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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 12, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    *Spoiler below

    This was a session from early Jan and ended up cashing out 18k. I then turned the remainder into 14k then into £0. Still on a break, not sure when I’ll be back but hopefully in a week or so

  2. Reply
    I'm right You're wrong February 12, 2019 at 5:25 pm


  3. Hi God x

  4. Looking forward to tonight’s stream

    Edit: Noiiiiiiicccceeeee

  5. Do you ever just want to wank yourself silly when you smash in number and bonuses? I know I do…

  6. Half way watching.. Big big win paul.. Congratz get the fudge in there!!!

  7. hope so my man .. much love .. not reading the spoiler .. but if it was from stream i probably know :L

  8. great bonus that on vikings, all those 10’s, imagine if they was the gold guy or woman! still superb, get in Paul.

  9. 5:30 behold.. Get in there paul..

  10. FUUUUDGE! Hahah fair play man that is mad

  11. wow poul ! XD

  12. Guys.. don’t gamble

  13. Vikings!!!

  14. Nice hit Paul ?

  15. Insane hit

  16. Great win bro , but please please please stay away from the roulette table m8 , it’s bad news….

    • +Lars Vegas I don’t know about that m8 , he is down a ton on blackjack and overall I still think he was down a bit on roulette…..I’ve seen some brutal sessions when Paul has ran up a few grand into 50 or 60k , and he’s lost it all back again lol…..oddly enough he’s massively ahead at poker , he also won the Unibet main b4 Xmas for €95000 euro , which helps buffer against his losses on the slots ….of course MTT poker doesn’t give you the opportunity to win a lot in a very short time frame….which is shitty , because he’s a damn good player , and if he wanted he could make a very good living off it..

    • He said on Roulette he is even. Roulette was not the problem for losses. Funny, slots were!

  17. how old is your computer? jesus that was hard to watch

  18. Just Imagine if them hammers had turned it to a premium symbol instead of a 10 though ??

    • +NDABEZITHA they have influence over the programming, and that’s the point he’s making I think. There is not a chance the game will give you more than a 10 on situations like that. Just like queen of riches won’t be programmed to give you 117000 ways of top symbol. Just like them hammers won’t be able to turn to premiums when that many are on the screen.

    • +miiieite casinos dont have any influence over the games…. the provider makes the games and sell them to the casinos….if they are already happy with a house edge, why would they influence the game?

    • +Ian Kelly yes they have. Dont be chilly

    • +Havourizer The casinos don’t have control over the games they offer to the point of changing the gameplay. The reality of it is that the spin is pre-determined before you see it.
      When you see the hammers, there is not an equal chance of any symbol. It’s weighted extremely heavily on worse symbols when the screen fills like that because the chances of you getting a 10,000-20,000x hit are so so rare.

      Basically the game has already decided what it’s paying you and now it’s just showing you the reels.

    • Simply dont believe it is setup that way. Game is rigged so on that stake if you are a legit player like RocknRolla (Rohstein for example is fake and gay) you cant get a premium symbol. It would mean massive win and casinos dont work that way. I wouldve liked seeing him get a premium cause he is a legit and entertaining guy. Cheers.

  19. Makes me laugh “that’s the reality right there”! The reality is no one hits £24,200 on a £10 bonus bar streamers!

  20. Only 1 winner… don’t see this video and think it will happen to you… this is a 1 in 10,000 hit

  21. Crazyyyyyyyyyyy win paul!

  22. Fantastic mate. What a touch.

  23. dam, that is a dream hit, well done

  24. I’d of had my dick out mate what a result !! Well done

  25. Mother of God ?

  26. that is a amazing win just class welcome back great start

  27. wow!!! imagine a top symbol and not just 10 :O

  28. Nice and clean hitttt,good lucky Paul..

  29. that 2nd Bonus was soooo disappointing. sorry for you bro, the potential was huuuge.

  30. Nice. Can see how dangerous this can get with the way you play. Be careful mate. Hope you held on to some of that cash out.

  31. Nice win 🙂 I think this must be the norm for you though as you are quite relaxed during it lol,, my head would have been stuck in the loft after going through the ceiling lol. EDIT norm as in the 23k win not necessarily the slots.

