans he didn’t collect that one because he won the gamble
    £160 gamble – no one moans he didn’t collect that one because he won the gamble
    £320 gamble – no one moans he didn’t collect that one because he won the gamble

    People are so wise and say they would have collected the 2560 when in reality they wouldn’t have even had the balls to get past the first few gambles.

    Take it for what it is – A jackpot attempt video. Everyones a genius with the use of hindsight.

  138. gamble 2000€ and lose. lol

  139. Because a real RocknRolla…wants the fuckin lot!

  140. THAT IS PAINFUL…so sorry man.

  141. That made me feel sick

  142. HI Paul, please play more book of Ra. After all it is what you hit the jackpot in.
    Thank you

  143. hahahahHaha????? how stupid can someone be… ??
    bro nwxt time just take it or i will punch u!!!

  144. Savage gamble

  145. what a hit!! congrats!!

  146. some guts mate unlucky

  147. really sick

  148. You legend!

  149. that was unlucky mate ..i would have took 2.5k so could keep trying but still good attempt

  150. So close dude…Great attempt tho Rocknrolla! – Thanks for the upload!

  151. why accept only max win? what an idiote youvare

  152. this game has a 0% RTP

  153. On that last one, WHY DID YOU WAIT?!? you went ding, ding, ding, ding, then waited. (BIG SIGH).
    Don’t ever do that again. keep the timing going.

  154. Reply
    Mark 'firefly 'Miller June 18, 2017 at 4:26 am

    Noooooo!!! so close!! twice!!! gotta be honest though , hope when you do it it’s a larger jackpot ,say after the bonus reel. I’m sure you’ll do it before months end.?

  155. Loved the video!! You done exactly what it said on the tin jackpot or bust!! If people wanted to see second best than should not of watch the video!! It’s ur fucking money you do what you want!! 2 grand he gambled so fucking what if he didn’t gamble the first 5 he wouldn’t of been in the position plus if he would of hit the jackpot everyone of you idiots comments would not be moaning but praising!!! Enough said

  156. hope the kids settle down good again soon.. i miss your steams haha

  157. Reply
    SparxTheDragonfly June 18, 2017 at 4:59 am

    ‘Jackpot or bust’ butt hurt dipshits, clues in the title. Don’t like it? Why open the video?


  159. hahahahaha woooooowwwwwwwwwwww addiction can be a bitch ey hahahaha

  160. greedy

  161. fucking sick, unlucky mate

  162. Reply
    ONLINE ROULETTE GAMBLER June 18, 2017 at 6:39 am


  163. Reply
    ultimategtaplayer June 18, 2017 at 6:51 am

    No respect for money whatsovever this guy should go bankrupt and see what it’s like when you have nothing…

  164. That’s sick ?

  165. shut the fuck up moaning ppl his videos are mega love them he can do what he wants to do




  167. ????????

  168. Regardless if your down thousands,You started playing Reel King with a $200 balance,you doubled to $600 and you lost it,than from $40 you doubled to $2500 and wasn’t good enough,Who you trying to impress the girls or boy next door,Youtube fans loll You must have stacks of $100 bills under your bed,

  169. So fucking tilting!!!!

  170. unlucky pal. fuck the fobts and the haters

  171. Paul has stated publicly that he earns more from casino affiliation and incentives than he does from his full time job. In the grand scheme of things he is £200 down in this video which is 10 £20 spins on Fruit warp. Please stop worrying about his lifestyle while watching these videos as he seems in control to me. He freely admits to being a degenerative gambler but has already hit rock bottom in terms of losses in his life. I am afraid a comment on a video is not going to change him so watch or don’t watch, just don’t waste your time preaching to him. Instead, spend time with your family, do something constructive or just enjoy the videos for what they are. As others have said, if you click on a jackpot or bust upload, you know exactly what you are about to watch. People don’t do the lottery to hit three numbers or buy a girl a drink to quench her thirst, so if you are going for the jackpot, that is exactly what the goal is. For every person moaning about how Paul is going to lose everything, he has no doubt saved another from hitting rock bottom themselves. Who knows how Paul’s gambling will end up but just appreciate the content in the streams and YouTube uploads while they are here.

  172. that was painful man

    your balls are bigger than my head!!!

  173. Omdz thought u actually was going to hit the top… that was sick unlucky lad

  174. If you don’t like or enjoy it why are you people even here?

  175. I understand some of these comments are from frustrated viewers…..yet you’re here watching??? no doubt have a gambling problem or are recovering from one? I am the latter, I gambled everything and lost everything I had for 12 years. I am 33, living at home, have 54k debt that I pay 1500 to every month to repay what I did. but I don’t have the kind of anger some of these viewers have for Paul, the bandit, and others. I understand some may just want to help, but Paul may not be a compulsive gambler? which he and Steve, have shown their constraint several times on video, something a compulsive gamblers can’t do. they may be in a better position to gamble the way they do, finance is relative. they both appear in control (to an extent, can go a little degen) but that’s part of the rush for then and the viewers. don’t just paint these guys with the same brush, because you and I have an utter compulsion and couldn’t stop until it was the end. enjoy it for what it is. 2 guys playing slots with a friends. who both seem switched on enough to know when to walk and when to cash out (which compulsive gamblers never do) don’t take out your frustrations of you’re lack of control or past on these guys who purely want to entertain. if it angers you, don’t watch, if it brings back the buzz and leaves you vulnerable, don’t watch. but don’t criticise and make relative to yourself. I wish very much that neither Steve or Paul (the only 2 I like watching) never lose that control and slip into the darkest recesses of uncontrollable gambling. but from what I’ve seen, they are aware of their limits and know when sense needs to kick in. they have also admitted to having quite a good year profit wise from this, so I wish them all the luck it taking back from the bookies who took so much from those who were less able to walk. keep up the work lads, as long as it makes you happy and you’re families are well, ignore the hate, as it’s not you they hate, you are just the reminder of what they sadly lost.

  176. let it go on the gamble buddy.

  177. £2500 gone in one click!!! Shit, some people value money unlike this guy lol! If you don’t want it then send it to me in the post lol

  178. Their choice…that simple

  179. bad luck buddy

  180. Should have cashed the last one £2500 odd Paul!

  181. When I see you have done Video win jackpot loose jackpot . If I was having baby me will wait to look and see if you win that bloody gamble ?then have baby . Next try will win it . ?❤️?

  182. Got big balls.

  183. One day paul 🙂 love yr video’s man. You are a f..legend mate!

  184. He who dares!!!

  185. Heads or tails for £2k – that’s mental Paul!!! Wow!!!

  186. No hate from my end. It is very hard to not risk it or go for the big win… that’s why we are gamblers. The only thing I would say is think about that $2,560 as cold hard tangible cash in your hand. That is a ton of money and could be very useful. $200 to $2560 in 3 minutes is beyond impressive and super lucky. Sometimes you can’t chase the big one and have to cash out. I understand the thrill and title of the video. I would have been done at the $640 click most likely. Balls of steel… next time you’ll get it. Good luck mate

  187. sik gamble, respect

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