  32. I’ve seen worse hits ?

  33. Reply
    BDESLOTS Online Casino Player February 12, 2019 at 5:49 pm


  34. Whaat a hit img it woulf be a other symbole Get in Paul

  35. now invest in a decent streaming rig ;p or net

  36. That’s incredible, what a hit. Very interesting to see the screen when your collecting bonuses would be an entertaining watch alone! Having four slots and BJ epicness. We miss you Paul

  37. wow get the fudgity fudge in there.

  38. Absolutely amazing wish I could win like that be able to clear off my little debt ?

  39. Can you imagine, if slot give’s not ten’s, but best symbol,it’s over million win 🙂

  40. Awesome hit Paul, that must have been a Ron Zacapa moment ! PS thats me on Twitch (ronzacapamoments)

  41. Damn what a fudge’n Hit..congrats

  42. Theres nothing like a laggy count up, great win Paul

  43. good hit, Paul! You deserve this. Long time comming.

  44. Reply
    The Gambling Consultant February 12, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    18 grand just for tens you mad bastard! Hope your break is treating you well <3

  45. You got that tenner I lent you …?

  46. Fudging nice one rolllaaAaa

  47. My jaw legit dropped with that 18k hit congrats man

  48. Wow amazing Paul, GET THE FUDGE IN THERE!!!

  49. best £10 bonus i’ve ever seen. nice to see someone win big.

  50. Get the flying fuck in there Paul !!!!!

  51. wow for 10s too imagine a premium symbol … congrats

  52. nice one rolla, hope you aint done the lot, missis will cut your jacobs off, you streaming tonight?

  53. Don’t seem that excited about a 18 grand win hahaha most steamers would be screaming there heads off

  54. Glad to see u win big mate . Hope u spend it on the family . Good luck in the future top bloke great streamer

  55. You definitely have falling on the street , hitting your head hard. Real rock and roll a , vikings 1000£ to the end !! Fackkkkkkkkkkk . Good result Man :)))))

  56. Holy fuck lol

  57. Wow that’s a massive win congrats

  58. Awesome win. Hopefully you can reel it back in a bit after your break Paul. Although I love watching these high stake videos it’s shit when I hear you lost. I’d still watch you on normal stakes

  59. Smashed it’s backdoors in…Well done mate …He who dares Rodney…

  60. Very nice win, love to see you getting back some money from slots, i watch you for 2 years and i know how much you invested in slots ,i wish you all good in the world , much love

  61. Reply
    FruitySlots - Scotty February 12, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    This is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed a lag. The suspense on them wilds and hammers was incredible. Get in

  62. Great video. Miss your nightime streams

  63. Maybe invest in a new pc? ?

  64. FUDGE RIGHT OFF, Amazeballs Fucknrolla, u da man Paul, Vikings was due ?

  65. Nice one Paul. How come you having a break

  66. Finally a new video … i got already depressis !!! 🙂

  67. Whaaat a hit. Congrats! Buja buja.

  68. I like your videos. Shows both wins and loses. There’s this other dude who plays slots and blackjack. He mainly post just six figure scores and 5 figure scores

  69. GG Paulie :))

  70. Fell off my bloody chair when those hammers dropped in and the wilds up top XD
    1800x with 10’s ,well done man ,love the vids 😀

  71. Surprised if bet Victor paid that out

  72. Get in there mate when’s the stream the mate

  73. Where’s this video calling out the ‘fake’ streamer? You said it would be coming out in a few weeks almost a month ago? Usually you are always on time when you say you will do something ?

  74. Very nice hit. 🙂

  75. fuckin awesome pal

  76. Great hit Paul, shame it wasn’t a premium but fantastic hit nevertheless.

  77. Awesome roller FGIT

  78. What a ducking hit

  79. That was good exciting, ?

  80. wtf! knew it was huge as soon as that last hammer hit. imagine what one of the premiums would have been. gg

  81. ????? what a win on Vikings congrats Paul enjoy the break m8

  82. Reply
    Ferocious Super nova February 12, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    More poker now please bro

  83. This is the best vikings bonus I’ve seen, Well done and well deserved 🙂

  84. Breaks are for quitters. Get on it lad

  85. Wow! Congratulations!

  86. Well done rolla nice to see mate!

  87. Easy come easy go A #boyo

  88. What a hit, nice one.

  89. This is for all the haters I have seen the way Rolla plays the slots and does roulette spins the casinos don’t pay different wether you are a streamer or a non streamer it all depends on the wagering and I have seen Rolla doing his balls in so if a casino is giving him some of it back its not a big deal cause they know he is going to deposit most of of it back again. Anyways great win Paul loved the video hope you get more big wins

    • Makes no sence when hes telling all people that he have depoait limits to max 200 pounds ending with more than 100k debt in total. Get ur facts straight.

  90. Get the fudge in there

  91. Woohoo, awesome Paul bro, nice one…

  92. Nice hit 🙂

  93. Gg m8 love yr vids ty

  94. Lagalicous

  95. Nice hit bro! savage man you!

  96. I keep saying go bigger u blast 12k to 30k on a single spinning roulette. Go max buy in hit the max output you got the money and maybe the balls ?

  97. Wow. Big balls = big wins. Nice hit matey

  98. Reply
    Ricardo Mindzielewski February 12, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Get in there Paul nice hit ?

  99. The way you said 10s like it was shit then hit 18k ?

  100. If the hammers changed to top symbol on that spin you would’ve won £960,500

    Second best symbol would’ve paid £144,075

    Even Kings would’ve paid £33,617

  101. Dam Paul have you got a hamster running around a wheel to power your internet ,!!! Great hit tho

  102. Thing of beauty rock. If that had been a premium symbol we’d have had to send a search party out for your bollocks as they would have shot into orbit

  103. Wow amazing win!! Happy for you! ?

  104. Congrats bro, incredible work

  105. Just wow

  106. Cracker lad ur mad tho

  107. off 10s insane hit , nice one

  108. Fudging get in there

  109. I remember the first time I played this on stream and I said it won’t be long before we see a Rolla 20k+ hit on this game! I think I even called a 50k bandit hit this year ?

  110. Maybe with that money you can buy a laptop / desktop which isnt a peice of shit lol

  111. Multi gambling ❤❤


  113. Where was the jack on the last spin 4 a tease of the retrigger. Anyway well done Paul great win matey. I’m always glad wen u get a big win because I know how much u spend on casinos

  114. What a massive hit! I just love your video’s

  115. This one on stream tho ? but fudge it, massive congratz @rocknrolla

  116. If your gonna be a bear u might as well be a grizzly ??


  118. Well done mate very nice hit

  119. Get the fudge in there amazing win. Avalon next lol ?

  120. @Rocknrolla What game was that mate? What a win for £10 bet. I’ve staked far more than that and won far less…??? Name of game please??…

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 12, 2019 at 9:55 pm

      £10 stake is misleading as these are £1,000 buys and spinning to max which is rare, watch this vid before thinking about playing it mate

  121. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel February 12, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    Imagine if it had been a premium symbol!!!

  122. Awesome , smashing , great super ?‍♀️

  123. Congrats mate, epic win for you

  124. Awesome what a bonus

  125. Amazing mate well done ?

  126. Fucking lovely lad, well deserved.. Get the fudge in there

  127. Was not expecting that !! fucking nice one mate!

  128. surely you fouled yourself when them 10s paid that , AMAZING

  129. Get the fudge in there!!!!?????

  130. sweet ….boom ….vikingsssss

  131. well i got some good wins on me… the last was hour ago 2800 x …. may be i will show them some day 🙂 ….good luck rock rolla 🙂

  132. Wow just wow

  133. Wow Paul you lucky fucka!

  134. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse February 13, 2019 at 12:57 am

    Nice win Paul ! I knew soon as I scrolled down you were Gona say u lost the lot ! I can’t imagine how u feel losing all that kind of money many of a time ! Fuck sake I feel bad today reversing my £720 win a losing the lot hahah mate all is gamblers just want more ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  135. Reply
    LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer February 13, 2019 at 1:44 am

    Playing 3 slots but can’t afford to miss out on any Blackjack action, proper Rolla style! Hope to see you back soon mate

  136. Reply
    Ryan's slots channel February 13, 2019 at 2:05 am

    getting 27 spins and 10x multiplier alone is difficult the fact you got it on £10 stake is insane! sickening win tbh for this degen troll game I still not got past 15 spins and 3x multiplier I think this ones on my ban list for life ^_^

  137. Awesome win Paul!

  138. You should spend some of that money on better internet

    • i had to play at 1.5x speed, to get normal speed lol. Im pretty sure its his PC that’s too slow for that new flash/java or whatever the game uses.

  139. DISTURBING looking start to the vid!

    Oh dearth me..

  140. Ah well its at least one or two spins on roulette lately ! ?

  141. Damnnn son

  142. Paul, you are one of the most genuine content/streamers on the internet. Roshtein should take note about the risks you take when you are gambling, opening up for all to see. This is a genuine win, not a 500% deposit bonus +ev induced hit. My message to other streamers is stop sucking up to Roshtein and out him for the scam artist he is, it does your operation no good to say “we don’t talk negatively about other streamers”. Let’s not detract from the win though, amazing hit Paul well played.

  143. All these people moaning it’s rigged ? this guy gamble extremely high stakes all time course he’s going to get big hits from time to time , iv had a 4500x win and I’m no streamer lol nice hit tho with those 10s if that was top symbol holy moley ?

  144. what a hit. nice one rolla..reckon it owed you tbh

  145. Pure greed with that last £1000 buy in

  146. My man rock!!!!!!

  147. Reply
    Online Casino Fortuna February 13, 2019 at 10:37 am

    Congrats Paul! What a hit

  148. Hell Yeah, congratulation 🙂

  149. Reply
    Gazmatronic 'Reborn' Cavanagh February 13, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Fuck me sideways!!!!

  150. Nice win, maybe now you can buy a decent mic lol, that one sounds like it came from Poundland.

  151. get the modafokin there

  152. №1!

  153. omg congrats..

  154. well done m8 love your videos and could u image if that was a top simple huge would off been an under statement then aha.#keepthemcoming

  155. Massive hit mate, well played.

  156. I knew for a fact that he would end up spunking it up the wall in the end, problem is you can never have enough money and winning 25k and then trying to turn it into more is just completely moronic, You take the money and run, hopefully one day you will realise this and actually be up in the end rather than spunking all your money away in the hope to get that ‘big hit’ because 25k isn’t big enough.

  157. And then all winings loss in roulette?

  158. This is your year get fuck in there

  159. Hahahahhaha and ya putting this off as a real stream hahaha……..ya need to camaflarge the free games alot better rock-in-faker

  160. Slow mo money

  161. Paul, please come back to streaming I miss you when you don t stream for a while because I enjoy watching your streams so much.

  162. Hey mate, are you aware another channel is using your streams and replaying them as a live stream?!

  163. Congrats on 50k brother

  164. Why do you keep saying fudge? You got a thing for fudge?

  165. Hi Paul. Hope all is well.

    When are you back off your break?

    Are you still ‘off stream’ gambling during this break your having?

  166. Would you mind sharing the name of the intro song plz?

  167. Before you hit the play button it said demo?

  168. Paul, i am in panama right now and maybe you would like to come here and participate in poker tourament after tomorrow? 1st place 120.000$
    Buy in 1.500$
    5* Hotel included for free.

  169. 25 days since your last stream 🙁

  170. How many attempts did it take to get 27 spins and x 10? I sware its atleast 1000 per attempt or even 500 at least you could smash out 10k just trying to get the bonus lol

  171. get the fudge in there. imagine that with a top symbol though ???

  172. I hope and pray your on tonight Paul

  173. good job

  174. Very nice win wowo

  175. Youre little mate davos is still uploading fake shite, but hes ramped it up I thought you was bad for it but its actually quite comical the acting, no doubt you’ve seen it, you could get some tips on convincing acting.

  176. could you possibly be spending any more cash per second !!

  177. What a hit nice one

  178. congratulations on your winnings

  179. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel February 20, 2019 at 9:05 am

    That was next level. The lag just added to the drama!

  180. Now you have money to buy better computer/internet connection, jesus fuck that is potato from 90’s..

  181. How is your internet such a potato.

  182. This game so dangerous, I do feature buys and start lowest feature buy, have brought 40+ and not even made 27 spins. Lost on 26 spins,does hurt some what

  183. A horrible game. I wouldn’t give it the advertisement even though it was a tasty hit. Same with Extra Chilli. As bad as FOBTs if you ask me.

  184. Do you think you’ve made a profit or loss on that game ?

  185. It is fun to see someone get so excited over money they are more than likely going to give back to the casino.

  186. What, that hit, damn.. :O Congratz. 😀

  187. 18k for a stack of 10s. You could throw down the cash for a decent sports car – and every time you drive it you’re thinking, “Ha ha! Stack of fucking tens! Beep beep, get out of my way!”

  188. wow what a hit

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